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10 Best Things to Do at Night in Athens, Greece!
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10 Best Things to Do at Night in Athens, Greece!

Athens is as enthusiastic around evening time for what it’s worth during the day, maybe significantly more so. Capitalize on the energetic social scene, history, and picturesque evening sees with Culture Trip’s manual for the best activities in Athens around evening time. Athens flaunts all that the world-class explorer could want, from unrecorded music at trademark tavernas to contemporary and crazy mixed drink bars. For the individuals who wish to eat upon theater and music, Athens’ outdoors amphitheaters are the ideal setting. This article will give you a brief rundown of the 10 best things to do at night in Athens.

Whenever you have worked through a rundown of spots to visit in Athens, the time has come to encounter every one of the cool activities in Athens around evening time. The city wakes up around evening time, from road entertainers to the excellent Acropolis illuminated over the city, astonishing nightlife in Athens as the bars begin to wake up with vacationers and local people partaking in the evening after work. Athens likewise has an astonishing gastronomic scene, serving basic dishes to dazzling marvelous encounters.

10 Best Things to Do at Night in Athens

Pubs in Night in Athens
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Here is a rundown of the 10 best things to do at night in Athens for a fun and thrilling vacation.

  • BIOS
  • Walk along Polignotou
  • Enjoy an evening of Rebetiko
  • Search for Lindsay Lohan in her nightclub
  • Galaxy Bar
  • Hangout with Elvis
  • Go skate
  • Go to an art opening

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BIOS is recognized as a vehicle of social correspondence, imaginative thoughts, and exercises in the city of Athens. This multi-useful space brings music shows, theater exhibitions, displays, and screenings to everyday routine through its two experience music regions and four bars, including The Terrace, which has fabulous perspectives on The Acropolis. Over time BIOS brings the best instances of present-day media creations to Athens, just as facilitating around 100 visitor artists and groups, including names like Jeff Mills, Grand Master Flash, and Gilles Peterson.

Walk along Polignotou

Nightlife in Athens
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There’s an enchanted thing about going for a walk from Thissio to Plaka along Polignotou around evening time. The way begins inverse Thissio Open Air film where an entryway denotes the passage. You stroll in close to add up to obscurity with the shining Acropolis as your aide. Strolling through a piece of history in relative calm, you feel like you’ve been moved back to old Athens.

Enjoy an evening of Rebetiko

The Gazi locale is loaded with lively rebetiko venues which are stuffed on Fridays and Saturdays. Appreciating live rebetiko (a style of Greek music well known during the 1920s) offers a fabulous chance to comprehend Greece’s social history. This is one of the best things to do in the night in Athens.

Search for Lindsay Lohan in her nightclub

Athens positively got a Hollywood lift when Lindsay Lohan opened her eponymous club in Gazi a couple of years prior. In case you’re hoping to go clubbing in Athens this is one of your better (and more extreme) wagers. Inside you’ll discover confetti ordinances, light shows, and robot artists – and maybe even the woman herself.

Galaxy Bar

Bars in Athens
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The Galaxy Bar at the Hilton Athens is a great mixed drink bar that has as of late been remodeled by modeler Alexandros Tombazis. Its bar and mixed drink list have likewise been reexamined by the Gorgeous Group, the main bar idea and preparing organization. The new-look Galaxy Bar is the gathering spot of Athens, with its incredible stylistic layout, all-encompassing perspectives, and novel beverages list.


The Dora Stratou Dance Theater sits in the shadow of The Acropolis and has brought Greek conventional dance to the world stage. It is one of the best living exhibition halls in Greece and the world. The open-air, 800-seat garden theater is the ideal area to go through a warm Athenian evening. Running day by day with the exception of Mondays, from May to September, an organization of 75 artists performs schedules that date back over 2,500 years.


This radiant performance center was implicit 161AD by Roman congressperson and skeptic Herodes Atticus in memory of his late spouse. Settled on the slant of The Acropolis, the Odeon has since wowed crowds with its acoustics and view. During warm summer nights, this milestone is taken over by the Greek National Opera (GNO). This association has carried comprehensive developments to the Greek public since 1940 and gave a youthful Maria Callas her presentation in 1958.

Hangout with Elvis

The best kalamakia spot around is called Elvis and is fittingly devoted to the American star. Eat pork and chips while taking in the scope of gear committed to the Jailhouse Rock heartthrob. There’s an Elvis on the two sides of Athens, so you’ll never be excessively far from a definitive modest eat.

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Skating in night in Athens

Skating in night
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Latraac skate bowl and bistro keeps their bowl open until 10 PM, which makes it the ideal home base for a movement filled evening. The group is cordial and inviting to skaters, everything being equal. Go prior to benefit as much as possible from there the entire day early lunch menu and stay on for lagers and DJ sets.

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Go to an art opening

Go to an art gallery
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The art scene in Athens is energetic and vivacious. On practically anytime there’s craftsmanship opening in some piece of the city. Inundate yourself in the social scene by looking at the arising and set up ability in Athens. Sites such as Und Athens have extensive postings of what’s on each evening.

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Athens isn’t only a city to encounter for its set of experiences but at the same time is an optimal objective assuming you need fun, assuming you need to discover some new information assuming you need to loosen up. All that and more is on offer from day to night. From Athens late evening touring visit with greek supper show to wine sampling and cooking encounters. Check out Pickyourtrail, where you will find some pre-packaged Greece tour packages. Moreover, customise your Greece itinerary and choose what suits you the most. Discover the enchanting beauty of India’s diverse states and indulge in unforgettable experiences with our exclusive honeymoon packages and vacation packages, tailored to make your journey truly magical.

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