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Creating an Affordable and Memorable European Vacation

If you love to travel and want to enjoy a truly memorable vacation, then it’s time to satisfy your wanderlust and start planning your European adventure. Europe offers stunning scenery, amazing museums and art galleries and rich cultural experiences at every turn. Its picture-postcard beauty and deep history at once inspires you and leaves you in awe. The capital cities of each country offer incredible sites to see and the verdant rural countryside allows you to experience a truly idyllic way of life.


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Even though vacations can be expensive, you can visit the continent on a budget if you do the majority of your in-country and inter-country travel by bus. When you travel to Europe setting up your itinerary can be easy when you use a comprehensive site to plan your journey and excursions. Bus travel routes in Europe are extensive and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the scenery as you move between destinations.

An Affordable Way to Tour Europe


You can travel by bus through Europe quite affordably when compared to the cost of trains. Although trains may get you there faster on long routes, bus tickets for the same travel cost far less. This is why, for many years, bus transport has been a favorite of backpackers and students alike. New bus companies coming into the market have also resulted in increased competition and better rates for travelers.

Another way you can save a lot of money when you travel is to book overnight bus trips. You’ll be able to travel great distances at night and you can sleep on the bus too. By doing this, you’ll save the cost of a hotel room for the night. For instance, you could look at booking a bus to Florence and cover a lot of miles at night while you slept peacefully.

Enjoy the Comfortable Coaches

In general buses in Europe are better and more comfortable than services like Greyhound in the United States. The European coaches offer comfortable seats that recline, windows that are tinted and climate control. There are restrooms on board and on the most-used routes there may also be video or TV equipment.

Before you travel you may want to ask friends or go online and get tips on the best European cities to visit. Headphones are recommended when you travel by coach so you can choose what you want to listen to during the ride. It’s helpful to note that in most cases you can no longer smoke on buses in Europe.

Great for Last Minute Travel Choices

One of the best things about traveling to Europe is the great variety of choices. You’ll want to leave some open space in your itinerary so you can add spur-of-the-moment adventures into the mix. People you meet while traveling may mention a beautiful place that you just have to visit, or you may go online and find a special destination that instantly captivates you.

Bus ticket prices don’t fluctuate in the same way that airline tickets or even train tickets do. With this budget-friendly method of transport you’ll often find that you can book last minute spots for bus travel. In addition, the prices for last-minute tickets are quite affordable.

If you want to plan the trip of a lifetime Europe should be top on your list. By taking advantage of affordable bus travel you’ll be able to see more things and perhaps even extend your Europe Tour Packages. Europe’s rich history, stunning architecture and immense cultural offerings will have your sharing vacation memories for years to come.

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