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Top 10 Things To Do In Istanbul For A Fun-Filled Turkey Holiday

Turkey is one of the top destinations to visit from the United Arab Emirates. With its top attractions, breathtaking architectural buildings, exciting nightlife, delicious local cuisines, worth-taking cruises, why wouldn’t one want to visit such a destination like Turkey? This country is home to many amazing cities like Izmir, Antalya, Pamukkale, Cappadocia, Istanbul and many more. Among all the cities in Turkey, Istanbul is the most beautiful and the most famous city. But, why? Curious to know? Then, check out this list of top 10 things to do in Istanbul.

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Photo by Osman Köycü on Unsplash

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10 Best Things to do in Istanbul

Why is there so much hype behind a Turkey holiday, especially if it includes Istanbul? These 10 things in Istanbul would surely give you a hint and tell you why it is worth experiencing. Find below the most fun things to do in Istanbul.

  1. Nightlife in Istanbul
  2. Day trips from Istanbul
  3. Tasting Turkish cuisines
  4. Sightseeing in Istanbul
  5. Cruising through the city
  6. Hot air ballooning
  7. Shopping in Istanbul
  8. Visit beaches in Istanbul
  9. Hop on the Tunel
  10. Visit the must-see museums in Istanbul

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9. Hop on the Tunel

Hopping on the Tunel is one of the fun things to do in Istanbul. It is said to be the world’s second underground train in the entire world. As you could see in the image, it is a funicular that was opened in 1875 for commute between Karakoy and Tunel Square and is still operating. Try out this fun ride!

Photo by parastoo jk on Unsplash

10. Visit the must-see museums in Istanbul

You can’t easily count the number of museums in Istanbul. There are so many museums such as Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia Museum, Basilica Cistern and many more. You may be a person who likes ancient artefacts or find sculptures interesting, the museums here have everything for you. Visit and know some history about this amazing city and everything behind its beauty.

Museum in Istanbul
Photo by Abdullah Öğük on Unsplash

Awesome, isn’t it? It will almost be impossible for you to look at these places and experience these things and not get stunned because that amazing they are. A trip to Turkey is a trip that you will cherish for a lifetime. Now that we know you love Turkey and wanting to visit it to experience these amazing things to do in Istanbul for real, we will help you plan a trip to Turkey from the UAE. Head out to the Pickyourtrail website and check out for some cool Turkey trip packages. You can even customize your Istanbul tour package if you would like. If you need any assistance, leave a Whatsapp inquiry and one of our travel experts would connect with you.

Happy exploring!

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