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Discover the Sunny Side of Mauritius: Must-Try Experiences Await!

The sunny side of life is always up here. Don’t trust us? These top things to do in Mauritius will have you not just convinced but longing for a Mauritius vacation of your own. And if you’re confused about where to go amid the COVID-19 situation, Mauritius is a safe and good choice. Also with the visa hassle out of the picture, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be ‘tripping’ in Mauritius right now:) Yes, you don’t need a visa to visit Mauritius! Book your trips today at Mauritius travel packages

10 Incredible things to do in Mauritius

1. Island hopping

Like all brilliant archipelagos, beauty is divided into bite-sized islands so you aren’t too overwhelmed. How considerate, Mauritius, how considerate. Definitely one of the top things to do in Mauritius is to cross the ocean to these islands and spend some quality time here:

  • Ile aux Cerfs Island
Iles Aux Cerfs

Named after the deer that once inhabited the island, this privately owned region is 100 acres of smooth beach sands and magical lagoons. One dip into the ocean followed by a sunbathing session is enough to get you hooked.

For the adventurous lot, the lagoons of Ile aux Cerfs make it a perfect place to swim, snorkel and venture into water sports like water skiing.

Get on a boat and travel east from the Mauritius mainland. Don’t stop until you see paradise.

  • Ile des Deux Cocos
Ile des Deux Cocos

A beautiful resort island that lies on the southeast coast of Mauritius, this private island is best to unwind and relax on. Literally translating to the ‘island of coconuts’, Ile des Deux Cocos packs a lot more than coconut groves. With the island being located on the Blue Bay Maritime Reserve, it’s a perfect place to go swimming, snorkelling and take a glass-bottom boat trip.

2. Sugar World Museum 

09:00 – 17:00

Sugar World Museum

Sugar is to Mauritius as gold was once to California. And there’s no better place to hear all about it than at Sugar Adventure. Tour the 250-year-old Sugar Museum and take in the fascinating display of decade-old machines, the intertwined history of sugar and Mauritius.

End the tour on a delightful note as you pull your goblets out for a sugar and rum tasting. The museum is open on all days except between 24th December & 2nd January.

3. Quad Biking at Frédérica Nature Reserve

Quad biking

Explore on a quad bike, the wonderland of landscapes that Frédérica Nature Reserve is across the many mountains, plains and ethereal waterfalls. There’s nothing like racing away across a rocky terrain, flat lands, ruins of a sugar factory while passing by exotic flora and fauna of Mauritius. Up the adventure quotient of your Mauritian holiday with this experience.

4. Casela Nature Park

Casela World of Adventures

Located on the western coast of Mauritius, Casela Nature Park is a bird sanctuary-turned-adventure park. From safaris where you get to meet the Big Cats to swimming with the dolphins at dawn to meeting-and-greeting (probably even feeding) giraffes, a cute pygmy hippo; a day here is truly a never-ending adventure.

If you want to shake things up a bit on your Mauritius holiday, grab a toboggan to enjoy your sleigh ride or zipline through the jungles a la Tarzan style.

5. Explore the Indian Ocean

Blue Safari Submarine

If you thought a glass-bottomed boat ride was the closest you were going to get to the spectacular ocean in Mauritius, you thought wrong. Hop into a submarine, instead. The Blue Safari Submarine will take you to a depth of 35 metres. As you observe the colourful variety of fish, you are lost in awe of the beautiful network of coral reefs you pass by.

Get clicking (with flash turned off) and take some vivid pictures of the Mauritian underwater world back home.

6. Sea-walking

Seawalking in Mauritius

Love the water but unsure of taking a dive or snorkelling? Here’s your middle ground, folks. Helmets on and fear out, you can now walk the seabed and explore the underwater world of Mauritius.

Underwater Sea-walking lets you walk across corals on the ocean bed while looking in awe at the spectacular diversity of fish you encounter. This is one of the top things to do in Mauritius to make your experience near-magical.

7. Domaine de L’Etoile

Domaine de L’Etoile

Craving a day away from the beach sand and the beautiful ocean? Domaine de L’Etoile is like a scene from A Perfect Getaway minus the thrills. The biggest natural reserve in Mauritius, Le Domaine spans 1200 hectares with wild native forests and thick foliage.

From Quad biking to buggy rides to hiking, horse riding and zip lining; up your adrenaline drive here while you aren’t unwinding near a pond or under a tree kick.

Explore the wild side with TerrOcean.

8. Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne Brabant

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Brabant is a basaltic monolith located on the Le Morne peninsula. Known for its micro-climate, it’s situated 556 metres above sea level at the southwestern tip of Mauritius. One of the best things to do here on your Mauritius holiday would be to take a hike – moderately difficult – and catch views of the sprawling Indian ocean once on the top.

A little further from here you’ll find an illusion of an underwater waterfall – thanks to all the silt and sand deposits here.

9. Crystal Rock

Crystal Rock

A boat ride away from the Ile Aux Benitiers island, the Crystal Rock is for those who’d pick an adventurous afternoon over a lazy one. The Crystal Rock is a natural formation off the shore of La Morne, providing a spectacular view of the La Morne Mountain.

This is a great place to swim with the dolphins, go snorkelling and explore the marine life underwater. For those looking to fill up your galleries, here’s a spot to take that envious picture on your Mauritius vacation.

10. Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth

Seven Coloured Earth in Chamarel

Nature is the best artist out there. Don’t believe us? Find one of its masterpieces in Mauritius at the village of Chamarel: the Seven Coloured Earth. Sand dunes painted in shades of yellow, cyan, purple and blue; this fascinating display of colours will drown your senses and trip you out. Gawk away, folks!

Get here: Hire a taxi or take the bus no. 45 from St. Louis Pier

Ready to deep dive into all these top things to do in Mauritius?

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