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the popular samil beach of Vigo
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8 Best Things To Do in Vigo: Deep in the Pontevedra Province of Spain

Lying on the northwest coast, Vigo is located on the Atlantic ocean. it is Iberian Spain’s westernmost city and was earlier home to the Romans. Ever since it has evolved and turned into this scenic port city today. This coastal city has abundant and yummy seafood – the best in the Galicia region. Even though the cities temperature is 4-5 degrees more than the rest cities of Spain, the countless fresh beaches here will make it worthwhile. Vigo is also popularly known as the ‘gateway to the Atlantic’ and has plenty of things to do on foot. The public bus system in this city is very well connected and is the best way to go around the city. So here is a list of things to do in Vigo that are most commonly done by tourists all around the world:

a snippet of a cluster of islands: Cies island: Things to do in Vigo
Image credits: Unsplash

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Things to do in Vigo Spain

  • Climb to the top of Monte O Castro
  • Castro Fortress
  • Cíes Islands
  • Casco Vello
  • Relax on Praia de Samil beach
  • Baiona
  • Galician Wine
  • Visit O Berbés

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1. Climb to the top of Monte O Castro:

A popular community park and a mountain that is set at the heart of the city. If you are a workout enthusiast, then you can explore Monte Castro on foot, and for a little bit of history, you can visit the Yacimiento de O Castro in the lower slope. The hotspot is one of the significant archaeological sites, and the upper slopes are home to playgrounds and parks. The hike till the top to the O Castro Castle is very much worth it as it gives you a 360 view of the city. On the next point, you will be reading more about this fortress- but it’s also fun to enjoy the path of the hike right? 

2. Castro Fortress:

The oldest structure in Vigo is this fortress of Castro. Brought alive in 1665, this fortress was primarily meant to protect this beautiful port city from invaders. The fortress gives you breathtaking views of both the Vigo Bay and the Cíes Islands. And as mentioned before on your way uphill you will pass a fountain and a botanical garden. A visit to this fortress will have a little bit of a historical twist and this is one of the top things to do in Vigo. 

3. Cíes Islands:

This is one of the prominent attractions that deserve a day or a two to spend in. these islands were declared a nature reserve back in 1980 and form a vital part of the Atlantic Islands among the Galicia National Park. the names for the 3 islands that form a part of this island archipelago in Vigo Bay are Monteagudo, Do Faro and San Martiño. During the summers, travelling back and forth to these islands is quite easy and convenient as the ferries are pretty frequent. These islands are uninhabited, and you can go around exploring dramatic cliffs, beaches, water sports and hikes. It takes a 45-minute boat ride to get here, and it is one of the best things to do in Vigo.

The coastline of the Cies islands: Things to do in Vigo
Image credits: Unsplash

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4. Casco Vello:

Situated very close to the port is the old town of Casco Vello, it’s set on a slope that has many valleys which ones were home to fishermen’s houses and grander buildings once upon a time. Casco Vello stands out distinctively because almost all houses were built out of Galician granite. The old town of Casco Vello is home to four of its original plazas and are filled with many cafes and restaurants. The names of the 4 original plazas are Plaza de Pedra, Plaza Princesa, Plaza Almeida and Plaza Constitución. 

5. Relax on Praia de Samil beach:

The entire city of Vigo is home to 45 beaches on the whole, and the largest city beach is the Samil beach. Apart from this beach being the prime point where the Lagares River meets the Atlantic ocean, this beach is home to infamous late-night discos and bars. With plenty of space, this beach stretches over to 1,700 metres that give you access to many fun activities by the beach. As and when you take a walk down the promenade, the scene you would see is the Cíes Islands and Vigo’s mountains. 

The Samil beach: Things to do in Vigo
Image credits: Unsplash

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6. Baiona:

Wanna take a look close to the ocean? Done. Baiona is another coastal town that gets a lot of tourists during the summers to escape the heat in Spain. Few of the important landmarks you can visit here are the Castillo de Monterreal and the old harbour that was once the source of the economy. This is one of the laid back trips you can take from Vigo and is surely worth your time. A coastal town full of character – surely takes a high spot on the things to do in Vigo.

a landscape in Baiona: Things to do in Vigo
Image credits: Unsplash

7. Galician Wine:

The coastal city if viga is conveniently located in Galicia’s wine region, which is home to white wine that goes amazingly well with the seafood here. Traditional wine is served with tapas dishes widely in Spain. If you happen to be in this region during February and May be sure to visit the cellars which are a part of homes – known as Furancho where the surplus wine is sold off in a typical Galician setting. Sippin on the albariño wine is a must among the various things to do in Vigo.

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8. Visit O Berbés:

This neighbourhood was once the fishermen used to bring their catches directly from the sea to the fish market for selling. Located in the southwest of the Casco Vello, this place is where you can get local seafood delicacies! But apart from the market, this seaside neighbourhood makes a very good location to just stroll around and dine in at a sea-facing restaurant as well.

the airport control tower of vigo
Image credits: Unsplash

Enjoy the spot on seafood, explore the Beaches on the Cíes Islands as much as you’d like, take the GR-53 hiking trail if you are up for it! There is no shortage of things to do in Vigo! It’s a very exciting coastal city to visit while you are in Spain. So go ahead and customise your Spain itinerary or check out Spain packages on Pickyourtrail. Customised your package and ping us on WhatsApp if you need assistance or have any questions. 


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