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Mauritius Beach (Best beaches in Mauritius)
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Best Beaches In Mauritius – Visit the best of the scenic spots of Mauritius in 2024

Beaches are a place that actually heals you from inside. The fresh air that you breathe there is soo good. Your feet in the sands help you fight your stress and anxiety. The sounds of waves crashing to the shore are just too therapeutic. overall the Beach helps you overcome your self and instils a sense of calmness into you. Gives you so much peace of mind. One such places which have various beaches in its national is the Republic of Mauritius also called as Mauritius. It is an island nation that is 2000 KM away from the south-east coast of Africa. Port Louis, the largest city and the Capital, is located on the main island of Mauritius. With a coastline of 160 KM, you will find several beaches in Mauritius. Let us have a look at the list of best beaches in Mauritius.

Best Beaches in Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the sought after Honeymoon destination owing to the fact that it has numerous number of beaches to spend time in more romantically. With a coastline of 160 km, making it home to several beaches, here are the top beaches in Mauritius that is a must-visit.

Trou Aux Biches: The therapeutic White Sand Beach

This is one of the most beautiful looking beaches of Mauritius. It just captures one’s eyes so easily with its serene beauty and its picturesque locations. It is most famous for its crystal clear blue water and the pure white sand. Even viewing this beach is therapeutic to one’s soul. The beach is also famous for its stunning resorts where the tourists can stay and keep viewing the beauty of this beach. These things make it to be one of the best beaches in Mauritius.

Île Aux Cerfs: The beach with the golden sand

Want some alone time? Want to away from the major crowds? This is the beach that you will have to reach. This is one beach where there will not be any crowds and you can enjoy the Serenity in sheer quietness. Covered in golden white sands, this beach is a must-visit. You can also explore through various options of activities that you can do at the beach. Simply take the Catamaran cruises or fly high with the fun and adventurous Parasailing. The main attractions to the beach are watersports like the Banana Boat, Speed boat, Catamaran cruises, pirate boat and many more. This is at least worth visit once.

Blue Bay Beach: Sparkling water and distant shores

Blue Bay beach, located in the Grand port district in the eastern part of Mauritius, is simply amazing. The looks of the beach are simply pure and pristine. This is the perfect retreat for all the honeymoon couples. The beach with its deep azure waters and sparkling shores is just captivating. Surrounded by the Fialo trees, this place is vibrant with Vibrant people in the turquoise blue waters. Some fun adventures like fishing, diving and snorkelling can be done here. But it is majorly famous for its Yachting and windsurfing. The blend of Lush green and turquoise blue results to an exciting and a spectacular view.

Flic En Flac Beach: The lovely lagoon set up.

Found in the Rivière Noire district, This beautiful and amazingly charming beach is the longest beaches in Mauritius. The Flic en Flac beach has a beautiful lagoon with beautiful coral reefs to accompany it. You certainly can’t miss the snorkelling activity here as you should not miss out on the beautiful Coral reefs that just looks like a colour Pallette. This beach is one of the best beaches for both swimming and snorkelling. The Flic en Flac beach gives its visitors jaw-dropping Sunset views at the beach. This is certainly a beach that is not to be missed out on.

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Tamarin Beach: The blank Sand beach

Said to be the most beautiful beach of Mauritius by tourists and the localities, this beach is next to the Flic En Flac Beach. It is in the Tamarin village. A beautiful village is surrounded by hills near the Black River. This beach is also called as the “Surfers beach” and it is a perfect spot for surfing and sea-bathing. Sea lovers will fall in love with this beach complementing its black sand and strong currents. Dal and Black stone, the two points in the beach catch the attention of the surfers immediately. With serene beauty and turquoise water all around, you will also be able to see beautiful dolphins if you are lucky enough. This is a must-visit beach in Mauritius.

Anse La Raie Beach: Refreshing beauty

This is also one of the unique and wonderful beaches in Mauritius. It is unique in the way that it exhibits different shades of blue colour in the water. This is so unique as when you walk around in the serene atmosphere, you will notice the different shades of blue colours. This is one of the most refreshing places to visit with your significant half. Enjoy the views of the Sunset on a reclining back chair on the beach with a cocktail in the hand. This beach is most famous for its romantic boar ride and the adventurous Kite surfing. This beach should not be missed out at any cost.

Anse La Raie Beach
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Poudre D’or Beach: The best of nature

This beach is in Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. Visit this yet another beautiful beach in Beautiful as this is easily accessible by road. Unlike other beaches, this beach has more green than sand. Plan your scenic escape to this one hell of a beach. The key attraction of the beach is the popular monument that was constructed in the memory of friends Paul and Virginia. Do to miss out on the experience. This will be one of the top beaches to visit while visiting Mauritius with our Mauritius honeymoon package.

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The beautiful Poudre D’or Beach
Image credits: Google Images

These are the top Best beaches in Mauritius that you will be looking for. These beaches bring in some sense of calmness when you visit it. Help yourself create your own itinerary with the Pickyourtrail website to Mauritius. With the help of a travel expert, add the Must do activities in Mauritius to get the best Mauritius tour packages on best deals.

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