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UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Visit in Spain
Written by Rahul on October 17, 2020 Share on

5 Best UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Visit in Spain in 2024

Spain is one place that is very much culturally and historically rooted. Many tourists come to this place for a great visit. You will literally see everyone enjoying their life to the best. This is one of the major reasons why many people visit Spain for backpacking and tracking. With many uniqueness and diversity regionally, Spain is one dynamic country. Barcelona being the place of hip and energetic cities, with the Moorish touch of the Granada city, it has many more places for all the tourists for a great time with their family and their loved ones. One of the major selling point of Spain as a country is it is Inexpensive and cheap. This makes it the most visited place in Europe. In this, there are culturally unique places that are heritage sites. So here are the best UNESCO world heritage sites to visit in Spain.

UNESCO sites to visit in Spain.
Image Credits: Photo by Henrique Ferreira on Unsplash

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain

Spain being a more culturally rooted place to visit, Spain is the place that is a great place for all the history and architecture lovers. With many UNESCO world heritage sites, this is the third in the list of most numbers of UNESCO heritage sites in the world. This consists of the old Moorish kinds of the fortress to the state of the art 20th-century architecture that is literally like a fairy tale. So here in this Blog let us take a look at some of the beautiful, magnificent and extraordinary architectural brilliance of the Spain monuments. Here are the top UNESCO world heritage sites to visit in Spain.

  • Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Park Güell Barcelona
  • Palaeolithic cave art of Altamira, Cantabria
  • The historic centre of Córdoba
  • Alhambra and Generalife, Granada
  • Segovia aqueduct

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1. Works of Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona

Barcelona’s famous sons, Antoni Gaudi is one of the best architects of all time and has left a legacy behind with his architectures. Many of the buildings around the city have been built by them. Gaudi designed many buildings around the 19th and 20th century. Seven of his works, which are a part of the works of Antoni Gaudi are UNESCO world heritage sites. This includes the unfinished Sagrada Familia cathedral, Casa Mila and Park Güell. This also includes firsts of his works. It is the most famous Casa Vicens. This is one place that is very great and you will literally be stuck at seeing the most beautiful architectures. A Catholic, Gaudi infused his religious beliefs and natural imaginary through his architecture. This is certainly a UNESCO world heritage site to visit in Spain.

Casa Mila, Barcelona, Works of Antoni Gaudi
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

2. Palaeolithic cave art of Altamira, Cantabria

Dating back to 35,000 years, this Palaeolithic cave of Altamira is one place to look forward to. Created during the Upper Palaeolithic period, this is in northern Spain. Because of the depth of the cave, these paintings and handprints are well preserved and showcased to the various tourists coming around the world. There are several charcoal and polychrome drawings which depict animals and various handprints. This painting depicts the herd of the extinct Steppe Bison with wild boar, horses and as well as Deer. The carbon-dioxide from the humans were actually destroying the painting, so the access was closed for public. But the paintings and the museum and the cave replica can be visited by the Public. This is one of the best UNESCO world heritage sites to visit in Spain.

Palaeolithic cave art of Altamira
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

3. The historic centre of Córdoba

Constructed in the year 784, this is just an architectural brilliance. With the architectural blend of Roman, Moorish and Christian influence, this is a grand mosque in southern Spain. This particular city was filled with many churches and mosques and out of which the Cordoba mosque is one of the must-visit places. This is one of the greater and a classic example of the grand Islamic architecture. This is one of the best places with grand red and white archways and there is a tranquil orange tree yard that is just so pleasing to spend your time at. This will be a perfect place for all architecture lovers and is also one of the best UNESCO world heritage sites to visit in Spain.

Historic centre of Córdoba, one of the UNESCO sites to visit in Spain
Image Credits:

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4. Alhambra and Generalife, Granada

One of the most sublime Islamic architecture that is found throughout Europe, the Alhambra in Granada is one place that many of the people should definitely visit. Extended into a large fort in the 13th century, this was a small Moorish fort on the hilltop. The Alhambra is a 14th century Islamic architectural masterpiece. This is the best example of exemplary Islamic design, craftsmanship and great architecture. The Gebralife gardens outside this Alhambra is a great example of a beautiful garden with a magnificent display of mountains. This Garden also displays a beautiful row of beautiful and pristine hedges and flowers. Visiting this amazing monument and gardens will certainly put you in a very special zone. You would certainly not miss out on this as this is one of the best UNESCO world heritage sites to visit in Spain.

Alhambra de Granada, Spain
Image Credits: Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas on Unsplash

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5. Segovia aqueduct

This is one of the best an well preserved roman aqueduct that is preserved by the Spain country. Located in the Northwest of Madrid, this piece of Roman monument rules the centre of the city of Segovia. This city is in the northwest of Madrid in Spain. Built in the year 1st century AD, the main purpose of this carrying water from the River Frio to the city. This 166 arches carried water 17 miles from the city. This was a great engineering feet built very early by the engineers present then. This piece of monument and architectural marvel is held together by gravity alone. This is one great thing that is still astounding many of the engineers as to how this was built. It’s all because of no mortar is holding the stones together. This is certainly a must visit UNESCO world heritage site in Spain.

Segovia aqueduct, one of the UNESCO sites to visit in Spain.
Image Credits: Image by NakNakNak from Pixabay

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