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View of Water Villas
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Southernmost inhabited island of Feydhoo, Maldives

Lying in the southern province of the Maldives, Feydhoo is one of the archipelago’s inhabited islands and abounds in flora and fauna. The people who reside here have been formerly of Gan. While it is not as fertile as Gan, Feydhoo Island is luxurious with wealthy timber, green vegetation and beaches that captivate the soul. The leafy streets that line the tight-knit housing blocks are testimony to the unique culture, history and natural vegetation of Feydhoo Island. The neighbouring island Maradhoo in conjunction with Feydhoo, and some smaller islands among them, form the Maradhoo-Feydhoo district considering that they both share the same natural island. Feydhoo Island is home to a cute mixture of laid-back lifestyles, semi-urbanization and tourism, all wrapped into one pleasant conglomeration.

Geography and Ecology of Feydhoo

Feydhoo Island covers an area of 49 hectares and is about 537 kilometres away from Malé, the Maldivian capital. It lies 5m above sea level and enjoys a pleasing climate. Feydhoo is rich in natural beauty and abounds with greenery that blends beautifully with its ceaseless seashores. The exceptional time to visit Feydhoo is between December and April. During this period the weather is dry with very little rain, making it ideal for tourists. Winding walkways are aplenty on this island, and so are amusing sports including snorkelling, diving and fishing. Cycling is another less adventurous option to explore the island.

The Gan international airport is just 4 km away from Feydhoo and is shared by this island in addition to others within the district. Tourism is one of the mainstays of Feydhoo Island, with many visitor homes and holiday homes dotting the island. White sand-crowned streets dotted with coconut and palm trees maintain the island cool even on sunny days, portray a clearly pretty photograph of Maldivian lifestyles. It is certainly one such vicinity that offers an awesome holiday experience to the tourists. Travellers will without a doubt bring some top-notch reminiscences back after visiting Feydhoo Island in the Maldives.

How to reach Feydhoo island?

Some islands in Maldives suit in thoroughly in each backpacker’s bucket listing. The Addu Atoll, nicely-known as Seenu, promises to be an important place within the quest for luxury. Its tricky geography makes the experience quite exciting. One of the popular islands out of the six gifts at the western cease of the Addu Atoll is the Feydhoo Island. The island of Gan promises one of the most excellent rides in the complete Maldives. The path that links to the six islands has its port Feydhoo in the southwestern give up of the atoll. This is known as the Gan-facet. Passing through the conventional villages of Gan you input the Feydhoo Island. It is a simple bicycle ride across the bridge. You can take a moped or just hitch a trip with the locals. The coastal path that stretches up to 16 km or so is sincerely breathtaking. This could be noted down for your diary as a dream trip for positive. You will find a few inland routes through every island, but the coastal direction is the fastest route. If you wish to explore, taking over inland routes depends on your convenience. You can find roadside carts to make some mango, coconut purchasing en route.

Fishing boats can be seen leaving the Meedhoo harbour at 7 AM. Typically, you want 75 USD to hire a speedboat. Regular buses are available that connect the airport and the Equator village hotel through the Feydhoo island. The inhabited islands gift in the Geographic Atoll of Addu is an ought to go to for the coconut fingers, yam and breadfruit trees.

Cycling on Feydhoo
Cycling along the seashore with your loved ones, Credits: Unsplash

Must-do things in Feydhoo island

  • Visit Koattey Magu/Eedhigali Kilhi. Located in the northern portion of Feydhoo island- there are a couple of nice walking/cycling trails under huge coconut trees and cherish them.
  • Take an island excursion tour to Hulhumeedhoo island and explore its beautiful white-sandy beaches. You have about 2 scheduled rides per day between the two islands and the timings vary as per the day of the week. It costs around 55 MVR one way for speed boat and 25 MVR for the normal boat.
  • Enjoy the sunset and sunrise at the island: A nice viewpoint by the beach will be just a walking distance away irrespective of where you are staying.
  • Take a scenic bus ride on the island and it might take you an hour to complete the same. It will cost you around 20-30 MVR for a public bus ride.
  • Hunt for perfect Instagram-able frames: You will locate plenty of spots that provide great images- ocean as far as your eyes can reach, tall coconut timber, bridges, ocean with converting shades and so forth. So the best place to try your photography skills and to be photographed.
  • Rent a cycle and explore the island which is just 16 km(From the airport until Sanam café in the north) and it costs around $3 USD per cycle.
  • Sip a tender coconut and relax by the ocean: You have wonderful seating arrangements and it costs you around 10 MVR/ coconut. Enjoy the healthy drink along its seashore and maybe read a book and chill.

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