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Things to do in Kerala for an amazing vacation

Kerala, a state on the tropical Malabar Coast of India, has approximately 600 km of shoreline in the Arab Sea. A network of canals, it is known for its palm-lined beaches and backwaters. Inland are the Western Ghats, mountains whose slopes host tea, coffee, pepper, and wildlife plantations.

Back water in Kerala
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Things to do in Kerala

Kayaking in Dharmadam, Kannur

Kayaking in Kerala
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Kannur is a region in the north of Kerala, where it is possible to go sea kayaking. However, the backwaters and mangrove made it a completely different experience for Kayaking.

Despite it being saltwater the sea is actually pretty calm as you are not in the open sea, but surrounded by a system of mangroves which make it an easy place to kayak also for beginners.

In certain canals close to the mangroves the water is also very shallow, so no need to worry about falling over!

Hike in Kerala
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Go hiking in Wayanad

Take a break from your monotonous lives and embark on a scenic trek through the beautiful backdrop of hills and valleys in Wayanad. The delightful landscape of Wayanad in recent times has become popular for enticing you to indulge in trekking and the vast expanse of wilderness and beauty of the gorgeous hills of the Western Ghats. If you’re an adventure lover, Wayanad has some mesmerizing trekking trails that will take your breath away. Experiencing the calm nature and finding your perfect retreat from the monotonous lives. It is a perfect hill station to embark on one of the best trekking tours in Wayanad that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Wayanad is also blessed with several temples, wildlife sanctuaries and waterfalls which can be witnessed only after a demanding trek through the most beautiful routes.

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Take a Traditional Village Tour

Small villages in Kerala

Kerala’s is one of the famous backwaters are dotted with small villages full of vibrant local people and customs. Visiting them just makes time standstill. Enjoy your meal with your family while learning about their culture. Kumbalanghi Village, an area surrounded by paddy fields on the outskirts of Kochi. You will see here India’s first model fishery and tourism village and engage with the locals who make their living off of agriculture and fishing.

Catch a Kathakali Performance

Kathakali Performance in Kerala

Kathakali is a very common and an ancient form of dance-drama and that’s a tradition in Kerala. And you won’t get to see performers dressed up like this every day! The costumes and dance movements tell a meaningful Hindu mythological story. You can learn the art of Kathakali here. So, Kerala Kathakali is a must-visit during a trip to Kerala.

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Feel the joy of nature on a houseboat ride in Kumarakom

Back waters in Kerala experiencing the Houseboat

Your mind by now would have dreamed of travelling in a houseboat a 1000 times now, right? Bringing the wait to an end, it’s time for you to dip your mind in the beauty of Kumarakom and get started. The village which is warm with the Vembanad Lake is the best tourist spot for a houseboat ride. The marine life and surroundings will bring a vibe to your heart, the moment you begin the ride. Also, you can choose to indulge in other activities which are offered here.

Touchdown the wild side on a jungle safari in Periyar

Jungle Safari in Kerala
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The best place to visit in Kerala is, Periyar National Park which is a part of Thekkady is a major tourist attraction in Kerala for spotting tigers and elephants. As soon as you reach the grounds of Periyar, the lush greenery welcomes you. A tour here is must to enjoy on a jeep ride. Periyar also offers bamboo rafting opportunities to the wanderers

Make the mammal your buddy on a safari in Thekkady

safari in Kerala
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Kerala is known as its every part equally. When it comes to its wildlife, the state leaves no stone unturned to take care of the wild beings. Now that you have already enjoyed a jungle safari, it’s time to have an elephant safari. Also, you will find Thekkady as a beautiful place where you can bathe, click photos and ride the elephants and other wildlife activities to indulge.

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Kochi Fort’s mind-blowing architecture

Kochi Fort’s in Kerala
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Fort Kochi doesn’t really ask a lot from you, just one fine afternoon in its neighbourhood, that’s all! As you decide to take up the chance to visit, it won’t actually seem like a fort to you. Although it was a fortified city once. 

Kochi as a region known for its attractions settles in its realms.

Thekkady – Take A Spice Tour

Spice tour in Kerala
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If you visit Thekkady or Munnar, then take a tour of the Spice Plantation or gardens which have some authentic black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and exotic vanilla and explore the farms on a nature walk. It is one of the top activities to do in Kerala. Also, you can buy spices you like at subsidized rates from the workshop located in the spice garden itself

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary – Take A Jeep Ride

Jeep Ride in Kerala
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For one of the most fascinating activities to do in Kerala and its forests, Thekkady should be on the topmost list of places you are visiting in Kerala. About 190 km from Kochi, Thekkady is famous for its diverse forest cover, fauna, mammals and aquatic life. You can also stay here with an overnight camp in a tent or a treehouse, one of the top activities to do in Kerala. Also, you can also explore the park via a ferry ride in the Periyar Lake, which is going to be just as delightful. It is an offbeat experience that should not be missed in Kerala.

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