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turkey in july
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Turkey in July 2024: Perfect Guide to an Exciting Turkey Trip

One gets to feel the taste of richness and diversity while visiting Turkey in July. Back in time, this was the centrepiece of the great Ottoman Empire. In recent days turkey is in the bucket list of pretty much every traveller around the world due to its diversity in terms of activities and the kind of sights that one can get to see. Bridging the cultural gap between Asia and Europe is the country of Turkey. It is one of the very few geographically gifted places.

As a result of the geographical location, this place has a rich trade and cultural exchange with the other parts of the world. It has marked its distinct identity in the modern world. This place has a lot of things to offer, but in this, we take a look at the things that one shouldn’t miss. The ones on this list will surely make you greatly satisfied with the vacation.

Weather In Turkey In July

In this period of the year, the weather is just pleasant. The days are somewhere around 25-30 degree celsius. On the other hand, the nights are cooler around 20-22 degree celsius. The crowd visiting the beaches at this period of the year can take a dip at ripe 28-degree water temperature and maybe some lounging on the beach.

Reasons to Visit Turkey In July

Though there are a tons of reasons for one to visit Turkey in July. The predominant one being the fact that crowd in the cities are lean. The beaches are packed and buzzing as usual but the sights will be of fewer lines. Apart from this, for the music lovers out there, Turkey hosts two major Jazz festivals every year.

Namely, The Istanbul International Jazz festival is the one that takes place every year in Turkey in July. This is performed by famous artists around the world.

Places To Visit In Turkey In July

The following places on the list are guaranteed to give you the best travelling experiences of Turkey in July.

1. Istanbul

Istanbul, turkey
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Istanbul is the tourist capital of Turkey and it’s often wrongly considered as the capital of Turkey. And for all of your surprises, Ankara is the capital of Turkey. Istanbul is also the largest city in Turkey and famous among travellers around the world. During the times of the Ottoman and Byzantine empire, Istanbul was the capital city. It is the only city to be a part of two different continents, Asia and Europe namely which you can witness with your very own Istanbul trip package from India.

One can get to experience historical sites, great shopping and great nightlife and food. The historical places that one shouldn’t miss on a vacation to Turkey in July are Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.

2. Bodrum

For all those who want to escape the heat in July, you can visit the beautiful coast of Bodrum. Mausoleum, one of the seven ancient wonders is located in this coastline. The ruins of which has turned into a major attraction for travellers around the world. You have the service of resorts around the beach of you want to stay there. There are even a few resorts built on top of the cliff so that you get some stunning views of the sea from the cliff. Not to forge the Bodrum Castle which now acts as a museum and popularly known as Castle of St Peter. There is a line of cafes, bars, shops and restaurants on the beachfront.

3. Side

The side has a unique blend of history and the beach experience at one place. This has evidence of the Roman Empire with the likes of the ruins of the amphitheatre and some other roman temples. Once you are done with these historical places from the morning to the afternoon, you can head to the white sandy beaches in the second half of the day on your trip to Turkey in July. The beachside shops are open till midnight enhancing the nightlife of this place.

4. Marmaris

Marmaris coastal line
Source: Google Images

In Turkey in July, the Turkish Riviera reveals its gem of a port kind of town called Marmaris. This place comes to life in the middle of the year as the tourist’s flood into the city for their vacation. People come here to enjoy the white sand, crystal clear water and pine-forest. If you want to explore the nearby hamlets and charming bays, you can get a boat ride at a cost. More like the other beach destination in the world this also has water sports facilities like kayaking and snorkelling. As the day ends, you can taste the fulfilling meal from the local food joints.

5. Antalya

beaches in Antalya, turkey beaches
Source: Google Images

Antalya is again a coastal city in Turkey that one shouldn’t miss on their trip to Turkey in July. It is often visited by travellers who fall in love with the turquoise water and sandy beaches. The coastal line is dotted with ruins of the structures built by the roman empire. The whole scenery consists of dense forests and mountains holding them up. The Roman streets are in such a way that you’ll feel like stuck into a Maze.

6. Suleymaniye Mosque

Suleymaniye mosque
Source: Google Images

Travellers all over the world who want to feel the immense sense of spirituality come to visit Suleymaniye Mosque. It is a calm place that sure will offer some peaceful time. It was built in the 16th century, the uniqueness in this is the blend of Islamic and Byzantine architecture. Though it took some serious damage in the 1st World War, the mosque regained its glory because of the restoration that took place after that. People are said to have a soulful experience while visiting this place in Turkey in July. It is easily accessible from all major parts of the city.

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