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The south west path of Bude
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A compact seaside resort town located towards the northernmost end of Cornwall, more perfectly described as the gap between sandstone cliffs. Home to many surf spots, Atlantic beaches, parties, and festivals Bude is your perfect and a laid-back getaway location. This place is ranked as one of the best seaside towns in the United Kingdom and there is so much to explore here. You could engage in water sports, learn to surf through surfing schools, relax in the beaches, and explore the gracious pastoral countryside as well. There is a countless exciting list of things to do in Bude, the best part is that this place can be visit solo, with family and friends, or even with your better half. So here is a curated list of exciting things to do in Bude for you.

the iconic coastline of Bude: exciting list of things to do in Bude
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Surfing and much more:

 Being England’s surfing center, it would be a shame if you did not try out this experience here at least once. Bude is the desired and quieter place as compared to the famous Newquay. Almost every beach in this town will give you a state of the surfer’s waves. If you head down to the Bude Canal, you could try a hand full of exciting water activities like paddleboarding, rowing, pedal-boating, and canoeing. If you choose to take up a canoeing experience then you are more likely to take excursions to the River Torridge, Upper Tamar Lake, and Roadford Lake which are a couple of water bodies that are close to Buda. 

Newquay surfing point: exciting list of things to do in Bude
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A water wonderland in Summerleaze Beach:

This beach is like no other as it shares space with Bude harbour and Bude Canal, and is shielded from the winds as it faces west but somehow catches the complete force of the Atlanticatlantic. This beach is located in the heart of the city that makes it accessible and easy for tourists to go shopping or dining in a restaurant after enjoying the tides here. This beach is also known to be a partially man-made structure and nature made hotspot. 

Bude Sea Pool:

A tidal swimming pool that is set in the rocks of Summerleaze Beach on the north side which is seasonally manned dependant on the conditions is the most sought after place to be in. it’s a natural depression that was created with seawater that replenished the rock. This side of the beach came together in the early-1930s with sunbathing terraces and a sluice gate which is now beach huts. This is surely one of the things that will top the exciting list of things to do in Bude. 

Southwest Coast Path:

While the water loves fancy the beachside of this town, the coastline would be the most precious thing for walkers and admirers of dramatic scenery. With plenty of walking and cycling trails that is 630 miles long is the most dramatic coastline starting from Minehead in Devon and stretches until Poole in Dorset. If you’re interested in some activities you could also do rock climbing, golf, horse riding, archery, and shooting here. For a day out you could head to Crackington Haven which is a 224 meters high Cliff, and finish your day with a visit to the 13th-century castle- Tintagel.

an aerial view of the south west coast  path: exciting list of things to do in Bude
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Castle Bude:

Located right behind the Summerleaze Beach and before the beginning of the Bude Canal is this castle that was built by Sir Goldsworthy Gurney during the 1830s. This place is often a perfect place to host events but is also known to be a Heritage Centre where exhibitions take place that takes you through the maritime, geological and social history of the city as well. This castle would be the best place for you to explore the monarchy during the 17th-century and a visit to this place should be on top of the list of exciting things to do in Bude.

Widemouth Bay Beach:

Situated towards the south of Bude is this 1.5 miles long surf beach which seems to have been separated into two by an isolated rocky outcrop. This is where you would find the most consistent waves where you can try your luck at surfing for the first time very comfortably. This beach is somehow very mild and happens to be the most family-friendly of all beaches here.

Bude Canal:

Built during the 1820s, this canal was a great achievement back then and is known to be one of Bude’s townscape features. Unlike most flat canals, this one had inclines and cut through the beautiful hilly countryside. This canal acted as a great connection for the Bude Harbour from where lime-rich sand was shipped out. Once upon a time known for helping trade, this canal currently is a top hotspot where tourists engage in canoes, kayaks, and pedal boats for trips. Make sure you keep this attraction on top of the exciting list of things to do in Bude to see the evolution of the canal.

Crooklets Beach:

A long beach with golden locks, low tides, a variety of cafes, amusements and beach huts. No wonder it’s loved by families and friends who visit this place. This beach is known to attract seasoned surfers as well due to its hollow and fast-moving tides. If you are someone who would want to try out surfing with high tide, then this beach is your best bet.

St Olaf’s Church:

Built during the 1200 and 1400, this perpendicular parish church deserves a visit, especially for its heritage. Built with Caen stone in the 14th century and granite in its north side and south side respectively, the nave has its pillars carved out very beautifully. Be sure to visit this beauty and to keep her on top of an exciting list of things to do in Bude. 

Compass Point:

Keep an eye out for the octagonal building that sits on top of a cliff located on the southwest coast path towards the southern side of the Bude canal. This building was built-in 1840 with sandstone and acted as a coastguard lookout before it was moved to its current location in the year 1880. The compass point draws the concept from the Temple of Winds in Athens, and so it has the point of the compass carved out on the 8 sides of its wall. 

The compass point on the southwest coast path: attractions to see in Bude.
Image credits: Unsplash

And that’s a wrap on a few of the exciting list of things to do in Bude, be sure to explore this stunning coastal city for a mind-blowing experience during your vacation to England. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your customized London Tour Packages with Pickyourtrail and have a wonderful time vacationing there.

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