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8 Top Things to Do in Croatia For a Splendid Vacation

Heading to Croatia? Great! We all know for a fact you’ll be mesmerised by the stunning beaches, historical sites, caves – mountains and so on. Adding to this, there’s also a side to Croatia where you can get your adventurous side up and running. Fascinated much already? Well, to make your travel planning much easier, here we have a list of the top things to do in Croatia which will fill you with happy memories.
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1. Sailing

sailing,things to do in Croatia
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How can you not have sailing action when you are in one of the top countries housing close to 1000 islands? Korkula, Hvar and Brac are some of the best islands for sailing. Adding to this, make a trip along the Adriatic coast as well, where you will come across fascinating views offered by the mainland.

2. Sun Salutation at Zadar

Sun Salutation at Zadar,things to do in Croatia
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Add some quirkiness to your travel itinerary by checking out the Sun Salutation monument at Zadar. Created by Nikola Bašić, brace yourself to get tripped by the sunlight reflecting off the 300 layered circular glass plates. There is also enough energy on this surface which is used to power up the harbour-front.

3. Plitvice Lakes National Park

Known for a series of 16 lakes which border the terrace regions, and made even more picturesque by the waterfalls which join them at the end, a visit to Plitvice Lakes National Park is most certainly one of the top things to do in Croatia. The park also boasts of hiking trails from where you’d be stunned with the views offered. Get comfortable at leisure at the nearby cafes once you are done with your park outing.

4. Diocletian’s Palace in Split

Diocletian's Palace,things to do in Croatia
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The Diocletian’s Palace in Split is the work of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Fun fact – Your necks might get a bit strained when you tilt it to the maximum extent to make note of the huge monumental gates inside the palace. Kidding! Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, adding more beauty to this palace is the courtyard which is also home to the ever famous Cathedral of St. Domnius and its bell tower. The old town is a UNESCO world heritage site as well.

5. Dubrovnik Cable Car

Dubrovnik Cable Car,things to do in Croatia
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A visit to Croatia demands a visit to Dubrovnik. What better way to enjoy the best of Dubrovnik other than embarking on a cable car ride? You will get the ultimate view when you are on top of the Srd Hill. The whole cable car ride takes up to 4 minutes and once done with this, you can settle for a safari tour or get some souvenir shopping done at the top of the hills.

6. Hvar Town

Hvar Town,things to do in Croatia
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The all-time trendy Hvar Town is where you can find some of the top hotels of Croatia. This car-free town is super spacious and is mainly known for the 16th-century cathedral, a fortress at the hilltop and a fishing harbour. Beaches and watersports are common among the locals. This town has also attracted a number of yachters and celebrities.

7. Zlatni Rat beach

Zlatni Rat beach,things to do in Croatia
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How can you not take a visit to Zlatni Rat beach when it is one of the top things to do in Croatia? The whole beach setup is tuned in a way- the pebbles aligned by the shore touch the Adriatic sea like a human hand reaching out for a cup of water. Also called as the Golden Horn or Golden Cape beach, the Zlatni Rat beach has a rich look to it on the whole. It’s time to make some sandy memories fellas!

8. Rovinj

Rovinj,things to do in Croatia
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Harboured in the northwest direction of Croatia, the seaside town of Rovinj has colourful houses, a fishing harbour and a hilltop church. You can also visit the Batana Eco-Museum which is near the seafront. Other top things in this area are the restaurants and art galleries. You can get the best of all worlds with a visit to Rovinj.


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