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Things to Do in Santorini
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on October 30, 2020 Share on

7 Best Things to Do in Santorini Greece – The Land of Gorgeous Sunsets

Santorini (or Thira) is a crescent-shaped island which is considered as the precious gem of the Aegean. Also, it is one of the most iconic and scenic Greek islands to visit in the world. As soon as you land here, there are so many amazing and great things to do in Santorini that will make you fall in love with this gorgeous island. Especially with all those cave-like hotels mesmerising sunsets from Oia, crumbly cliffs and the unforgettable cheeky donkeys are the things that honestly make Santorini a beautiful island to visit. It is hard to believe that the whole complex of Santorini island is an active volcano.

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As a result of intensive volcanic activity and eruptions is the reason how the Santorini came into existence. It is known as the supermodel of the Greek islands. And it is very surprising to know that the island features on so many travellers bucket lists. Excited about Santorini? Well, here is a list of things to do in Santorini given below.

7 Best Things to do in Santorini

  • Black Sand beaches of Kamari & Perissa
  • Lighthouse of Akrotiri
  • Visit a volcano at Nea Kameni
  • Bath in Hot Springs at Palea Kameni
  • Caldera from Cable Car
  • Stay In Exotic Windmill Villas
  • Wine tour of Santorini

1. Black Sand beaches of Kamari & Perissa

Black Sand beaches of Kamari & Perissa, Best Things to do in Santorini
Image credits: Unsplash

With modest black sand and crystalline waters. Perissa is a beautiful beach and with no doubts, relaxing by this beach it is one of the best things to do in Santorini. Mesa Vouno, the enormous black rock that rises from the sea and gets enchanted when it shines at night. You can also plan for an excursion to ancient ruins of Thera on donkeys. 

Kamari beach is extremely attractive and also offers a variety of water sport adventures. Located at a distance of just 10 km from the island’s capital, Fira. You can take a nice sunbath by enjoying the beautiful view of Kamari beach. Or if you love to go for a nice walk, then enjoy walking under a starry sky along the waterfront. 

Just a 4 km drive from the Santorini National Airport, you can reach Santorini Kamari and Perissa beaches. There are various private taxis, minivans or express shuttles that are available for travellers to reach these beautiful beaches. Pretty cool, huh? Experience these breathtaking crystalline water only on your next Santorini holiday packages.

2. Lighthouse of Akrotiri

Lighthouse of Akrotiri, Best Things to do in Santorini
Image Source: Unsplash

Located in Santorini, Akrotiri is a lovely and tranquil village. Gracefully standing on the edge of a cliff above the sea, this lighthouse is an admirable building with whitewashed walls. It is considered to be one of the best and most beautiful lighthouses of Santorini making a visit to the lighthouse one of the best things to do in Santorini.

The best time to visit this lighthouse is in the evening before sunset. From the excellent sunset-watching spot, you can watch the warm light of sunset fill the Akrotiri lighthouse. This is the best visual treat you can get.

By travelling a distance of only 13 km from Thira you can reach the Akrotiri village. The lighthouse is also easily accessible by road from the village. You can find cars or private taxis that will take you to the lighthouse from the village. Want a fun-filled ride to the lighthouse? Enjoy a donkey ride to the lighthouse.

3. Visit a volcano at Nea Kameni

For travellers who visit Santorini island, the important thing that comes under the list of best things to do in Santorini is Nea Kameni Volcanoes. Its islands of black lava, its wild scenery and healing hot springs add beauty to this place. By taking a dip in the yellow hot healing springs which is fully characterised by sulphur for its therapeutic purposes.

You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Caldera and young islets which overlooks an amazing coloured sunset. The Palea Kameni, which is one of the oldest volcanoes in the world is located here and you can also take a walk towards it. Discovering the incredible volcano’s crater and magical openings bursting with sulphur steam is the best thing to do in Nea Kameni. Well, this place truly deserves a visit, right?

4. Bath in Hot Springs at Palea Kameni 

The hot springs in Palea Kameni are characterized by amazing therapeutic purposes. You can find this hot spring on the tiny, uninhabited island of Palea Kameni. Amidst the smoking craters, you can enjoy taking a dip in the sulphur-rich yellow waters, which is one of the best things to do in Santorini. 

During ancient times, the biggest volcanic eruptions happened and the Palea Kameni hot springs were formed. It is believed that these shallow orange streaked waters have healing properties for the skin and it also softens the skin.

5. Caldera from Cable Car

Caldera from Cable Car, Best Things to do in Santorini
Image Source: Unsplash

By taking a ride on a cable car, you have the chance to enjoy the aerial view of the beautiful town of Fira. To make your Santorini vacation packages unforgettable, you need to go up to an altitude of 220 meters where you get a unique and beautiful view of the island. A cable car ride is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Santorini on your trip to Greece.

If you are visiting Santorini, Greece then never miss out to take a ride on the cable car. Starting from 6:30 am in summers and 7:30 am in winters, the cable cars run every 20 minutes. It is located in Gondola list station in Fira, Thera, Greece. By paying 5 euros per person you can hire a cable car. 

6. Stay In Exotic Windmill Villas

Stay In Exotic Windmill Villas, Things to Do in Santorini
Image credits: Unsplash

For experiencing a complete 360-degree view of the rustic island of Santorini, you must visit the traditional and unique windmill villas that are located at the top of the caldera cliff. The redesigned traditional windmills with a rustic thatched roof give you a feel of the real Santorini and are one of the best things to do in Santorini.

From the terrace of these exotic windmill villa, you can enjoy the mesmerising view of the dormant volcanoes, the magical sunset, the breathtaking village of Oia and the cosmopolitan centre of Fira. Amazing, right?

7. Wine tour of Santorini

Wine tour of Santorini, Best Things to do in Santorini
Image credits: Unsplash

One of the top and important things to do in Santorini, Greece is Wine adventure. Moving between the distinct wineries on the beautiful countryside you will experience an unforgettable journey. While going through this unique wine tasting journey in family-owned wine cellars and traditional wineries, you will have the opportunity to make some beautiful memories.

Sipping crisp wines and spending your afternoon along with some local cheese and snacks from the vineyards that are oldest in Europe. To explore the food, culture and wine of Santorini and Greece, Santorini tourism has specially designed and organised these wine tours for travellers and tourists on your Santorini tour packages.

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