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The bird view of the iconic bridge of Ronda
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Things to Do in Ronda: A town in the Málaga province

A quaint mountain top village that is situated in Malaga’s province, set about the deep gorge of El Tajo. El Tajo is also known to distinguish the old city and the new town. I know what you’re thinking, do people even visit this town? Because you would’ve barely heard about this place in Spain. But most of the tourists would have seen a picture of the Puente Nuevo, and that’s when you will realise this 18th-century icon is in the town of Ronda. Located 100kms from the city of Malaga, Ronda is an absolute divine to see with its river valleys. You would be surprised to know that Ronda is the third most visited city in Andalucia and there are a lot of things to do in Ronda. Keep reading to find out more about Ronda!

Puente Nuevo:

The year 1759 is when the work on this beautiful bridge began, and it only took 42 years to build with a manpower of 50. One of the most famous landmarks in Ronda, this bridge connects the Little Market in the old town until the new part of the town- La Ciudad. There is also a small museum in the middle of this bridge that is worth a visit. This bridge goes about 328-feet-deep the El Tajo gorge. This bridge will give you some of the most breathtaking views, and that is why it should be on top of the list of things to do in Ronda. 

A snippet of Puente Nuevo: Things to do in Ronda
Image credits: Unsplash

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La Ciudad and the old town:

The El Tajo canyon did a wonderful job is splitting the town into two prominent parts. One is the original Morrish side – La Ciudad. This part of the town is also known as ancient barrio that consists of central Street, Calle Armiñan and south of Puente Nuevo. The best time to visit this side of the town is the evenings. The other part of the town is a little more commercial and is known as El Mercadillo. The little market area is the modern side of the town where you can see infamous Andalusia’s gorgeous ‘white villages’

The white villages of Andalusia: Things to do in Ronda
Image credits: Unsplash

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Plaza de Toros:

The Bullring – opened in 1785, this place can be reached in a short walk from Puente Nuevo. This place is the birthplace of modern bullfighting and is open once a year for the annual bullfight. The bullfight is an inevitable part of the Andalusian culture and is surely one of the top things to do in Ronda. Founded by the Royal Cavalry of Ronda, there are many tours that will help you understand the history and concept better. 

Iglesia de Santa María La Mayor:

Do a little bit of sightseeing around some complicated historical site. The construction of this church began during the late-15th century, and it was originally supposed to be a mosque. Due to the natural calamity that occurred in 1580, this church was completed only in the 17th century. This church will display gothic, renaissance and baroque styles of work on the inside and outside. You will find a lot of unique things to see inside, so take your time and go around the church as you please.

the central park of ronda: Things to do in Ronda
Image credits: Unsplash

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Alameda del Tajo:

Carved out of a rock, you can say that this town does not really have enough space for parks. But this one is an open space that can be a very relaxing place for all. Located right above Ronda’s western bluffs, this open space is naturally made facing west that gives you mind-blowing sunset views. This park is serene, lush with a lot of plants and trees that offer wonderful views. Take a break here admiring nature in the middle all the sightseeing you do in the day. Add this to your list of things to do in Ronda to appreciate nature.

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Baños Arabes:

Located towards the east of Ronda is this well-preserved site of Arabic baths that were in use for over 600 years. These Arabic bathes were brought alive during the 13th century, reign of Kind Aboemelikh. You can witness the rooms, barrel-vaulted star-shaped ceilings and the large cauldron that was used to heat water. Once upon a time, this was a busy centre, but now these are old significant remains. Add this as a part of your list of things to do in Ronda to discover more about the  Moorish heritage.

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The Cat’s Cave, Benaoján:

Take a small detour from this town to the river pools and a cave that is located about 20 minutes away from Ronda. Blow off the steam, at the recent addition of Andalusia’s natural destination of Cat cave. Wondering why it’s called the cat cave? The entrance of this cave is said to look like a cats head. A cave excursion can never go wrong on a trip and that is why this cave should be on your list of things to do in Ronda.

a shot of the iconic bridge of Ronda
Image credits: Unsplash

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Iglesia del Espíritu Santo:

The construction of this church started the same time when Catholic Monarchs claimed this town in 1485. During the old days, Ronda was always preparing itself for defence and that’s why this church has a defensive look to it. It was completed 20 years after the construction began and this church looms over the  Puerta de Almocábar. A perfect example of a gothic church with a sense of homogeneity, this church has many tales to tell. Apart from this church be sure to visit the cliff top place of Palacio de Mondragon that will take you to the roots of Ronda’s heritage and history.

a wide snippet of the greenery in Ronda.
Image credits: Unsplash

Catch the tales of dark myths, years old folklore and culture in the magnificent town in Spain. Explore this town that is the birthplace of bullfighting. This Andalusia town will surely not disappoint you as there are many things to do in Ronda. Take a break from the busy streets of Spain and visit this village during your vacation to Spain. Pick out your customised Spain packages from Pickyourtrail and be sure to ping our travel consultants on Whatsapp for more information.

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