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A well-known mural of "Children on a bicycle", Penang,
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Short getaways from Singapore – The best places to leave you spellbound

Singapore is one of the top-visited destinations liked by people of different cultures. Be it the beaches they have or the food they serve, Singapore just amazes you with everything. Apart from what the country has within, Singapore also has proximity to many incredible destinations and is really accessible due to its superfast transport system. Though there are so many fascinating places to be explored within the country, there is always time for short getaways from Singapore.

A view of Yangon, Myanmar
Photo by Eric Stone on Unsplash

Best places to head to for short getaways from Singapore

You are definitely in for a treat if you are planning for a short trip from Singapore as there are so many destinations around to make your day fascinating. Check out the list of places we have come up with which you can visit in a matter of a few hours by car, bus or plane.

1. Penang

You can avoid the mention of Penang if you talk about the best places to visit for a short getaway from Singapore. From scenic beaches, vibrant culture, iconic street arts, delicious food and activities to try, Penang has almost everything. Fly from Singapore to Penang in just 90 minutes for a beautiful experience and to learn about the state’s history at the popular Penang war museum. Close to this, we have Sam Poh footprint temple and snake temple. If you are afraid of snakes, then snake temple is not for you as there are high chances you might find snakes there. If you feel that you had enough of culture and food, head to Penang national park and see the amazing beaches and rainforests it has in this huge park. Instagrammers out there, don’t forget to snap some pictures as Penang’s streets are famous for Picturesque murals almost on every wall. “Children on a Bicycle” mural is well-known. Penang, being very near to Singapore a treasure trove of beautiful art and architecture, you gotta get your cameras and the spirits high for this short getaway!

A well-known mural of "Children on a bicycle", Penang,
Photo by Poh Wei Chuen on Unsplash

2. Batam

Just located 50 minutes away from Singapore by ferry, this Indonesian island is pure bliss. The serene beaches it has, amazing nightlife or the foods they serve to make you drool are going to tell you why Batam is one of the worth visiting places. Are you a shopaholic? Great. It is also a place well known for budget-friendly shopping. What else other than shopping? Make sure to visit Nongsa beach which is known for its clear waters and golden sand to have some peaceful experience from urban life. If you are wanting to have a relaxing vacation, then Batam should be on your list.

3. Yogyakarta

Just a short flight away from Singapore is Yogyakarta which is located on the Indonesian island of Java. This ancient city is considered to be the historical heart of Indonesia and has so many traditional attractions to visit, activities to do, and museums to learn about the Javanese culture, art and textiles. While planning a trip to Yogyakarta, make sure to include a visit to Borobudur temple, one of the world’s biggest Buddhist temples which could delight you with an awesome sunrise view. Post which, you can make your way to the very famous Prambanan nearer to this and end your day with exploring Jomblang cave. Doesn’t the day sound perfect?

Borobudur temple in Yogyakarta, one of the best places to go on a getaway from Singapore
Image credits: Wikimedia commons

4. Malacca

This Malaysian beach city is just a few hours drive away from Singapore. Whether you are looking for a fascinating beach or a place to shop or have some amazing local food, undoubtedly Malacca should be on your list. Visit the Malacca river for a pleasing nighttime stroll which could end your day on a happy note. For chilled-out shopping, you have Jonker gallery. Not to forget, the Jonker street night market is a place where you can taste some really good street food. To choose a heritage town to spend your vacation, it is certain Malacca is the is one of the right choices for the getaways from Singapore.

Sunset view in Malacca Beach, Malaysia worth visiting from SIngapore
Photo by Steve Douglas on Unsplash

5. Desaru

Known for its Sapphire blue water and pristine sand beaches, Desaru is just two and a half hours away from Singapore by car. While you are there, make sure to visit Desaru fruit farm which offers you the tastiest fruits and vegetables such as passion fruit and corn at the cheapest prices. If you are a golf payer, then you must know that Desaru has world-class golf resorts. For people who aren’t interested in golf, Desaru has something adventurous for you. It has popular snorkeling, surfing and parasailing spots for the adrenaline rush. If you are with families and not want to try any of the above, head to Desaru coast adventure waterparks. When a place has so much to gift you with, it surely is a soothing stressed mind kind of vacation to Desaru.

Emerald green waters in Desaru Beach in Malaysia
Photo by M.Fildza Fadzil on Unsplash

6. Ipoh

If you are looking for street-art and food along with traditional culture then Ipoh is one such place. From being an unknown village to one of the coolest destinations, Ipoh has transformed a lot. Oh! Did I forget to tell you that Ipoh is the birthplace of Malaysia’s famous white coffee? Try this out at Sin Yoon Long which serves the oldest traditional white coffee in town. What else does Ipoh have? Ipoh is very famous for its historic laneways full of amazing arts and preserved architecture thus making it a mini-Penang. Start snapping away for that one Instagram shot.

A mural in the Market lane, Ipoh , one of the best places near Singapore
Photo by Mega Caesaria on Unsplash

7. Yangon

Yangon, the capital of Myanmar is becoming one of the most artistic places yet underrated. Are you curious to know what you should do at Yangon? Kick start your day with a bowl of Mohninga and some Bein Moun. With your stomach filled with awesome food, visit the Shwedagon pagoda, which is said to be Myanmar’s version of the Taj Mahal due to the shape it holds. On the circle line, take a train ride to know more about the culture, the life of the locals and tasting the Burmese food on the streets at the end of the day which will make your heart deeply fulfilling. Sounds like a plan right?

The Magical view of the Shwedagon Pagoda temple, Yangon
Photo by Si Thu Aung on Unsplash

8. Langkawi

Being an archipelago of 99 islands, Langkawi is just an hour away from Singapore by flight. Are you an adventurous traveller? Then let me tell you what Langkawi has for you. It is a place where you can do the best scuba diving and snorkelling. Done that already somewhere else? Then there is something special that you can’t do anywhere else is the cable car ride to the very famous Gunung Machinchang. Post which, take a stroll on the sky bridge and witness some beauty of the rainforest canopy. By the end of the day, you will know why it is one of the best places for a short getaway from Singapore to choose from.

A view of cable car ride from the sky bridge, Langkawi
Photo by Jesse Vermeulen on Unsplash

9. Bintan

To get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Bintan is located 55 minutes away from Singapore by ferry like its twin island Batam. It greets you with authentic beaches, lets you have some adventurous activities like a 20-minute seaplane. What’s special about it? It lets you take this memory back home not just in your heart but as a video recording. Awesome right? To try something different, you can have elephant riding and horse riding. Isn’t it relaxing to know that it would take only 55 minutes to reach a charming land like Bintan? Get your bags packed!

A view of the beach in Bintan, Indonesia
Photo by Weenail on Unsplash

10. Johor Bahru

Like most other Malaysian cities, Johor Bahru also has beautiful beaches and is well known as a Shopper’s paradise. And the very reason for this place is considered as one of the top destinations is its beautiful fusion of cultures, plenty of must-try restaurants and cafes and many more. Have time left for some blessings with mystical outlook? You gotta visit Arul Migu Sri Kaliamman glass temple, the world’s first Hindu temple made in glass. Is it going to be a getaway with your kids? Then you must definitely visit waterparks and theme parks in the city which your kids will definitely like. 45 minutes away by a bus or a car is perfect for a short getaway so plan yours soon!

One of the best places to visit from Singapore, Legoland in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Image credits: Google Images

If your definition of a perfect getaway revolves around sitting somewhere and looking at a pretty sunset, dipping your toes in a pristine beach, shopping and eating your heart out and experiencing some adventurous activities then these places are some of the best choices for you to have a short getaway from Singapore! The places mentioned above are some of the top-visited places but there is so much more to explore. Start planning your trip to Singapore and unwrap the world with Pickyourtrail!

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