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Sunset Vie on Hills of Spain
Written by Krishna Teja on August 6, 2020 Share on

Trekking in Spain : 10 Best Trekking Spots in Spain

Is it true that you are ready to get an extraordinary encounter in Spain? A bold stay more than ever? Here’s something for you in a unique country Spain! You visit, eat, read, yet can’t return in the case that you haven’t enjoyed travelling in Spain. Trekking in Spain is the most cherished and fascinating involvement in regards to the nation. However, if you don’t have the haziest idea where to go, no worries since we have a list of choices for you. Look at it!

Trekking in Spain has a sweet spot in every person travelling to Spain. Most people take out time out of their busy lives just to trek along the Majestic Mountains. It is rightly said that “Mountains are calling, and I must go.” Nature over there will pull you and take you to an alternate Universe. While the great nation of Spain has a ton of travelling places, here’s a list of the 10 best trekking places in Spain for the adventurer in you. 


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10 Best Places for Trekking in Spain

  • The Pyrenees 
  • Canary Island
  • Picos de Europa
  • Sierra de Aitana
  • Moorish Trails
  • Camino de Santiago
  • Cantabrian Mountains
  • Penalara
  • GR92, Costa Brava
  • Vias Verdes

1. The Pyrenees 

View from Pyrenees trek
Image Credits: Unsplash

There is a reason why this place is on the top of our list. The rambling mountains flanking Spain and France give you a varied choice to travel around. You could walk amid the greens and break into the marvels of the incredible mountains. To add to your unimaginable experience, there are two national parks established in the Pyrenees. One of them is Ordesa Y Monte Perdido National Park, and the other is the Aiguestortes National Park. These are grand marvels, beautiful environmental circumstances would leave you in stunning. So head there for an unbelievable encounter. 

2. Canary Island 

Presently this one could be another fascinating experience to Trek in Spain with the chilly wind, endless waves and the right climate. This spot has a variety of hiking, trekking and walking options. There are banana estates, valleys, mountains, all set to give you plenty of choices to pick your trail. There are such a large number of connecting with journeying and such choices that you could be plundered for decision. This is considered to the best places for Trekking in Spain. This is among the Top things to do in Canary Islands.

3. Picos de Europa 

Abundant Greenery on Picos de Europa
Image Credits: Unsplash

With varieties over the trekking way and the slope of the mountains. This could be probably the best Trek of the lifetime. The marvellous view, lavish greenery around, and if the climate is beautiful, you could manage yourself a streetcar. The view that comes while sitting in the trolley is hypnotizing. Also, when you get down, there are restaurants to satisfy your yearning. So visit this spot is an absolute necessity. 

4. Sierra de Aitana 

Another outlandish destination to trip and move up in the southwestern part of Spain. This gives you abundant options to walk down and explore the regions in southwest Spain. You never know, you could be blessing yourself a visit to a chocolate manufacturing plant around or perhaps an olive plant. Strolling by the paths could give you a vibe of moving into a type of current town, as the courses loosen up into a lovely place. 

5. Moorish Trails 

Moorish Trails in Spain
Image Credits: Unsplash

Trek amid the Spanish territory, to explore this Moorish path. And afterwards, you stroll down to the recently opened hotel to enjoy the perfect Spanish and local cuisine. Enjoy the flamenco moves, a part of Islamic culture and fascinating food. The Trek, journeying, and such magnificent commitment would make you free. This is indeed a best experiences places to trek in Spain. 

6. Camino de Santiago 

This is an old city including a vibe of vintage vibes. This would your walk or climb into another fabulous experience. Not many audits state that the course they took while going and how they took while coming was shockingly unique. For the travellers, climbers, this adds to the great they have while strolling. Up here, you will have the best experience while Trekking in Spain.

7. Cantabrian Mountains 

Cantabrian Mountains  in Spain
Image Credits: Unsplash

Unwind the northern landscapes of Spain while strolling your way through these mountains. These embrace two of the national parks to improve your journeying and climbing experience. They are the Europa National Park, and Ubinas Massif Mountain go. So while you are travelling, you could detect a creature of your decision. What’s more, if fortunate still, there could be all the more such engaging encounters. 

8. Penalara 

It lies close to Madrid, the capital city of Spain. It is the most ideal decision for climbing and travelling. It is in the mountain scope of Guadarrama. You could discover reptiles on your way and one of a kind to the landscape there. It gives you an incredible alternative of journeying and climbing in a day itself. There are scarcely any limitations like no pets permitted, no outdoors place, and so forth.

9. GR92, Costa Brava 

GR92 trekking in Costa Brava
Image Credits: Google Images

How about we travel toward the northeastern district of Spain and see what energizing journeying choices it needs to give you. There are numerous towns to visit this spot. The atmosphere, brilliant food, the waterfront territory, the seashores with lavish green and thick vegetation will satisfy. Aside from travelling and climbing, this spots brings to the table an assortment of different commitment to astonish you. 

10. Vias Verdes 

The word reference makes an idea of it into “scenic routes”. These are mostly old unused railroad lines which are presently changed over to charming cafés, and other such usable spots. These revamped places are of such extraordinary assistance to the adventurers and explorers that’s everything comfort. 

Apart from city life, Vacation to Spain also takes you deep into the heart of nature. Enjoy those beautiful views either by going Solo or with your friends, you are bound to get the best experience. So release the energy that goes while travelling and trekking at these spots. Feel free to plan your Spain trip with Pickyoutrail and discover the experience of a lifetime.


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