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spectacular attractions in Norfolk
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Attractions In Norfolk – Picturesque Locations Clubbed With Positive Vibes

You may find several destinations with high rise structures and architectural marvels to travel. But counties like Norfolk in the United Kingdom give you a completely different feel. This article is solely for those who are looking for a unique getaway destination. Portraying ravishing beauty in all possible forms, Norfolk and its attractions truly deserve your visit. This rural county with rich farmlands, windmills and waterways will give you the best opportunity to soak up in nature. Apart from natural assets, the place is also known for its period architecture and spectacular cathedrals. In this article, let’s travel virtually to the attractions in Norfolk and enjoy the natural and man-made wonders.

Beautiful tulip farm - one of the beautiful attractions in Norfolk
Image credits: Unsplash

Attractions in Norfolk

  • Norwich
  • Great Yarmouth
  • King’s Lynn
  • The Broads
  • Cromer
  • Wroxham
  • Wymondham
  • Sheringham
  • Thetford
  • Swaffham


Norman styled buildings in Norwich
Image credits: Unsplash

The first and the best attraction that you will visit during your trip is Norwich. It is a Norman styled tremendous Cathedral which will surely make your jaws drop till the neck. Totally clad with a cream-coloured limestone from Cen, this Cathedral is a feast for the visitors’ eyes. Additionally, some gothic changes were made to the building. One of those includes the construction of the two-storey cloister. Also, try attending the informative exhibitions and shows while strolling around the banks of River Wensum.

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Great Yarmouth

Let your hair wave for the salty breeze at the Great Yarmouth. The Blackpool of Great Yarmouth is one of England’s prized possessions. The place simply lights up your vacation with all its grace and charm. Build some sandcastles and enjoy the rides and amusements here. This 17-mile shoreline with aligned architectural assets is indeed a great spot to spend your day at Norfolk.

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King’s Lynn

Head to the ancient port of King’s Lynn which was once the busiest port in England. Initially, the port was known for its trading with Hanseatic League in the Low countries and Baltic. As you stroll through the port, you will witness a series of old yet majestic buildings with eye-catchy architecture. Finally, do not miss visiting the Guildhall of St George here.

The Broads

beautiful natural assets of Norfolk
Image credits: Unsplash

Spend your summer right at the Broads, one of the beautiful attractions in Norfolk. It is a flat, low-lying area with the most attractive scenic views possible. Sit beside the lakes, rivers or the man-made waterways and stare at the wide blue sky. You can also jump into the boats, barges and canoes to take in the utmost beauty of the place. Hold the hands of your loved one and walk through the secluded woodland. As you walk, you will end up witnessing some quaint windmills where you can take amazing pictures as well.


Take a traditional tour to this Gothic church named as the Cromer. With intricate architecture and a touch of Gothic legacy, the church is indeed one of the best attractions in Norfolk. Initially, the Cromer was built as holiday homes by rich Georgians. However, in the later years, the place became a public attraction. The place is further beautified by the beach and the Victorian pier with a theatre in its premises. Conclude your day by going on a boating cum fishing expedition here.

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Best attractions in Wroxham, Norfolk
Image credits: Unsplash

Keep your cameras ready to shoot amazing pictures of the twin villages Wroxham and Hoveton. With the graceful river of Bure and the lush greeneries, the place turns into a natural paradise. Fulfil your boating and cruising desires at this beautiful network of reivers at Wroxham. You can also hire a bike and traverse through the charming woodland and open spaces. Moreover, you can break at eye-catchy pitstops and click some Insta worthy pictures b near the water bodies of Wroxham.


Wymondham is yet another delightful attraction in Norfolk. The most important highlight here is Wymondham Abbey. This epic monument is an age-old stunning gothic building. It comprises a half-timbered house with flint decoration. In addition to that, Wymondham also has a marketplace featuring the traditional cross. The significance of this cross is to keep the county’s charters and documents safe from calamities like flood and vermin.


crystal clear sea of Sheringham
Image credits: Unsplash

Indulge in an old-time maritime atmosphere and know more about fishing at Sheringham. Located on the northern coast of Norfolk, this is one of the peculiar attractions that is totally based on fishing and crabbing. Initially, the town was all about fishing and trading. However, currently, the town attracts numerous tourists every year for showcasing its maritime assets. You can visit the Mo Museum where you will get to know about the history of shipwrights and fishers of the 19th century. You will be amused to see the elephant bone dating back 1.5 million years which was found at the base of the town.


Go back to the Flintstone’s era at the town of Thetford. With every historic building made of the shiny flint, this town was initially dominated by the Celtic tribes. Visit the Ancient House Museum where you can know more about flint knapping and a hoard of Thetford treasure such as Roman gold, silver and precious stones. Also, Thetford’s flint buildings boast the pride of getting featured in the famous TV series of Dad’s Army. You can also spot the statue of the character Captain Mainwaring near the river.


Swaffham is one of the remarkable attractions in Norfolk that is located in a beautiful location. Sitting at the northern tip of the breaks, this place faced a lot of difficulties initially. Since it is an arid landscape, farming was nearly impossible here due to frequent sandstorms. However, in the later years, a new irrigation system was introduced and farming flourished again. Pay a visit to the museum in the heart of this town. It portrays the statue of Swaffham born Egyptologist who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen 1922. Also, Swaffham holds the pride of housing the world’s only wind turbine which is open to the public. Gain in-depth knowledge about renewable energy and a lot of techniques at the Green Britain Centre.

To sum up, Norfolk is a county that spreads positive vibes to its loveable visitors. The county is standing as a spectacular example to many other neighbouring counties. With rich historical marvels and natural assets, Norfolk is indeed a great choice for a perfectly unique vacation. Apart from holding the assets, the way the county works on preserving them is truly appreciable. There’s a lot of ethics and values that we should learn from the place. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to the United Kingdom right away.

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