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7 day Thailand itinerary
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7-day Thailand Itinerary: Uncover the Hidden Beauty of Thailand

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Having to choose between the sensational islands of Koh Samui and the thumping nightlife of Bangkok has never been easy. Thailand is indeed where urban elegance and wild fantasies coexist. And here’s a detailed, 7-day Thailand itinerary, day by day explained to get the best of both— in 7 days.

2 Days in Koh Samui

7 day Thailand itinerary:
2 days in Koh Samui

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Day 1

Full-Day tour of Ang Thong National Marine Park with snorkelling and Quad Safari: Hop on a speedboat to cruise on the beautiful islands of Ang Thong through its luscious green forests and emerald shores. After a relaxing ride, drive your own quad bike and race right into the hearts of hidden waterfalls and muddy terrains on your 7-day Thailand itinerary.

Day 2

Tour the Koh Tao and Nang Yuan islands: Koh Tao is characterized by its rich underwater beauty and an unrivaled marine ecosystem, hence the best spot to go island hopping. Grab your coolers and bask in the warmth of the sun! On a side note, Nang Yuan is also best for water sports. Sail Rock provides one of the best ambiances for scuba diving while the Shark Island and Tanote Bay provide snorkeling experience you can’t get anywhere else.

3 Days in Bangkok

7 day Thailand itinerary:
3 days in Bangkok

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Day 3

7 day Thailand itinerary
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Morning to Afternoon:
Mahanakhon Skywalk Tour: The highest observation deck in Bangkok, King Power Mahanakhon is the closest you can ever get to the city of Bangkok. Go to the top of the City of Angels and a walk over the glass up above the busy streets of Bangkok is nothing short of stunning!

Retail therapy at Rod Fai Night Market: Rod Fai is a shopping haven—has pretty much everything you want to buy under the sun, stacked in colourful lit-up tents. Wander like a local through the streets filled with intensely flavourful street food on your 7-day Thailand itinerary. Watch out for Ba Mee and Khao Man Gai, dishes you will never forget!

Day 4

Morning to Afternoon:
Grand tour of Golden Buddha, Reclining Buddha, Marble Temple & Gems Gallery: Bangkok has a striking spiritual side to its otherwise hippy character, and where can you find them if not in the century-old Marble and Buddha temples! The intricate design, a product of Thai and European architecture is a marvellous sight to behold!

Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise: Bangkok at night is unparalleled and take this cruise to watch life unravel amidst the glowing brinks of river Chao Phraya. To add to the whole experience, dine on luxurious Thai concoctions and the complimentary beverages offered as a part of this tour on your 7-day Thailand itinerary.

Day 5

Bangkok Safari World & Marine Park Tour amidst its wildlife: Get closer to the untamed wildlife of Bangkok along with its rich aquatic world. There’s more! Orangutan boxing show, bullwhips and cowboy stunts are only a few of the existing many entertainments you get here!

2 Nights in Krabi

7 day Thailand itinerary:
2 days in Krabi

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Day 6

Morning to Afternoon:
Thai massage treatment at Waree Raksa Hot Spring Spa: To indulge in ultimate rejuvenation on your 7-day Thailand itinerary, spend a day reveling in what Thailand offers best: Thai massages! Participate in traditional Yoga sessions, hot spring therapies in river Khlong Tom which is in close proximity with Krabi waterfalls.

Wat Tham Sua tour: Kanchanaburi in Thailand is home to some of the best natural landscapes in the whole of Thailand with Wat Tham Sua as the icing on the cake. Spend an evening there—The ultimate spiritual experience you will get will be the most unforgettable moments of your entire vacation! You can also spend some time exploring the night markets of Krabi for some shopping experience!

Day 7

Speed Boat trip to the beautiful islands of Koh Tup, Koh Gai, Koh Poda & Phra Nang Cave Beach: These small islands connected to one other by short distances are everything you imagine them to be! Koh Tup, white-sand beaches with breathtaking vistas offer terrific snorkelling experiences while Koh Gai is where you can indulge in beach braais with delectable Thai food and drinks.

7 day Thailand itinerary
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