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Lake Geneva In Switzerland

Lake Geneva holds its own place in the visitor’s heart once it is visited. Perhaps it is because of the early morning sunshine shimmering over the lake or the pleasant evening sun rays making the lake shine a bit brighter. All you have to do is to take a deep breath and bid goodbye to your stresses. One can say that nature does its own magic at lake Geneva due to its unique formation due to various natural forces such as sedimentation, erosion and tectonic folding. It is basically called with three different names depending on their characteristics. The upper lake is called Haut Lac, the largest lake is called Grand Lac (Large Lake) and the smallest one is called Petite Lake (Small Lake). This is also one of the very few lakes which are shared between two countries i.e France and Switzerland which also happens to be one of the largest lakes in Western Europe. This lake is spread across 580 km² in area and 73kms in length.


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Considering the location of this crescent-shaped lake which is between the Alps mountains the temperature around the lake is usually low and sometimes it goes way below minus degrees so it is always advisable to carry warm clothes especially during the winter and during the summer the temperature averages around 28-30 degrees which is just perfect for an outing in Switzerland.

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Things To Do at Lake Geneva

Adventure activities: One can have a bird’s view of the lake and at the same time admire the beauty of alps next to it. Ziplining, hot air balloons, parasailing, and water recreation sports are the few activities that can pump up your adrenaline amidst the serene scenery that the lake has to offer.

Golfing: The green patch around the lake just creates a perfect spot for golfers to swing their golf sticks and get it going.

Ice Skating and Ice fishing: Winters are the best time to do these activities around this lake. If you get lucky you can make your dinner with the fresh fishes that you catch.

Vine & Dine: Wanting to gulp different wines at one place then you can go on a comfortable eco-friendly E-bike tour with a professional guide to these vineyards and spend a good couple of hours.

Hiking & Biking:  If you want to stroll or explore the wilderness of this place on your own, simply grab a scooter on rent and start exploring at your pace.

Lake cruise: There are a plethora of options one can choose if they are wanting a cruise trip.


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