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Beautiful scenery of Antalya
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Antalya- Spot Heaven A Little Closer

Let’s make our way to the city with numerous nicknames such as the paradise on earth, the pearl city of the Mediterranean, and the Turkish Riviera. Antalya is the largest and most magnificent city in the country of Turkey. Here, you can experience top-notch professionalism, wonderful experience, diversity and quality. With its right mix of history, natural beauty and a healthy variety of local lifestyle, the city hosts more than 11 million foreign guests every year. Antalya offers a peerless experience that makes the city the fourth most-visited destination in the world. In this article, we can virtually visit all the stunning attractions in Antalya that will definitely tempt you for a real-time trip.

Splendid natural attractions in Antalya- The crowded beach
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Antalya has something exciting for every visitor. You will never get tired of sightseeing in Antalya as the city is full of fascinating attractions to keep you occupied. The historical assets and monuments will make you go awe while the white-sand beaches will feather-touch your soul and offer peace.

1. Old Town (Kaleiçi)

One cannot find a better and perfect place to stroll around than the maze-like Kaleiçi neighbourhood. With meticulously restored, whitewashed and red-roofed Ottoman mansions lined up in the cobblestone streets, this place is now home to a plethora of boutique hotels, souvenir shops, galleries and restaurants. In this bustling world, take a break to breathe the old-world ambience. You can also sightsee in the main square that has a fortress gate and stone-clad clock tower. The Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque is a worth-visiting place for its stunning interior tile work. You can also take a look at the number of historical ruins that are now some of the top-visited attractions in Antalya.

Beautiful old town-One of the must visit attractions in Antalya
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2. Old Harbor

Ths picturesque stop of Antalya with bounties of boutiques, pretty cafes, bazaars and bobbing yachts will definitely be your favourite. The look-alike of this shimmering Mediterranean location with its peaceful pleasure-boat atmosphere could not be found in any other country. This place which offers the best sunset and shopping experience was once the city’s economic hub that played a key role in the trade and prosperity of the country. Catch the excursion boats to swim, sightsee, and spread out your towel on an empty beach. The Old Harbour is one of the loveliest attractions in Antalya that you should never miss.

3. Antalya Museum

Know about the country before you take-in its lustrous beauty. Unwrap the Turkish history encompassed in the Antalya Museum. The dazzling exhibits in the museum are collected from the excavation sites across the Turkish coast. Explore the large archaeological section that offers displays from the Bronze Age to Byzantium. The most important aspect is the way the displays are arranged to offer a better understanding of the visitors. Though you are in a hurry, never miss visiting the galleries having mosaics from Seleukeia, silver hoard display from Aspendos, and divinity statues from Perge.

Museum, One of the must-visit attractions in Antalya
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4. Yivli Minare

Yivli Minare built by the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad is a distinctive landmark of the city. It is a vivid example of Seljuk architecture with a square base mounted by an octagonal drum bearing the fluted shaft, with its corbelled gallery around the top. The adjacent old mosque is still in use today. Pay a visit to the Ottoman-era clock tower located opposite the minaret and the tombs nearby the tower as well.

5. Hadrian’s Gate

Visit the main and the most dramatic gateway to the Kaleiçi district. The gate is one of the iconic Hellenistic and Roman town walls that was preserved for several years. Erected in honour of Emperor Hadrian, this imposing three-arched marble gateway, with projected imposing towers, is full of rich sculptural decorations. As you walk through the arches, tilt your head up to see more spectacular sculptures on the ceiling.

The majestic Hadrian's gate
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6. Roman Fortress (Hıdırlık Kalesi)

The Roman Fortress built in the 2nd century is a 14-meter-high cylindrical tower. There’s no clue about the main function of the fortress but it is believed that it acted as a watchtower or lighthouse over the busy port below. You can visit this fortress to get the best view of the sunset and a spectacular panoramic view of the old harbour area. Escape into the park filled with beautiful flowers and soothing tranquillity. You can also explore the excellent cafes after the sightseeing tour.

7. Aspendos

Head to the most favourite spot of history buffs around the world. Aspendos is the best preserved and most-visited attractions in Antalya. Offering home to a Roman theatre, this archaeological site is a depiction of the glory days of this dazzling, ancient town during the 2nd and 3rd centuries. Visit the Aspendos which is considered as one of the iconic attractions in Antalya that will bring in front the majestic theatres and many historic ruins. 

8. Termessos

If Aspendos tops the list of attractions in Antalya for its historical ruins, Termessos beats it for its atmospheric assets. The hillside houses some of the well-preserved remains of this ancient city. You will definitely be amazed by the jaw-dropping views across the surrounding countryside. It is highly recommended to wear sturdy shoes and take plenty of water in order to explore this site completely. 

9. Perge

Stroll around the rubble-filled stadium, half-destroyed temples, and huge collonaded agora of Perge. Get lost amidst the magical environment of past glory. The ruins present here are not well-preserved as others on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast but the visitors can still explore the streets and half-collapsed temples. Interesting aspects of this place include the Roman baths, Hellenistic Gate, and Acropolis.

10. Olympos and the Chimaera

Spend some quality time stretching your leg in peace near the overgrown ruins of the ancient Lycian city of Olympos. One famous attraction that you should never miss here is the chimaera, a naturally occurring eternal flame that flickers out of the rocky cliff above. Young backpackers arrive at the Olympos to enjoy the lively nightlife and chill at the beaches of Çirali. This would be the best pick to enjoy a beach holiday away from Turkey’s purposely built-up tourist resorts.

If you are left with some more time in Antalya, do not miss visiting the Konyaalti Beach, Karst Springs, Lara Beach, Karain Cave and Phaselis. The place is full of beautiful surprises. With every attraction competing with each other in terms of beauty and grandeur, Antalya is a perfect place to spend your vacation with your loved ones. Slide into the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your vacation to Antalya with the cool Turkey tour packages available, right away!

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