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Arabkir Church, Yerevan, Armenia
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Top 10 Things to do in Yerevan, Armenia: A Must Visit

The capital city of Armenia, Yerevan is one of the earliest occupied towns in the world. One of the oldest structures, the fort of Erebuni built by king Argishti I dates back to the 8th century. The capital city place is also often referred to as the ‘Pink City’ because of the colour of the stones used to construct the city centre – Kentron. However, will all the contemporary developments it is becoming a popular tourist stop thanks for its historic landmarks, great nightlife, renowned museums and beautiful parks. So, let’s explore some of the top things to do in Yerevan.

1. Go on a walking tour of the city centre

Waking is the best way to explore any country’s history, culture and tradition, the city centre being the best place to start. Yerevan is home to various landmarks like the grand Republic Square, the Grand Opera House, the 18th century Blue Mosque and the popular Cascade complex. One can experience the modern side of the city with its contemporary architecture, cute cafes and trendy restaurants lined across the central streets.

Yerevan, Armenia
Image credits: Unsplash

2. Have a picnic in a park

There are various parks scattered across the city and spending a fun day amidst nature is undoubtedly the best things to do in Yerevan. Some of the popular parks here are the Lovers Park and the English park which make for an excellent picnic with its fishponds, falls and tranquil spaces and are also often the backdrop for wedding shoots. Buenos Aires Park and Tumanyan Park are also great picks for family outings.

picnic in a park, Yerevan
Image credits: Unsplash

3. Hang out at Republic Square

Regionally called Hraparak, the Republic Square lies in the heart of the city in the Kentron region. It is a beautiful landmark with musical fountains that approximately took 50 years to complete. One can comfortably spend a whole day at the Republic Square and its bustling neighbourhood. History Museum, the Government House, the National Gallery as well as the famous Armenia Marriott Hotel are some of the things that can be explored in the Kentron region. However, the musical light and sound fountain is people’s favourite and the showstopper here.

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4. Go to a football match

Yerevan has five football teams in the Armenian football league – FC Ararat Yerevan, Alashkert FC, FC Pyunik, FC Banants and FC Banants. Hence the city is home to home to numerous football stadiums, with the biggest being the Hrazdan Stadium. Football enthusiasts can surely get end moment passes for any matches while they are touring the city. Even if you’re not a football fan, the matches here are filled with a lot of joy and are one of the best things to do in Yerevan.

football match, Yerevan
Image credits: Unsplash

5. Sip on brandy

Across many other things, Yerevan is also home to – Ararat, the oldest brandy company in the country, initiated in 1887. It today is the world-renowned brandy and has been appreciated by many across the world. Even today the place is open for tours where visitors can learn about its history, explore the in-house museum and taste its fine alcohol. Moreover, in addition to exploring the old cellar, guests can get to sip two or three types of excellent brandy. In conclusion, a visit to Ararat is a must for every alcohol lover.

6. Delight your taste buds

Freshness, quality, deep flavours, herbs and spices are the major things which make Armenian cuisine extremely delicious. While the majority of the flavours are inspired by bordering nations Turkey and Iran, there are various recipes that make for a with wonderful Armenian-fusion cuisine.
Some of the must-try dishes here are dzhash (stew), pilaf (rice with meat) and kabob (grilled meat).

pilaf (rice with meat)
Image credits: Unsplash

7. Learn about the city’s history

Yerevan is a lovely ancient city that flaunts a very long history. The best way to learn about the city’s events is through its museums. One of them is The History Museum of Armenia which homes a collection of more than 400,000 objects and is the best way to know about the entire country. The National Gallery of Armenia is another such place which exhibits a vast collection and displays work from various European and Russian artists. It’s certainly one of the top things to do in Yerevan if you’re a history buff.

8. Go ice skating

One of the fun things to Yerevan is ice skating during the winter months. It’s the time when one of the biggest outdoor pools of the city is transformed into a 500 square metres ice arena. Another option is to head to Swan Lake and skate with the locals. This lake lies right beside the Opera House and is a wonderful place to skate around with fresh air while experiencing the surrounding view.

Ice skating
Image credits: Unsplash

9. Splash around in the water

On a hot summer day, what better way than to enjoy some fun water slide and laze in the cool waters. The three-hectare water park is home to 12 waterslides, 7 open-air pools, 3 indoor pools and 2 kids play areas. A great place for a fun family day outing where people across all age group can enjoy at this wonderful water park.

10. Step back into medieval times

The ancient monetary of Geghard is a spectacular building and a UNESCO World Heritage in Yerevan. Nestled within a mountain and enveloped by trees and cliffs this chapel magnificent complex that was built back in 1215. A day trip to this unique monetary is should definitely be a part of your ‘Things to do in Yerevan’ list.

Armenian Genocide Memorial, Yerevan, Armenia
Image credits: Unsplash

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