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Written by Swathi on September 23, 2020 Share on

Thailand will welcome tourists in October if you follow this long list of rules

Did you travel plans to Bangkok go down the drain this year? Well, you’re not alone. 2020 has been a life-changing year for many and has gone down in history. But here’s a chance for you to revive those plans. The Thailand government has decided to allow tourists from October if they comply with a long set of protocols. With the country depending heavily on tourism, this will surely be a welcome change. Let’s take a look at what rules you’ll have to follow if you’re planning on visiting Thailand in the near future.

Plan of action

Visa documents
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The government is planning to take in the tourist capacity of Thailand in full by levying a set Standard Operating Procedure (SOP.) Special tourist visas will be granted which will be valid for a longer period of time when compared to before. Thailand tour packages will be crafted in such a way that tourists spend as much time as possible in the country with no worry of catching the virus.

Officials will require you to submit a set of documents comprising of a COVID negative certificate, booking details of a chartered flight, travel and health insurance, post and prepayment for quarantine in Thailand. The tourist visa under special circumstances will be granted only after all of these documents are in order. The Council and Foreign Ministry of Thailand will then have to approve it for other formalities to take place.

The impact

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Although everything seems to be well planned out, it can get a little expensive for you. The mandatory 14-day quarantine when you arrive in Bangkok will have to be born out of your own pocket. In addition to this, you have to undergo home Quarantine before you visit Thailand. Similar to how you would apply for a visa, you will have to present bank statements showcasing that you have sufficient money in your bank. The special tourist visa which will be granted by the Thailand government will be valid for 90 days.

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If you are willing to shell out enough money for your Thailand vacation and do not have a problem with arranging the various documents, you are good to go. The approval of visa and documents by the Council remains, and this will happen instantly if everything is in order. It might seem a herculean task at first. But if done systematically, you are sure to experience that dream Thai holiday very soon. The government is also making all efforts to ensure that the economy is up and running with safe travel.


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