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Best things to do in Blackpool
Written by Nigilesh on July 24, 2020 Share on

Things to Do in Blackpool (Lancashire, England)

The best things to do in Blackpool are located in north-western England along the coastline of this British coastal resort. Most Brits have a cosy but traditionally English family vacation at the pebble beach. The same holds today because while the rise in low-cost flights to tropical areas has intensified competition, a trip to Blackpool is fundamentally British. Let’s take a look at the best things to do in Blackpool.

Travel to Blackpool is like travelling back in time. There have been no changes in the donkey riding, cabaret shows and bits of rock candy in a decade, and this is a cute element. After the sun goes down, Blackpool is a party place that starts late at night.

Top 10 things to do in Blackpool

  • UK’s fastest rollercoaster
  • Central Pier
  • Blackpool Tower
  • Eat Blackpool Rock
  • Houndshill Shopping Centre
  • Ride a donkey on the Beach
  • The Grand Theatre
  • Genting Casino Blackpool
  • Eat cockles and whelks
  • Hit the pubs and clubs

1. UK’s fastest rollercoaster

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is indeed a theme park with a handful of exciting thrill rides and a creepy house of actors performing like zombies. The park’s star is appropriately called the Big One. It is the best and shortest ride in the UK, with a drop of 235 ft. Additions for kids such as the Splash Bash Sponge Bob, and the Rugrats River and the Wallace & Gromit Thrill-O-Matic roller coaster ride have been introduced to Nickelodeon Land.

2. Central Pier

Central Pier blackpool
Source: Google Images

A long jetty is a distinguishing characteristic of a British coastal town. It has three different doors, but Central Pier is our option to start the day. As a reminder of Blackpool ‘s success, the long strolls are indeed a nice place to go to. It is bordered by fairground attractions, a famous big circle, playgrounds and plenty of food and drinks takeoff stands. Loud and fun. It’s too good. A tour to the central pier is one of the busiest things to do in Blackpool.

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3. Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower
Source: Google Images

Blackpool Tower, the iconic landmark of the city, commands the horizon from the centre of the city. It is 158 meters high to the Eiffel Tower. It’s close. There are plenty of theme parks inside the tower that draw different kinds of visitors – it’s one of Blackpool’s most famous and fun things to do. For some fantastic pictures, you can go up to the top observation deck, send children to the jungle gym or go to the dungeon for a fun escape game. There is even a music hall where frequent live performances can take place – from music to dance and even afternoon tea.


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4. Eat Blackpool Rock

This hard-boiled sweet can be found pretty much everywhere in the region. Your dentist wouldn’t approve, but it does make your time in Blackpool simple and easy to recall. This is sold in a number of varieties, usually with mint in the middle. Many souvenir shops offer the opportunity to include a customized note within the middle of the candy to include a special touch.

5. Houndshill Shopping Centre

Houndshill Shopping Centre
Source: Google Images

Blackpool is not popular for retail brands, but Houndshill Shopping Centre has a good range of shops if you’re searching for shopping. Just behind the Blackpool Tower and just a jog from the beach, it’s easy to access. The department store of Debenhams is potentially the safest fashion piece choice. Houndshill Shopping Centre is completely enclosed with a range of restaurants, coffee shops and fast meals. In fact, It is a popular location on a rainy day.

6. Ride a donkey on the Beach

A donkey ride on Blackpool Strand is a passing of time since the 19th century for many children on a family vacation. On a long journey, the donkey is led by a saddle. The route to and from the beach remained mostly the same, however, some donkeys already have their saddles along with credit card payment devices. Rides cost just a few pounds and last about fifteen minutes. Veterans inspect livestock each week to ensure that the donkeys are treated properly for. The weight limit is often enforced so that no-one can run over 8 stones (50 kg).

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7. The Grand Theatre

It makes perfect sense as a tourist attraction that the area boasts plenty of nightlife. The Grand Theater is one of the finest venues for live performances. The nightlife is lively and enjoyable. Musicals such as Graase, The Rat Pack and the live comedy and tribute groups are especially common. It is for a cause referred to as the National Theater of Variety.


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8. Genting Casino Blackpool

Genting Casino Blackpool
Source: Google Images

Genting Casino has a diverse range of casual games to enjoy, and the crowd is more fun than that of the other casinos in the area. The journey from Blackpool Tower to the north is 10 minutes. For Blackjack and Roulette, the minimum bet starts at £ 2, and you don’t have to be a big spender in to join. You don’t need to bet, of course. A luxurious hotel is located in the casino and is one of the finest in the city and a bar serving until 5.30 am. The list of best things to do in Blackpool won’t be complete without the Casino.

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9. Eat cockles and whelks

Shellfish is usually served fresh and there are lots of seafood restaurants in Blackpool that sell local seafood. ks There is an abundance of oysters, mouse and razor clams in the north-east of England, however, most notably, you can find pots of cockle and whelks. Use some fried small shellfish with plenty of vinegar and pepper in the local style. For a treat, eat them on the sand with a cocktail spoon.

10. Hit the pubs and clubs

Blackpool is renowned for the intense culture of partying which keeps it fun, but you must be ready in the outlandish fancy dress recognized locally as “stag” or “hen’ parties, to join pre-marriage groups. The Queen Street is associated with over 20 separate bars and clubs from North Train Station into the North Pier. There are a variety of fun bars to pick from, live music parties and nightclubs. This is one of the customary things to do in Blackpool evenings.

Just by looking at the list, you could understand the variety offered by this beautiful place. These are not the only things to do in Blackpool by the way. Want to customize your next UK vacation plan? Head straight to To get more insights, check out our guides page or leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

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