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Weekend getaways cities in India
Written by Shanmugam on June 10, 2020 Share on

Weekend Getaways cities in India That You Should Visit

India as a destination it has so many activities and things to cover. The destination doesn’t need any great introduction. If you visit the country certainly you will fall in love with the countries beauty and wealth. Surrounded by Indian ocean at the down south and snow-capped mountains on the north, this place is no lesser than heaven. Moreover, if you are nature fanatic, India will never disappoint you. What makes India so famous? The states and cities in the country make them so famous. Every state has its own small and pristine cities holding so much beauty that you can’t even imagine off. There are so many weekend getaways cities in India that are worth visiting once in a lifetime. Wondering where to start and how to start? Here is a list of Pickyourtrail’s top recommended cities in India that you should visit before planning an international vacation with your loved ones. Before packing your bags, scroll through this entire blog to get a deeper understanding of these cities and activities that you should do for sure. Keep scrolling and spend your this weekend virtually in all these top weekend getaways cities in India.

Weekend Getaways cities in India
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Weekend Getaways cities in Indian

We all know that our weekdays are so tight and hectic. In a few situations, you might not get to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. The weekend is what the perfect time to be with them. But spending the weekend just like a normal weekday doesn’t sound like fun right! If you wish to spend it much more fun and relaxed way here is a list of top cities that you should visit during the weekends. regardless of the climate, these cities are best to visit all throughout the year. All these cities take just a few hours to reach. This blog highlights the most enjoyable weekend getaways from top Indian cities, specifically – Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Ahmedabad. Ensure you pick the right one!

Weekend Getaways cities in India
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If you are planning for a weekend getaway from top cities then here are some of the marvellous cities for you. North Indian states such as Delhi, Rajasthan, Sikkim is an excellent weekend getaway to some of the ancient sites, astounding snow-capped mountains and stunning British & Mughal forts. South Indian cities are famous for their beautiful scenic gardens, lush green mountains and gushing waterfalls.

1.Dharamshala: Mountains, Climate and Roadtrips

If you are looking to rejuvenate your soul and soak in nature then head to Dharamshala. It is one of the well-known places in India. Moreover, world-famous Dalai Lama resides in this beautiful city. Dharamshala truly a city of heaven and untouched by modern developments. It is more connected to nature and blessed with a lot of monasteries. There are so many shrines where you can see the finest blend of Indian and Tibetan cultural touch. People here coexist with both religious practices and traditions. Apart from culture, Dharmshala will mesmerize you with its natural charm.

View of mountians
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2. Rishikesh: Adventure and nature

The once land know pilgrimage is now alluring a majority of youngsters for its adventures. Rishikesh now has a lot of adventure sports such as river rafting, bungee jumping, cliff diving and so on. It has won the hearts of youngsters and the land now attracts a mixed audience. The place also attracts tourist who loves to do nothing just to relax and enjoy the view of majestic Himalayan while having a cup of coffee.

Rafting in river
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3.Agra: Heritage

Almost people from all over the world visit this majestic and iconic structure of India, Taj Mahal. It is one such place that hits everybody’s travel list. The city attracts more foreign travellers. They prefer Agra because the city is rich in culture and also a prominent place where most iconic kings lived. It is very much easier to access from Delhi and it takes 2 hours to reach the city. Taj Mahal remains a significant attraction not just for India but also for the whole world.

Weekend Getaways cities in India
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4.Kaas: Nature and botany

if you wish to stroll through the beautiful valley of flowers then head to Kaas. This place is so perfect to visit during monsoon. An amazing and beautified place with lots of flowers of different shades. Kaas is truly a paradise in Maharashtra that will mesmerize you with its beauty. These flowers will certainly make you fall in love. Moreover, during September the place gets even more attractive with a stunning variety of flora.

5.Goa: Nightlife and fun

Whenever we think of weekend getaways or a quick vacation the first place that comes to our mind is Goa. Goa is popularly called as a party. It is the right place to spend your weekend in a perfect way. The city is well known for its scenic beaches and seashore cafes. Moreover, this seaside destination is a paradise for friends and couples who are looking for a weekend getaways cities in India.

6.Sundarbans National Park: Nature and wildlife

A perfect getaway from Kolkata is Sundarbans National Park. This picturesque park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular national parks in India. Also, the park allures a lot of tourists for its rich biodiversity. Sundarbans is one of the best places to witness different types of animals. Bengal tiger, crocodile and leopard are some of the animals that reside in this place. Moreover, the park is also blessed with birds. If you are a bird lover definitely you will certainly love this place for sure.

7.Hampi: History

Hampi in Bangalore is a beautiful city well known for its history and ancient ruins. The city gives you a feel of entering into the ancient kingdoms. There were so many empires and kingdoms in this historical city. Out of all Hindu Vijayanagara Empire is a significant site in Hampi. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built-in fifteenth-century this will certainly a place worth spending your weekend.

India cities are perfect for people who are looking for the best weekend getaway from top cities. It has activities to keep you engaged, at the same time there are so many nearby destinations where you can connect with nature’s divinity and tranquillity. Planning for an amazing holiday in India? Check out the best of domestic packages and book your domestic tour with Pickyourtrail, India’s top customised vacation planning company.

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