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Traditional dress of Vietnam
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Beautiful Vietnamese Traditional Dress

Vietnam tourism is diverse with a rich history, multiple cultures, and traditions. There are 54 ethnic groups in this country, each with its own separate identity, cuisine, works of art, history, and most notably, traditional clothing. When you observe the locals in their traditional attire, you might learn more about their grace, elegance, and character. Prepare yourself to experience a variety of Vietnamese traditional dress and learn more about it. On your trip to Vietnam, make sure to take beautiful photos while wearing this exquisite traditional attire. Let’s explore and learn more about the traditional dress of Vietnam!. Visit Pickyourtrail to book the best Vietnam tour packages at attractive prices.

Traditional Dresses of Vietnam

Have a look at the unique traditional clothing of Vietnam and select your favourite from the collection. The ideal items to purchase as souvenirs and keep as a reminder of your trip are, of course, clothes!

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1. Ao Dai: Traditional Dress of Vietnam

The Vietnamese traditional dress, known as “Ao Dai” and a fascinating addition to your 8 day Vietnam itinerary, is very popular all over the world. It is a silk tunic that is worn with pants and is worn by both women and men. Ao dài are worn on significant occasions like Tet, the new year’s celebration, weddings, and other festivals. It is a beautiful piece of apparel that you should bring home as a memento of your Vietnam trip.

Ao Dai
Image source: Unsplash

2. Ao Tu Than: Four-Part Dress

In Northern Vietnam, ladies typically used to wear Ao Tu Than, an interesting aspect to explore when considering your Vietnam itinerary. It is a dress that consists of a white or yellow shirt covered by a robe made of gauze or silk. The robe is made up of four long, slender lengths of material. In the past, it was worn on a daily basis, but today it is mainly seen at traditional Vietnamese festivities. Vietnamese women appear incredibly lovely and graceful when wearing a kerchief and Mu quai thao (Palm hat). If you’re interested in exploring fashion and culture further, you might also want to check out a Colombo tour package to add more diversity to your travel experiences.

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3. Non La: Conical Palm-Leaf Hat

Non La is a type of traditional Vietnamese conical hat crafted from palm tree leaves, a unique addition to your Vietnam itinerary 7 days. The slanted hats shield you from the heat and the rain, and they also make a fantastic gift for tourists to bring back home. Since Hue is where the Non La originated, it is advised that travellers purchase good quality hats from there. It is a cherished emblem of the Vietnamese people.

Traditional Dress of Vietnam
Image Source: Pexels

4. Ao Ba Ba: Collarless Shirt

A distinct traditional attire is worn by women in the Mekong Delta, known as Ao Ba Ba. It is a shirt without a collar and has a straight piece of fabric across the back. The rural areas in the southwest are very fond of this attire. There are buttons from the neck down to the belly in the centre of the front flap, which is divided into two sections. Long white or black trousers are frequently worn with this ornate blouse. Ao Ba Ba has a variety of colours to pick from. In the Mekong Delta, both men and women frequently wear Ao Ba Ba while going out for their daily life activities.

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Traditional Dresses of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups

1. Traditional Dress of the Hmong in Vietnam

The Hmong people of Vietnam dress gracefully and with lots of vibrant colours. Additionally, it also has a bohemian vibe to it. Their attire is composed of linen and features numerous colours and embroidered designs. Leggings, a colourful skirt, a black shirt, and headpiece complete their traditional outfit. To give their outfits a sense of uniqueness, females frequently adorn them with silver jewellery and hair accessories.

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2. Traditional Dress of the Cham in Vietnam

The Cham women wear a beautiful headscarf, a skirt, a shirt, and a tight-fitting tunic as part of their traditional attire, a captivating aspect to consider for your Vietnam itinerary 10 days. The waistband, which is tied over the chest and around the waist, is the central focus of the costume. This outfit is very common in mountainous areas and presents a fantastic opportunity to wear and take photos during your trip to Vietnam.

Traditional Dress of Vietnam
Image Source: Pexels

Due to western influence, traditional Vietnamese attire has undergone significant modifications, but still, the Vietnamese take great pleasure in their distinctive fashion sense and culture, which is loved all over the world. Therefore, anytime you travel to Vietnam, be sure to pick up one of these traditional dresses as a wonderful souvenir. Additionally, you can customize your trip to Vietnam to suit your demands and enjoy a vacation on your terms. Seize this fantastic chance to travel with your loved ones and see Asia’s hidden gem.

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FAQs on Vietnamese Traditional Dress

Q: When is the perfect time to wear Ao Dai in Vietnam?

A: Locals usually wear Ao Dai on special occasions like weddings, festivals, or cultural events.

Q: Is Ao Dai different for men and women, or is it the same for both?

A: Ao Dai for women consists of a long, fitted tunic worn over wide-leg pants, whereas men outfit includes a similar tunic over trousers, but looser in fit.

Q: Is it possible to buy traditional dresses from Vietnam?

A: Yes, there are various shops across Vietnam, especially in markets or tailor shops from where you can buy some amazing dresses.

Q: Which is the best souvenir to buy from Vietnam?

A: You can buy any of the traditional dresses as a souvenir such as Ao Dai, Ao Tu Than, Non La and others.

Q: Which type of accessories can I wear with traditional dresses of Vietnam?

A: Women can pair the dress with a non la (conical hat) and elegant jewellery where as men can add a turban or headscarf to enhance their look.

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