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Why should you travel to multiple countries in Europe!

1. Experiencing cultures

You will be able to compare and contrast each nation side by side since traveling so quickly and seeing so much quickly adds up. Certain themes, such as architecture and art, were prevalent in each country. You could see how European influences had spread into Morocco and how civilizations had intertwined with each other.

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2. Ease of traveling with documents.

You do not need to show your passport if you are an EU citizen traveling from one border-free Schengen EU country to another. It is sufficient to bring your national ID card to prove your identity if necessary. On the contrary, while traveling to or from a non-Schengen nation, a valid passport is required. Remember that in many countries, driving licenses and bank cards are not recognized as legitimate travel papers or evidence of identification.

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Furthermore, the EU has created a unified visa policy for nationals of non-EU countries who need a visa to enter the Schengen Area. It is a short-stay visa granted by one of the Schengen States that allows its bearer to travel for up to 90 days in any 180-day period within the 26 Schengen States. Visas for visits that last longer than that are still subject to national processes.

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3. Border-free zone

The Schengen zone eliminates internal border controls while harmonizing and enhancing the protection of the area’s exterior borders. People can move from one nation to another inside the Schengen region without being subjected to border inspections. The borderless Schengen region ensures free movement for more than 400 million EU citizens, as well as numerous non-EU nations, businesses, tourists, and other people lawfully present on EU territory.

With a valid passport or identity card, any EU person can visit another EU nation as a tourist for up to three months. They can also work in another member state and be regarded in the same way as nationals of that country. Entrepreneurs profit from establishment freedom and students enjoy the flexibility to study anywhere in the European Union.

Border free
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4. Ease of crossing borders multiple times

Because there are no borders inside the Schengen zone, you can easily move from one EU country to another within the same trip, or even within the same day, without the requirement for national entrance licenses or restrictions. This repeated entry and exit can be taken advantage of if your itinerary requires the same.

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5. The food !!

Being able to munch on different food items is an experience in itself, right from street food to exotic delicacies. Doesn’t matter if you have a sweet tooth or you are more into blazing hot food, Europe won’t disappoint you. Moreover, Europe is known for its beer and alcoholic beverages. They are served at multiple outlets even at the outskirts of the city. This whole experience of being able to consume multiple cuisines warms your heart in and out and boy o boy some of these delicacies I say.

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6. Common Currency

Euro is widely accepted throughout accepted at every major outlet, which means you have one less thing to worry about. This also saves a lot of time, money, and effort that gets consumed during the exchange. There is no chance of paying more than you intended due to exchange-rate changes because the euro removes currency value variations across EU borders. As a result, there is more pricing transparency: you can readily see whether a price in one nation is lower than a price in another, making it easier to detect a good or poor deal. Finally, disregard transaction costs: this is especially useful for travelers who cross many borders over the course of a journey.

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