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Top Places To Visit In Koggala During Your Sri Lanka Vacation

Koggala is a small seaside town on the coast of a lagoon on Sri Lanka’s southern coast, located in Galle District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka, which is ruled by a Municipal Council. Koggala is surrounded by a reef on one side, and a wide lake on the other. Koggala Bay, into which the various tributaries of the Koggala Oya drain is one of the top places to visit in Koggala.

Koggala has one of Sri Lanka’s longest beaches and is situated in near proximity to Unawatuna’s renowned tourist resort, although Koggala is fairly uncluttered as a tourist destination and mostly unknown.

Koggala is also the home of the Kathaluwa Giniwella and the ancient Temples. The Kathaluwa Buddhist temple is renowned for its murals and the first printing press survived, brought to Sri Lanka by the Dutch.

Koggala  Sri Lanka
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Things To Do in Koggala Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that has been at the forefront in recent years and has been one of the popular destinations to visit. This nation is blessed with the riches of nature and each corner has lush greenery, pristine beaches and ancient ruins that bring a dimension to all the beauty of the place. Sri Lanka has many breathtaking areas that don’t hesitate to impress the tourist. If someone is preparing a family holiday or enjoying a nice trip with friends, there’s more than one excuse to explore this country with the family in particular. Although the weather is good all year round, there are interesting activities provided to the tourists at every corner of the city.

While Colombo and Kandy are the top locations on every visitor ‘s list, be it the kids or the junkies of adventure, but going beyond that there are plenty of other places that are not in the limelight but are of utmost importance in the country. With its surreal beauty and historical stories, Koggala surely manages to attract tourists around the world, with this list of top places to visit in Koggala.

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Koggala Beach

Between Sri Lanka’s many beaches, Koggala Beach has been a popular tourist attraction thanks to the stunning view of its coastline. It’s not only a perfect spot to chill and rejuvenate while listening to the waves kissing the sand every few seconds, but it’s also a nice place to get some surf lessons and enjoy a leisure stroll, making it one of the top places to visit in Koggala.

Koggala  Sri Lanka
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Handunugoda Tea Estate

Visiting the Sri Lankan Handunugoda Tea Estate will indeed be an experience to cherish and also one of the top things to do in Koggala on your trip to Sri Lanka. Tourists visiting here are always keen to learn how this Tea Estate produces over 25 tea varieties here. They like knowing about the fabled Virgin White tea too. The glamorous Virgin White Tea is popular around the world as a delicate brew prepared from the tiniest and newest plants and

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Another fantastic snorkelling spot in Colombo is Mirissa beach. This unique beach has always been one of the first locations to experience whale views. The price is although a bit on the expensive side. Nevertheless, it turned out that this specific location was an outstanding diving area. There are around 5 diving spots around Mirissa beach which are ideal for both beginners and snorkelling masters. Beginners are equipped with PADI preparation courses and there are also travel centres. The other additional information can be obtained from the internet, or from nearby local travel agencies.

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Hikkaduwa is a national cultural beach centre and is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Koggala. It one is situated in the colombo capital, which is prospective as snorkelers will fly through the expressway and then embark on an underwater journey by diving. Any day one can visit the south coastal town and sample the drinks and the seafood from the mouth. And one only might admire the bonfire ‘s light. Traveling to Hikkaduwa for snorkeling is definitely an experience that can be welcomed and appreciated. This specific venue is a great one for all those experienced snorkelers as well as for those who are an novice and have been able to acquire diving skills from the professional instructors who are still accessible all season.

Beach of Bonavista

This beach is a secret treasure chest in Sri Lanka which tourists can discover without any guide on their own. The beach is relaxing, and offers many local delicacies as well as excellent accommodation. Many of the local lures are near this beach, so it wouldn’t take you a lot of time to get there from a hotel.

Koggala  Sri Lanka
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Tiny yet beautiful islands surround the bay, a freshwater lagoon. They are just as enticing as they seem, with names like the Cinnamon Island and Spice Island. A tour via Koggala is incomplete without a visit to the Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum Complex, which shows several instruments, puppets and costumes.

Koggala has many tortoise hatcheries which are home to species such as the leathery tortoise and loggerhead tortoise. A visit to the Handunugoda Tea Estate, famous for Virgin White Tea, which is untouched by hand from the tea bush to the consumer, would delight tea connoisseurs.

Koggala  Sri Lanka
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The Kathaluwa Purwarama Maha Viharaya is a Buddhist shrine that houses paintings dating back 200 years, some of which depict the Jataka tales. A journey to Koggala is ideal for a peaceful and enjoyable holiday between the sandy beach and the stunning lake.

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Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka

In general, the perfect season to reach the west and south coasts and hill country are from December through June, whilst the best weather on the east coast is from April / May to September. Two key monsoon seasons dictate the island’s weather and, because they alternate, Sri Lanka can be seen as a holiday destination for the whole year-round. And when Arugam Bay on the east coast is just too risky to surf the sea off Kalpitiya on the west coast with its Blue Whales abundance is hardly a shabby option.


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