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Written by Akshaya Devi on November 5, 2019 Share on

#WhereNext—Follow the footsteps of Virushka in Bhutan!

Not sure where to go next? Perhaps these pictures of Virat ‘King’ Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s vacation in Bhutan will give you the much-needed heads up for your upcoming vacation!

Did you know that you do not need a visa to visit Bhutan? What does it mean? Even?! It means you can just pack your bags and fly off!

It means you can have tea with such a view! Anywhere in Bhutan.

Feel free to explore Bhutan beyond the beaten path—get under the skin of the place and there are warm locals waiting to be met and diverse culture waiting to be unwrapped!

In a place so blended with nature, it’s hard to even feel the hustle and bustle of your usual routine life. And that’s exactly what a Bhutan vacation is about.

Bhutan is (especially) perfect for a peaceful staycation. Want to take a break just to rejuvenate and catch up on your life? Bhutan is perfect for it.

So when are you visiting Bhutan? You know you want to! Check these Bhutan holiday packages and book your vacation now with Pickyourtrail!

And hey, Bhutan is full of inspiring stories! Here’s one to read before you start:

Meet Soumita Roy Choudhury – The first Indian woman to ride to Bhutan on a Vespa!

Image Credits: Virat Kolhi and Anushka Sharma instagram

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