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Written by Akshaya Devi on June 13, 2019 Share on

19 quirky facts that will make you want to visit Singapore right now

We know you have been brushing aside your Singapore plans for quite a while now. The raison d’etre of the article is but to tease your shelved Singapore fantasies, to make you book your Singapore tour already! So when I say Singapore can be the best pick for your next vacation, I actually say it because:

#19 If you’re lucky enough to get your leave approved — you can attend Singapore’s new year festival where dragons dance around in joy!

#18 Singapore’s Marina Bay has the world’s largest rooftop swimming pool!

#17 Singapore is home to as many as 63 fascinating islands.

#16 Because you ought to visit at least once in your lifetime, the Singapore grand prix which held the first night-race in F1 history.

#15 Don’t say you have not been warned about the Orchard shopping street, which can totally convince you to go broke 😉

#14 You cannot find street signs any quirkier elsewhere!

No, really, they impose a touch of sense of humour in whatever they do!

#13 You can be on a budget and still travel Singapore. It has tonnes of exciting free stuff to do. For instance, rejuvenating at the luxurious coasts of the Sentosa islands can be one.

#12 Singapore is all about serendipity! You tip over and you’ll fall on a beautiful neighbourhood beckoning your attention.

#11 Singapore has Jewel Changi airport with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, that will make you rethink leaving Singapore.

#10 If trees live in the Marvel universe, the supertrees of Gardens by the bay would be Thor and Tony Stark

#9 Because you can tick off Chinatown from your bucket-list, without actually having to go to China.

#8 And not to mention Clarke Quay — Strike off in style Las Vegas, without having to.. Well, you get the picture!

#7 Did you know that this place, Macritchie Treetop that has been adorning our wallpapers for long, is actually in Singapore?

Okay treetop walks are common, but what’s not common is a walk over this — ?

#6 Because Singapore has a make-believe F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed restaurant. And if you’re wondering, yes it absolutely sports the iconic orange couch!

Or you’re in the mood for some action-packed delicacy? Head on to hungry heroes.

#5 Not contented with any of these, Singapore flaunts the world’s first night zoo! Experience nocturnal animals looking right into your souls — cannot be overstated.

#4 And Haw Par Villa is a paradise for the gorehounds who are into myths and macabres. It’s outright scary!

#3 Singapore is hipster’s paradise and here’s your proof — The Arab street.

#2 You should consider following a dedicated itinerary just to adore the graffitis and the street arts of Singapore.

#1 Or simply put, you need at least one selfie in your gallery with the Merlion!

Singapore doesn’t settle for good. Not even great — for it is a realm of superlatives. Singapore awaits, to fill the many empty pages in your travel journal. However, if the planning part overwhelms you, well! you know who you should walk up to! That’s precisely what Pickyourtrail is here for. Reach out to Pickyourtrail and book the best Singapore packages !

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