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italy beach holidays
Written by Akshaya Seshadri on February 20, 2018 Share on

Remember the best – beach holidays in Italy

“To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to truly embrace your solitude”. That’s how much we all enjoy chilling out in this sandy paradise which goes by the name *BEACH*. From concealed bays to all-time live seashores, Italy has many beaches where you can sit and sing summer ballads. Bringing out the top places to make your beach holidays in Italy a memorable one. Panic less because we are here to satisfy your needs! 

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1. Amalfi Coast

amalfi coast,italy beach holidays
Image credit – pixabay

One look at the Amalfi Coast and you will find it tough to digest the fact you’re on the earth and not heaven!  That’s the kind of magical effect this tantalizing Italian coastline stretch will have on you.  Covering close to 34 miles of terrain, the Amalfi coast is located in the Campania region, Italy. You get to witness the vibrant colours of mini towns which are on the sides of the bluish turquoise waters. 

Renowned beaches at Amalfi Coast:  Amalfi’s Spiaggia Grande & Atrani beach

2. Capo Graziano

 Capo Graziano,italy beach holidays
Image credit – pixabay

Volcanic stones, huge rocks and the underwater wrecks of Roman and Greek ships. That’s Capo Graziano for you fellas! Swim your way back to the Bronze Age where this beach was initially discovered. You have the rocky covers and amphorae – ceramics on the coastal side of this beach. You can also check out this tiny village on the back of Cape Graziano which had been set-up during the Bronze Age. As you go deeper and deeper try to blink a bit, as you’ll be mesmerized looking at the gorgeous archaeological area that belongs to the Aeolian Islands. What’s also active here? Not taking much of your time to guess, we are indeed talking about the archaeological museum. So get your swim kits all ready to hit this buzzed spot during your beach holidays in Italy.

 Capo Graziano,italy beach holidays
Image credit – pixabay

Renowned beaches at Capo Graziano: Capo Graziano di Filicudi beach

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3. Italian Riviera

Italian Riviera,italy beach holidays
Image credit – pixabay

Flock to the Italian Riviera for some quality hiking and sunbathing at the beach. Lying close to the Ligurian sea, the stretch of Italian Riviera is from the Italian-French border to the Tuscan border. You have the Cinque Terre region in the middle featuring 5 small villages along the coastline. Take out your chair, umbrella and sunscreen cream! A dosage of fantastic seaside scenery, a melange of colours for the town walls and some excellent cuisine! Italian Riviera, your all-in-all beach to go for a reason! Into adventurous activities? You would love this!

Renowned beaches at Italian Riviera: San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte & Santa Chiara beach

4. Punta Ala

punta-ala-grosseto,italy beach holidays
Image credit – pixabay

This Tuscan coast is a good blend of wild empty dunes and fancy harbours. Now don’t start planning your parties already because the awesomeness of this Tuscan coast doesn’t end here! In the Argentario arena, you have this beautiful town of Punta Ala. Just two hours away from Florence, take a deep breathe and get the Pine tree scents along the shore. As you inch closer to the beach side of Punta Ala, the smell of damp with humus will definitely bring back nostalgic feels of the French Riviera. A bit of strolling along the harbour area will give you a good view of the racer sailboats. Make the best of the well-maintained lawn to while away your time throughout the day. Tempted much?

punta-ala-grosseto,italy beach holidays
Image credit – giphy

Renowned beaches at Punta Ala: Spiaggia di Casetta Civinini & Bagno Punta Hidalgo beach

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5. Polignano de Mare

Polignano de Mare,italy beach holidays
Image credit – giphy

The perfect place to add multiple posts to your Instagram profile, Polignano de Mare in Italy’s has some pretty cool charming sand dunes and coastal areas. This place can be best described as a gem amidst the coastal areas of Valle d’Itria. Perched on top of a cliff above waters of Adriatic region, you just can’t get enough of this enchanting beach area! A pair of sunglasses, please?

Renowned beaches at Polignano de Mare: Cala Paura & Cala Porto beach

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