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Germany in June
Written by Shrinidhi H on May 26, 2022 Share on

Germany in June – Weather, Top 6 Places to Visit and Important Events

June is a fantastic month to visit Germany, with pleasant weather and the longest days of the year, giving you more time to see the sights and enjoy the countryside, which includes mountains, rivers, woods, and lakes. Summer tourists start to arrive this month, but you’ll still be ahead of the throng in the first half of the month. Scroll down to know more about Germany in June before booking Germany packages!

Weather in Germany in June

June is a sunny month in Germany with fresh greenery, sunshine and long hours of sunlight. For example, the summer solstice is the longest day of the year, with more than 16 hours of sunlight, early sunrise (before 5 am), and late sunset (after 9 pm).  As April approaches summer, temperatures and humidity are expected to rise especially in the southwest.  Berlin, the capital of the country, has an average daily maximum temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and a minimum daily temperature of 12 degrees Celsius. Frankfurt is the warmest city in Germany with an average daily maximum temperature of 24°C and an average daily minimum temperature of 14°C.

Bavarian Alps cities like Garmisch-Partenkirchen will feel a little cool, especially near Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak at 2,962 meters above sea level.  Bring your spring jacket and some light layers early in the morning and late at night wherever you go. Also, pack your raincoat and umbrella for the intermittent downpour, where the sun often dries quickly. You can also bring sunscreen for sightseeing and outdoor adventures.

Top 6 places to visit in Germany in June

1. Brandenburg Gate

If you’re wondering what to see in Germany, we recommend starting at Berlin’s historic Brandenburg Gate. The sandstone monument is built-in 1791 and modelled after the Acropolis of Athens. This 18th-century neoclassical monument provides a wonderful background for photography. Add it to the list of places to visit in Germany. 

Germany in June
Source: Unsplash

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2. Museum Island

Berlin is arguably one of the best places in Germany. And among its many treasures, is the infamous Museum Island, also known as Museumsinsel. This pedestrian-friendly district is one of the best places to visit in Germany.

Germany in June
Source: Unsplash

3. The Berlin Wall

Without visiting The Berlin Wall, The list of German attractions is incomplete. Among the most popular German tourist attractions, some sections of the Berlin Wall are well preserved and some are covered with colourful graffiti. See also the Berlin Wall Exhibition and the Berlin War Memorial. 

berlin wall
Source: Unsplash

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4. Cologne Cathedral

A masterpiece of Gothic architecture, Cologne Cathedral is one of Germany’s top attractions. It is one of the largest Catholic churches in Europe with an area of ​​6,166 square meters and 56 huge pillars. The 56 pillars around it further admire the splendour of the place. The panoramic view from the South Tower further emphasizes the importance of the site. The interior features stunning gold artwork and 12th-century stained glass windows.

Cologne Cathedral
Source: Unsplash

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5. The Rhine

This famous place is also known as the Rhine Valley. It is Europe’s most important and beautiful spot among all of Germany’s attractions. The Rhine flows through Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. There are about 60 medieval towns and 40 castles along the river which must be explored.

Rhine valley
Source: Unsplash

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6. St. Michael’s Church

The Baroque church was built in 1762. It is one of the most famous churches in Hamburg. The church has a 132-meter high tower that can be reached by elevator. There is also an observatory at the top, which offers spectacular views of the city. This is a must-see when visiting Hamburg. Hamburg is one of the city’s most important landmarks and one of Germany’s most beautiful churches, perfect to explore on Germany honeymoon packages.

Source: Unsplash

Events in Germany in June

  1. Mozart Festival Würzburg 

This annual four-week event (end of May to end of June) is Germany’s oldest Mozart Festival. You can enjoy the events that take place in the buildings and gardens of the Würzburg House. It is registered with UNESCO. 

2. Leipzigbach Music Festival

The city of Leipzig featured in this article hosts the annual Bach Festival in June. The festival celebrates where the composer wrote most of his work. 

3. Handel Music Festival, Halle

You can visit the birthplace of the composer George Frideric Handel and hold an annual festival in June. At this festival, international musicians play their music in honour of the German composer. 

4. Kiel Week, Kiel

Kiel Regatta is an annual event in June that attracts international audiences and is Europe’s largest sailing event. 

5. Cultural Carnival, Berlin

The cultural carnival takes place in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Early in June, this multicultural street celebration will take place (Pentecost weekend). It comprises lots of parades, performances and music events.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Germany in June

1. Is the trip to Germany expensive?

Calculating the total cost, Germany is not an expensive travel destination. But when you decide to cruise, your budget can exceed your expectations. Even if you want to travel on a budget, you have to do a lot in Germany.

2. Which is the cheapest city in Germany?  

One of the cheapest cities in Germany in Leipzig, where you can pay the minimum rent for an apartment. Apart from that, Bochum, Jena, Siegen and Kiel are some of the other cities where you can live on a tight budget.

3. Is it safe to visit Germany during the Covid? 

The German government recently issued a notice stating that all restrictions imposed to contain the Covid epidemic have been lifted. However, you must take the Covid test 24 hours before departure. No quarantine and Covid testing are required as the restrictions have already been lifted on arrival. 

4. Is life expensive in Germany? 

Compared to other European countries, Germany is not an expensive place to live. Living expenses in Germany usually cost around 850 euros a month and can be managed by most people.

5. What should I pack for Germany in June trip?

Pack lightweight and comfortable clothing suitable for warm weather, along with some layers for cooler evenings.

In Germany, there is no shortage of sites to visit. This country offers it all, from breathtaking scenery to delightful attractions. So, what do you have to lose? On a bespoke trip to Germany with your loved ones, you can see it all. There are several options for your Germany packages at affordable rates in Pickyourtrail. So, book your personalised Germany holiday packages today!

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