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Inside the Henderson wave bridge
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Southern Ridges in Singapore – Embrace the Nature At This Natural Park

Generally, Singapore is stereotypically known for its man-made wonders and the technological advancements. But, there are also many natural places which are not only beautiful but are surreal. The Lion City has its fair share of sustainable ecosystems of marine life, plant life and wildlife. The forests and reserves here are maintained with care so that they not only make use of the resources but also take care of mother nature. One such surreal place is the Southern Ridges in Singapore. It is a 10 km long stretch of plant life combining many green tracks and parks.  A walk through this stretch will be a great experience and it also has a stunning view of Singapore and the Southern Islands.

The hilltop walk at the Southern Ridges in Singapore
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

What’s special about the Southern Ridges in Singapore?

The southern ridges comprise of various types of flora and fauna. You can relax in the cradle of nature. You can also take some stunning photographs of the flora and fauna especially in the aesthetic views of dawn and dusk. The bird lovers are in for a treat as the place is filled with some exotic birds. Being away from the noises of the city, you can breathe in some refreshing air amongst the lush greenery and farm which allows you to relax and experience serenity.

Things to do at the Southern Ridges in Singapore

The Southern Ridge is a wonderful place to be at for people of all ages. The place has five parks namely, the amount Faber Park, Kent Ridge Park, HortPark, Labrador Nature Reserve, and Telok Blangah Park. Here are the amusing things that you can experience in the Southern ridges in Singapore.

Marang Trail

The Marang Trail is a walking trail from the Harbourfront MRT Station to the top of Mount Faber. It is the basically where the Southern Ridges starters and you can witness a view of lush greenery and some fascinating wildlife here. Don’t miss out on the people favourite Saga trees which have bright coloured red seeds. The trees symbolize passion and enduring love. You will be strolling amidst the beautiful sights and sounds of the forest.

Henderson Waves Bridge

 There is an aesthetic suspension bridge connecting Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Park called the Henderson Waves Bridge. The bridge is the highest pedestrian bridge in the country with being 36 m above the ground level. You can also see some niches on the sides of the bridge where you can sit, breathe for a time and admire the lovely surroundings. The bridge lit up with the LED lights during the evenings and it adds to the beauty of things amazing place. 

Henderson's wave bridge at the Southern Ridges
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Forest Walk

This a wonderful experience at the southern ridge where you can take leisurely walk along the elevated walkway at eye-level with the forest canopy. You can observe some of the astonishing wildlife that is present in the Telok Blangah Hill. There are lizards, squirrels, sunbirds, doves and many other species present there. You can also find pitcher plants and wild orchids here. The canopy walk is the finishing point of the whole Southern Ridges trail. The trail connects you between the  HortPark and Kent Ridge Park. 

elevated walkway for the forest walk in Southern Ridges
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

The HortPark 

The HotPark is a lovely horticulture garden in the southern ridges. The building looks like a resort and it has a beautiful collection of flowers. You can see that the flowers are well-planted using the techniques of horticulture. It is a wonderful place to hang out and relax for a while. You can also buy gardening items here. 

The Horticulture garden, Hortpark in SIngapore
Image credits: Flickr.com

The Southern Ridges in Singapore is one of the best places in Singapore where you can feel yourself closer to nature. And that’s not all,  you can also get one of the best panoramic views of the city, harbour and the Southern Islands. With a ten-kilometre stretch of green open spaces covering the hills and with great picturesque parks and gardens, it is the perfect place for you and your family. Don’t miss out this surreal experience on your next trip to Singapore. You can also check out some of the amazing packages to Singapore with Pickyourtrail.

Happy Travelling!

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