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House boat in the Oriental village
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The Oriental Village- Quaint Yet Modern

There’s always a beauty about arriving in new cities, wandering in busy streets full of new people and trying out the local cuisines. One such place is this town in Malaysia. Oriental Village is a Pot-Puri of art galleries, restaurants, souvenir shops, cable car and sky bridge. It is situated on the west of Langkawi at a distance of approximately 21.5 km. The village stands strong not only as a tourist place but also a space that offers everything at one point. It is a themed open-air complex adorned by a huge lake in the centre. The Oriental Village is a must-visit place in Langkawi when you are travelling in groups.

Scenic beauty of the oriental village
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The village is usually busy and happening with visitors. As the place is bustling with tourists round the clock, it is recommended to visit during the morning. Fill your baskets by collecting souvenirs since the local shops are filled with antiques and eccentric collectables. Your visit to the Oriental village tour is incomplete without a cable car ride and Sky Bridge walk. These two are the mandatory attractions to try when you are in Langkawi which has more to offer than just beaches.

Cable Car Ride

You can never skip the Cable Car Ride when you are in the Oriental city. Commonly known as Langkawi cable car or Langkawi Skycab, this is one of the prominent and famous attractions of the Langkawi tour. It takes you to many iconic places which include the majestic Gunung Machinchang mountain peak. It is recommended to walk the Sky Bridge from this peak. Throughout the journey, you will be mesmerised by the awe-inspiring beauty of the mountains and nearby vistas. When you are travelling with your friends and family, there couldn’t be a better pick than the Cable car ride in the Oriental Village.

Cable car in the Oriental Village
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Sky Bridge

The Sky Bridge is another alluring activity that you can opt during the Oriental Village tour. It is a 125-meter long bridge that was constructed in the year 2005. This curved pedestrian bridge is built with an elevation of 660 meters above sea level. Situated atop Gunung Manchinchang, this bridge has always been the favourite attraction for tourists around the world. The place gained its popularity because of its breathtaking views and architecture. Your visit to Malaysia will not be complete if you miss visiting the Sky Bridge. It is located far away from the bustling city square. So a visit to the Sky Bridge will definitely be an adventurous escapade on your trip to Malaysia

Sky Bridge in the Oriental Village
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Go on a shopping spree and explore the wide range of souvenir stores and handicraft shops. The prices of souvenirs are reasonable. But never forget bargaining to get better rates. Get the famous pretty batik print beachwear that can only be found in the Oriental Village. Be sure to try the outdoor shops before venturing the permanent shops. The outdoor kiosks always have better discounts with owners more than happy to negotiate. 

Pack your bags and get ready to explore a mixed bag of sightseeing, adventure and shopping. The Oriental Village is full of surprises and enjoyment. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your family trip to Langkawi in Malaysia. Don’t forget to check out the various deals and tour packages available for your next trip to Malaysia. Happy Travelling!