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Things to Do in Nafplio
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on August 9, 2020 Share on

Top 5 Things to Do in Nafplio On Your Greece Vacation in 2024

The beautiful town of Nafplio is located on the Saronic Gulf in Greece. It is referred to as one of the most romantic destinations in Southeastern Europe. Nafplio was the original capital of the modern State of Greece which owns stunning Ottoman structures and Venetian architecture. Above all, town is located just a two hours drive from Athens. It is a beautiful and romantic getaway perfect for a Honeymoon vacation. We present you the top things to do in Nafplio.

Nafplio Greece
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5 Things to Do in Nafplio Greece

  • Travel through the Greek History
  • Tour the nearby regions of Nafplio in comfort
  • Heavenly walk in the streets of Nafplio
  • Visit the iconic places in the town
  • Fill your tummy with yummy food

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1. Travel through the Greek History

The Archaeological Museum in Nafplio is located in a magnificent Venetian building on Syntagma Square and is one of the top things to do in Nafplio. You can spot the old vestiges of the Paleolithic Era in the permanent exhibitions. The exhibits also include figurines, clothing, jewellery, ceramics, sculptures and rare artefacts which are from the Neolithic Period. It is open every day from morning 8:30 am till 3:30 pm except on Tuesdays.

2. Tour the nearby regions of Nafplio in comfort

If you would like to explore more archaeological sites in Peloponnese, its convenient location on the Saronic Gulf makes Nafplio a perfect place to travel. Just a few minutes drive from the scenic town of Nafplio you can visit the theatre of Epidaurus and some of the ancient cities like Tyrins, Mycenae and Corinth, one of the best things to do in Nafplio.

If you are a wine lover then you will get a chance to taste the wine from a wine-producing factory. Wanna know about wine production? Head to the factories and learn more. There are several experiences similar to this. In conclusion, you can take a day-long trip to these nearby regions and enjoy your holiday.

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3. Heavenly walk in the streets of Nafplio

If you are a walking enthusiast, then Nafplio is the place. Roam around the streets and visit these adorable squares. Pose before the beautiful and attractive neoclassical mansions. Above all, get mesmerised in the beauty of the Old Town.

Streets of Nafplio
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4. Visit the iconic places in the town

When you are planning to visit Nafplio by summer then you have made the right decision. Because, you will find everything that is needed for your perfect summer vacation. You can find some scenic restaurants and cafés which offer delicious and authentic food. Some of these cafés are located close to beaches and few are located in the dynamic town centres. 

Stroll along the waterfront places specially intended for walking. You can take a trip across the sequence of beaches which includes Neraki, Krathona and Arvanitia, one of the best things to do in Nafplio. But if you are looking to relax a bit in a more silent place, Kastraki which is surely the place to be.

5. Fill your tummy with yummy food

Just like anywhere else in the part of Greece, Nafplio offers quaint tavernas and some tasty food serving restaurants. Have a good time enjoying the classic Greek gastronomy or Mediterranean dishes which are innovative and delicious. Whether you are in New Town or wandering in the Old Town, food choices can never go wrong. Because both corners offer the best food experiences that will satisfy your taste buds. 

soul comforting food
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Filled with lovely places to visit and things to do in Nafplio, it is surely a must-visit destination. Planning your honeymoon to Greece with Pickyourtrail. Check out the various Greece packages from India. Unhappy selecting packaged vacation, customise your own trip as you want.


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