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Things to know before travelling to Dubai

Dubai has been on the top of the bucket list for millions of travellers across the world. Monuments and buildings that reach the sky, butter-smooth roads that disappear into the horizon, man-made islands, the best shopping malls and restaurants in the world, an all year round weather and deeply rooted in its culture and tradition makes Dubai stand out as a cocktail of a perfect destination.

Close to 15 million people visit Dubai every year and the number only increases with each passing year. The city boasts of the best, biggest and largest of everything. The best shopping mall in the world, the largest building in the world, The longest painting, largest firework map in the world and the list goes on and on. Spectacular cuisine and culture, exciting activities, One of the most happening nightlife scenes, The best shopping malls, restaurants and resorts make Dubai one of the most enticing destinations in the world that one cannot get enough of.

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Why Dubai travel tips are essential?

Dubai boasts a huge number of first-time travellers visiting the country every year. The majority of the people visiting Dubai are from south-east Asian countries and European countries.

Dubai has a certain mystical outlook associated with it. The conservative Arabic traditions coupled with flamboyant lifestyle might confuse people on what they can do and more importantly what they should not do. It is fair enough to say that first-time travellers come into the country with some sense of wariness and caution.

This blog is to help you by decoding the most important do’s and don’ts during your stay in Dubai. The Dubai travel tips are segregated into two parts – Pre-trip tips for things to keep in mind while planning for your Dubai trip and On-trip tips for things to keep in mind during the vacation itself.

The pre-trip tips might include things like when to plan and go, what to pack, what are the necessary measures to be taken etc. The on-trip tips cover everything ranging from arrival, etiquettes, understanding of the local culture to tips on shopping and sightseeing,

Pre-Trip Tips

When to go for your Dubai vacation?

One of the most important things to consider while planning for your Dubai vacation is the time of the year and duration. As we all know Dubai is a desert region is on the hotter side and hence the best times to visit the Dubai are the winter months.  

The most suitable months to travel are between November till March of the consecutive year. This is also the period where some of Dubai’s most famous events and festivals such as the Dubai shopping festival, The global village festival, The formula 1 race, shopping conferences and exhibitions take place and bring in millions of travellers every year. 

It is to be noted that this is also the time when the prices of hotels, flights and activities skyrocket. Hence it is always advised to book your flights and hotels at least 6 months in advance to your trip to Dubai. 

Things to keep in mind while packing

The largest factor that comes into play while packing for your Dubai vacation is the weather and here also comes one of the most important Dubai travel tips. 

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Look to always wear light breezy preferably cotton clothes. Dubai can get hot, and here we are talking about really HOT! You would not want to get stuck in tight uncomfortable clothes on a long day out. Be conscious of packing clothes which do not reveal too much and are modest. 

If you are into beaches and swimming, Dubai does allow people to wear swimwear on the beaches and in the swimming pool arenas. The swimwear for both men and women are not allowed elsewhere.

Make sure to check on the medications that you would be needing and pack sufficient amounts of the same. Also, double-check if the medicines you use are allowed into the country or not. If not you can check with your local physician and get alternative dosages of the same.

The health and safety measures

Dubai has one of the lowest crime rates amongst the most visited international destinations and you need not worry about your safety in the country.

To be on the safer side, you can leave your original documents in the hotel locker and carry digital or photocopies of the same.

Dubai is also known to be very particular in hygiene and cleanliness. The city is sure to give you a wholesome and safe experience.

Dubai Currency and Documents

Indians are one of the most welcomed tourists in Dubai and procuring a Dubai visa is a hassle-free experience for Indians. The specialist visa team at Pickyourtrail will guide you through the entire process and make it a hassle-free visa experience.

Dirhams or AED is Dubai’s national currency. You can convert INR into AED in the airports or the shopping malls.

You can also use an International Credit/Debit card and withdraw cash as AED in the ATMs.

Some useful Arabic phrases to practice

While English is very much prevalent in Dubai, knowing the important Arabic terms help you build rapport with the locals and make them comfortable with you.

Hello – Marhaba
Thank you – Shukrun 
Sorry/Excuse me – Afwan 
Yes – Na’am
No – La’ 
Please – Min Fadlak

What better opportunity to indulge in a new language than while visiting the different countries.

On-Trip Tips 

Your Arrival in Dubai

Dubai international airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. It is safe to say, doing a bit of your research on Dubai airports will help you navigate better upon your arrival.

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Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

The airport has three main terminals upon arrival. You pick up your luggage, check into immigration and screening and progress towards the exit.

Dubai metro is the cheapest and fastest way to reach the city centre. You can also take the buses though they take twice the amount of time than a metro. The airport taxis are the most convenient way to reach the city centre. 

Local and Public transportation:

Hiring a Taxi is the best way to navigate around the city. Not all the local taxi drivers are locals, so be sure to use a map while on the go, 

You can also choose to use the metros and the buses. You can hire a car and drive yourself, but be on the lookout for unpredictable driving behaviours and speeds.

Tips for shopping

Dubai is one of the most sought after shopping destinations in the world and if you are on the move for some shopping splurge, you should plan your Dubai vacation to coincide with the Dubai shopping festival and Global village festivals. These times bring in some of the best discounts and are sure to be worth your penny.

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Take note that the top international brands are not tax-free in Dubai and that your credit card invoice will include a surcharge fee. 

Photo by Siddhant Ranjan Singh on Unsplash

Visit the Karama region for the best local souvenirs and the world-famous souks for your jewellery purchase. Dubai is also one of the best places to get electronics. 

The culinary and nightlife scene in Dubai

Dubai is considered as an international culinary hub with all possible cuisines being available to devour. Make sure to grab some delicious Dubai street foods. Dubai is also host to some of the best food festivals in the world.

While Dubai might come off as conservative, it still boasts of one of the best nightlife scenes in the world. Parties go on until 3:00 Am.

Keep note that 21 years is the minimum age for alcohol consumption. There is plentiful of Alchohol to be served in Dubai, so you need not have any inhibitions regarding that.

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Photo by Fredrik Öhlander on Unsplash

The social etiquettes and dress codes to follow

This is the most important of the Dubai travel tips and also one of the most looked up on the internet. 

Being a country with a lot of traditional and cultural values, it is important to respect the local sensibilities. Try to avoid clothes that expose the shoulder. Sleeveless clothes and short clothes are accepted in most tourist spots and dunes. Make sure to be more covered whilst visiting the mosques.

Avoid getting any sort of negative attention to yourself. Strictly avoid public display of affection and wearing tight-fitted clothes.

Remove footwear while visiting any religious establishment and local homes. Always receive with your right hand.

Keep in mind that clicking pictures of the locals without their permission is considered as a sign of disrespect.

Dubai is one exhilarating experience that everyone must witness at least once in their lifetime. I hope these tips help you plan for your Dubai vacation with much more clarity. Make sure to book a customized Dubai holiday package at least 6 months before the travel period with trusted destination experts.

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