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Top casinos in the world

Ever wanted to kick off your evening on a vacation in style? Nightclubs and bars just don’t cut it, do they? That’s when casinos come to the rescue! Not your average video game, some of these high-end casinos around the world have impressive fine gaming spaces and the additional entertainment up their sleeves. On a vacation and want to feel like a Bond film’s protagonist? Check out these casinos in the world – definitely the best there are.

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The Wynn Macau – China

Wynn Macau casino

You might expect a list like this to begin with a Las Vegas establishment, and Vegas is definitely still the world’s biggest hub for casino activity. But The Wynn Macau is increasingly shooting up lists about the best and most glamorous destinations in this category. Thrillist placed it first on a list of the world’s “most insane” casinos, and paints a pretty appealing picture. With multiple Michelin-starred restaurants, a terrific gaming floor, and a fountain show that rivals the famous one at the Bellagio, it sort of offers everything. Apparently, casino magnate Steve Wynn attributes two-thirds of his gains to this establishment, which should give you some idea how popular it’s become.

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Sun City Casino Resort – South Africa

Sun City Casino Resort

I have to admit, some of the attraction to this establishment is that it’s in such a unique place. Most major casinos are either in Western Europe, Las Vegas, or Southeast Asia, so the mere fact that there’s a big one in South Africa is pretty awesome. But the Sun City Casino Resort also happens to be really cool. Well outside of the nearest major city (Johannesburg), it rises up from the bush like some sort of resort palace and makes for a really fun retreat whether or not you’re into the games. That said, the casino itself is top-notch as well.

The Bellagio – United States


I mentioned the Bellagio’s fountains as inspiration for the Wynn Macau. The bigger truth is that this iconic Vegas establishment has provided inspiration for a lot of the world’s best casinos. There are plenty of Vegas places that could be mentioned on this list – some gaudier, some more family-friendly, some a bit more modern – but the Bellagio is still the gold standard. As another ranking (that had Bellagio at number one) put it, the casino sets itself apart from the rest with its opulence and elegance. The fountains and the poker tables are probably the main attractions.

Empire Casino – England

Empire Casino

London actually has a couple of places that could earn a mention and is probably underrated as a casino destination. But the Empire Casino is the best in town. The same ranking list referenced with regard to the Bellagio points out that the Empire has an almost Vegas-like feel, which is true and fairly interesting for an establishment right in the thick of London. It’s not quite as glamorous on the outside as your average Vegas spot, but inside you could just as well be at any of the world’s top casinos.

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Casino de Monte Carlo

Casino de Monte Carlo

This is probably the most famous casino outside of Las Vegas, and with good reason. It’s an older place and it feels like it, possessing a certain opulence but also a sort of vintage atmosphere. The casino has featured in numerous films, which has brought it a lot of popularity, but it’s also considered to be one of the can’t-miss tourist attractions in a city that’s frankly full of them. This is one casino you might not enjoy as much if you’re not a bona fide high roller, but it’s at least worth stopping by even if you aren’t going to be playing games. As one piece put it, it’s the grandest in gaming.

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