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A picture of a couple taken in the middle of sea in Italy
Written by Preetha Manivelan on June 9, 2020 Share on

Travelling Together To Far-away Countries Has Always Been Our Dream

Everyone dreams to set their foot on European countries. Be it just walking through the streets or shopping the best of things or admiring the beauty of attractions, Europe has everything that a traveller would look for. Here is an amazing couple, Dhvya and Murali Dharan who went on a trip to Italy with Pickyourtrail. Let’s read how they planned their beautiful journey:

A picture of the entire view of city in Italy

About the planning…

A perfect trip can only be perfect if the destination you are visiting has every element to make you fall in love with. That’s when we chose a destination like Italy which is both interesting and romantic. While searching for the best trip planner, fortunately, we found Pickyourtrail on the internet. We got in touch with them and brought up this idea of visiting Italy. With their suggestions added, there came the versatility to our itinerary.

A girl posing in front of the famous attraction on their honeymoon to Italy

The planning started in the month of December to fly to the incredible country in February. We were supposed to visit 5 cities in 10 days. Due to the last-minute changes, we cut off Amalfi Coast and extended our stay at Rome. Yet there was no change in the excitement that we had right from the planning.

Days at Rome

On 20th February 2020, we landed at the airport in Rome. We reached the hotel and took some rest as we have had a long flight. The next day was when our activities started. We had our Vatican museum and Colosseum. Fell absolutely in love with them!

An amazing night view of the Colosseum in lights

Days at Florence and Milan

Who would want to visit Italy without having Florence on the itinerary? Everything was so good about Florence and visiting Pisa was like an icing on the cake. Apart from that, we climbed 463 steps to the top of the Brunelleschi Dome of Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and it is the most wonderful experience.

It was so beautiful enough to leave you stunned for sure.

A girl posing in front of the Pisa in Florence on their honeymoon to Italy

Milan, not just a perfect place to fill your bags with shopping, but also for beautiful attractions like Milan Cathedral.

An view of the picturesque Milan Cathedral

Days at Venice

We had our train journey from Milan to Venice on the third last day of our itinerary. The two mandatory tours of Venice, the Murano Burano and the gondola ride were done as pre-planned. Amazingly, the water-taxi rides gave us different views of the city 🙂

Burano, the beautiful island!

A picture of guy standing in the island of Burano in Italy

The most amazing part of the trip

Walking across the streets of Italy, the mesmerizing scenic beauty, taking public transportation, interacting with locals, tasting the street food, shopping our heart out, everything was amazing on our trip to Italy. We were really amazed to see how beautiful Europe is, the ruins of the Roman forum, the canals of Venice, the beautiful streets of Rome, Florence and most importantly, the kind and humble Italians.

With heart fulfilled with happy memories, we flew back to India. It was indeed a great trip 😀

A picture of a couple taken in front of the colosseum in Rome

Why Pickyourtrail?

The experience that we had with Pickyourtrail on our trip to Italy was amazing. They came up with a perfect itinerary for us. It was exciting to see the intent that this energetic team had throughout our interaction with Pickyourtrail. Right from planning to support, the response was prompt and appreciable. While we were in the midst of our vacation, whenever we had to reschedule the tour or have any doubts, the team was very supportive, working all-time in the day. Truly grateful for the seamless customer service which will make one a recurring customer of Pickyourtrail. Can’t wait to book our next trip with them 🙂

How beautiful! Isn’t it? Great! It’s not too late to create your own adventure and spend your vacation as this couple did. All you have to do is to head out to the website of Pickyourtrail to check out the itineraries to Italy. You plan and we make it a hassle-free experience!

Unwrap Italy with Pickyourtrail! 🙂

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