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Things to Do in Kos Greece
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9 Best Things To Do In Kos Greece On Your Vacation in 2024

Kos is located in the middle of the Dodecanese region of Greece and is one of the most famous islands in Greece. Sandy beaches and rich heritage, along with vibrant nightlife, are the two main attractions of Kos. There are other popular sightseeing trips on the island. This includes the spectacular Asclepius Sanctuary (Asklepieion), the Ancient Agora, the Kos City Venetian Castle and the Antimachia Fortress. Zia is a picturesque village to visit in Kos while Thermes, Paradise, Mastichari and Agios Stefanos are beautiful beaches. Windsurfing and diving are popular activities in Kos. Visitors do have the ability to take a boat ride from Kos Town to Turkey’s Bodrum tourism resort. Here’s a list of the best things to do in Kos for you to choose the ones you want to experience!

9 Best Things to Do in Kos Greece

  • The Asklepieion
  • Kastri Island
  • Ancient Agora
  • Casa Romana
  • Palio Pili
  • Agios Stefanos Beach
  • Roman Odeon
  • Tigaki beach
  • Castle of Antimachcia

1. The Asklepieion

The Asklepieion is an old medicine centre near Platani in the south of Kos Town and one of the best things to do in Kos if you want to explore the long history of the island. Today, since the 3rd century BC the centre has been in operation and is undoubtedly one of the most significant and popular sights on the island. In honour of Asklepios, this centre devoted to the god of health and medicine has doctors.

2. Kastri Island

Kastri Island in Kos, Things to Do in Kos
Image Credits: Google Images

Kastri Island is just about 150-200 meters from the Kos coast, but it feels like a million miles away. This beautiful little island has just a small little church which you can see from Kefalos. You can even see lots of people swimming over to the island because it is so close to the shore.

3. Ancient Agora

Ancient Kos’ economic and social spirit, the Agora is next to the harbour, a few doors away from Castle Nerantzia is one of the best things to do in Kos. One of the oldest Agoras in Greece, first laid out in the 4th century BC and following several earthquakes. After which the houses and sanctuaries underwent reconstruction twice. Also, you can spot calcareous stones used in the oldest buildings and marble in the new ones. You can identify the ages of the muddle of ruins here, and information boards set up every few steps to make it simpler. You can check out a portion of the old city wall, a colonnade, Hercules and Aphrodite sanctuaries, the foundations of private residences and port infrastructure parts such as warehouses.

4. Casa Romana

Casa Romana in Kos, Things to Do in Kos
Image Credits: Google Images

Discovered in the 1930s, almost 2,000 years ago this 36-room villa in the south of Kos City renovated later to shed light on the wealthy domestic life on Kos is one of the best things to do in Kos. Designed around two peristyles with majestic columns and a smaller atrium, the building dates back to the 2nd century AD and stands on the foundations of an earlier Hellenistic era home. The restoration makes clear what’s true and what’s new and there are nymph and Athena statues, amphorae, coins, mosaics and subtle frescoes to be found, all well identified with interpretive signs.

5. Palio Pili

If you have a car, make sure you spend a day travelling through the interior of the island, where you will come across beautiful little villages, mountains and historic sites such as Palio Pili’s abandoned village on Mont Keio. It seems impossible today but this was the island ‘s capital from the 11th century to the 19th century. After a cholera outbreak in 1830, people deserted Palio Pili and his homes remain in various ruinous cities. The collapsing walls of a Byzantine castle built in the 9th century and later protected by St. John’s Knights as the last refuge from pirate attacks are on the top of the mountains and are one of the top things to do in Kos. The view here is beautiful! You can opt from the Turkish coast, the Pserimos and Kalymnos islands and nearly the entire Kos.

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6. Agios Stefanos Beach

Agios Stefanos Beach, Things to Do in Kos
Image Credits: Google Images

A few elements come together to turn Agios Stefanos Beach into a true beauty scene. The beach itself is very nice, with a mix of white sand and pebbles. What makes it so distinctive, is that it lies on a twinkling turquoise water channel facing Kastri, a picturesque islet crested by a tall mountain. You can hire a pedal boat to cross the river, visit the islet and see Agios Nicolaos Church which is one of the top things to do in Kos. The remains of two early Christian basilicas, built in the 4th and 5th centuries AD, remain on the low promontory on the eastern outskirts of Agios Stefanos island. Finally, destroyed by earthquakes, people excavated the place in 1932. The general design of the buildings is easy to distinguish, though columns and a collection of mosaics are left where they were discovered.

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7. Roman Odeon

The Odeon restored to the ancient city stands on the southern outskirts of Kos Town. This music conservatory built in the 2nd century AD, became a meeting place for the senate. The Odeon had a canopy at the time, and was able to accommodate 750 people on 14 rows of stone benches. The first nine were made of marble and reserved for the elite of the region, while the back-five granite was for ordinary people. The first nine rows have been rebuilt since the foundation was excavated in 1929. Mosaics were discovered on the corridors leading to the site. Also, the sculptures that once embellished the inner galleries are now in the Archeological Museum of Kos, visiting which is one of the best things to do in Kos.

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8. Tigaki beach

Tigaki beach in Kos, Things to Do in Kos
Image Credits: Google Images

This beach in the north of the island, a wind from Kos Port, faces across the Straits from the south coast of Pserimos. It’s not hard to see why families enjoy Tigaki Beach; the shore is well protected by the hotels, there are tavernas at frequent intervals, and the best of all; the sea is as quiet as it can be on average summer days. The beach is long, sandy and wide, as well as low-shelving, allowing a wide variety of clean, warm water for swimming. Hang on until dusk when you can look west to see the sun setting behind Kalymnos Island.I’m sure you wouldn’t miss this out on your things to do in Kos list!

9. Castle of Antimachcia

Upon heading to Antimachia ‘s village itself, it’s always worth going to the neighbouring castle, too. Yeah, the Antimachia Venetian Castle may be in ruins but it’s no less impressive, particularly if you want to explore this island’s ancient history. Established at the beginning of the 14th century, in 1494 the modifications came to an end.

Excited already? Get ready to pack your bags to experience the best things to do in Kos. So head down to any of these places and let yourself experience the top highlight of Kos.

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