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Things to do perak
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Things to Do in Perak

The massive limestone cliffs account for the uneven and rugged landscape of this beautiful place. In addition to this, you can find a lot of cave temples in the city of Perak. This was considered as the potential tin-mining sites. in Malaysia. You can relax on the beaches of Pangkor Island. Get amazed by the stunning architectures of Ipoh and Taiping. These are a few of the best things to do in Perak

Imagine waking up to the coastlines without much crowd and calm water alongside the soft silky sand. This place has enough and more places to keep you engaged all throughout the vacation. There are some adventures trips nearby the place as well in the list. Here we take a look at the top 10 things to do when you are in Perak on your next Malaysia vacation.

1. Colonial architecture in Perak’s cities (Perak)

colonial architecture in perak
Source: Google images

During the British invasion is when the place came into the limelight. As mentioned before the mineral- tin available in abundance have paved the way for the industrial growth of the place. This place turned into a hub of entrepreneurs among both Ipoh and Taiping. The state capital Ipoh has been the place with major tourist attractions with the likes of Railway Station, Birch Memorial Clock Tower and the High Court.

People can get to know the heritage of Ipoh by opting for the trail that takes you around the 24 colonial-era monuments and buildings. Other major attractions that one shouldn’t miss are British-inspired centre, Lake Gardens and Maxwell Hill.

2.Pangkor Island

This beautiful island with empty coastlines and mountainous jungles is Pangkor Island and this has been overlooked by most travellers around the world. This place is highly visited by the rare breed of bird called hornbills, which can only be found in the shores of Africa and some parts of Asia. And this is because of the geographical location of this place, located in the starts of Melaka. The government has taken necessary steps to transform this place into tourist heaven.

Snorkelling and kayaking are the picks of the activities among the visitors and there is no fear of crowd in this place as it is relatively less known. Other popular attractions in this place are crumbling Dutch Fort, photographing Pangkor Town’s colourful houses. You can also feed the wild hornbills at Sunset View Chalet.

3. Batu Gajah – Jungle Mansion

Batu Gajah - Jungle Mansion
Source: Google Images

This castle is strange and considered to be haunted. This was built during the colonial invasion. This place takes a short drive from Ipoh. A Scotsman migrated to this British colony in Malaysia. He became rich from his rubber plantation in the early 20th-century. This is located at a distance of 21 kilometres from Ipoh. The architecture in this place is a rare blend of Morrish, Roman and British architectural styles.

After this, suddenly, Smith had passed away. His family was forced to return to Britain. The half-finished monument remained the same since then. Visitors are allowed to walk around the monument and also can witness the tennis court on the rooftop. There are rumours about the ghost roaming the hallways. There are several other secret pathways that still remain undiscovered.

4. The mysterious Perak Temple (Ipoh)

The cave temples in this place are among the mystical places in the whole of Malaysia. Perak temple near Ipoh is one of the most visited ones. This place is filled with religious Icons and bronze statues. You can also find some murals and calligraphy decorating the walls of the cave. There are other rooms you can explore as well.

There is a viewing platform, for which you have to climb 400 steps to reach. Form this place you can get a 360- degree panoramic view of the Ipoh city. Proper dressing pattern should be followed while entering the temple premise. After all this the admission is free of cost.

5. Perak’s largest cave temple (Ipoh)

This is probably the second highest visited cave temple after the Perak temple. Despite being the largest among the Ipoh’s 3 cave temples, this is less visited than the Perak temple because of its less detailing and paintings losing their charm. This also has lots of passageways. You can see rooms carved on the limestone caves. You can find some artform in every room that is related to Buddhism in some way.

This again has a viewing platform but with just 246 steps to climb unlike the previous one with 400 steps. This cave was found by a Chinese monk in the late 19th century and he meditated there for two decades before his attaining his death in the same place.

6. Kek Lok Tong’s manicured gardens and turtle pond (Ipoh)

Kek Lok Tong
Source: Google Images

This popular attraction paves way for the third cave temple to enter this list of attractions in Perak. Since both Ipoh and Perak are located in very close proximity of not even a kilometre away from each other. You can see the similarities like bronze statues and religious relics in this temple as well as the other two cave temples on the list.

But why is it necessary to mention this cave temple as there are already two in this list? It’s because of its award-winning garden unlike the other gardens in the cave temples. The pond in that garden houses the Koi fish and turtles as well. While strolling along the path and you will find many vantage points for photographs.

7. Ipoh State Mosque

Ipoh State Mosque
Source: Google Images

This is the biggest mosque in the whole of Perak and rightly so-called as Perak’s state mosque. This is a two-floored monument. and completely white in colour except for the dome which is brown in colour. In total this structure holds 44 domes and this was established in 1968.

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