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Walking street in Pattaya
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Visit The Famous Walking Street in Pattaya On Your Thailand Tour in 2021

When you think of Thailand, the primary thing that comes to your mind is towering skyscrapers, culture, bustling streets, lively experiences all round the clock, fancy neon lights, Thai cuisine, and what not! When it comes to entertainment and keeping the tourists entertained, Thailand is one of the top countries in the world. The nerve center of entertainment in Thailand is basically in its 2 major cities for tourism, Bangkok and Pattaya. And is your trip to Pattaya even complete without visiting prominent places like Walking Street in Pattaya or Sanctuary of Truth?


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Pattaya is a well-renowned tourist destination that is visited by millions of tourists every year. Pattaya’s nightlife is an amazing experience, and at the southern end of the Pattaya Beach Road is the epicenter of the nightlife, which is the Walking Street in Pattaya. 

Walking Street in Pattaya is almost the biggest and busiest entertainment hotspot in the whole of Thailand. It offers a plethora of volume and variety in terms of nightlife. A stretch of around one kilometer, this street is embellished with several top-notch nightclubs, go-go bars, beer bars or restaurants. Walking Street satiates practically every taste that the tourists have. 

A walk down the street is an experience in itself, considering the loud and buzzing street with music, red-lights, performers, amazing food, etc. which will leave you dazzled and will keep you asking for more.

Walking Street in Pattaya
Image credits: Unsplash

Reasons to Visit Walking Street in Pattaya

If you are a tourist looking for the typical buzzing experience of what Pattaya has to offer, then there is no best place than the Walking Street. This is one of the top-rated places to visit in the country of Thailand and it has something to offer for anyone and everyone who visits this place.

This street is mainly for people who seek an active and buzzing nightlife embedded with dance, music, party, and whatnot. The street and the people in it never sleep, with the red-light flashing through the streets all through the night. This is a paradise for party and music lovers. Even if you are someone who isn’t into partying and loud music, and someone who prefers quietness, visiting this street once can be an experience considering this wild experience is something that you will not find more often in any other city in the world. 

This place is more entertaining for the adults and it is not advisable to take kids here as there could be inappropriate sightings for the kids.

Walking Street Pattaya Frog Bar
Image credits: Wikimedia

How to Reach Walking Street in Pattaya

Walking street is one kilometer away from the Pattaya Beach Road, towards the southern Bali Hai Pier. If you are coming from the Pattaya city center, board either a cab or take up the Baht public transport buses to reach the Walking Street, which is quite accessible.


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Things to Do in the Walking Street Pattaya

The Walking Street in Pattaya is a dream come true for nightlife and buzzing city lovers. Walking Street comes into life right from 6 pm in the evening, and the parties and music keeps running up to 3 am in the morning. During this busy juncture, cars are prohibited into the Walking Street and it is meant only for pedestrians’ usage. Although Walking Street is buzzing all through the week, the happenings tend to get wild and more active especially on the weekends.

Walking Street Night view
Image credit: Wikipedia

While taking a Walking Street tour, ensure to plan well in advance. Keep note of the performances that are happening on that particular day so that you can plan your night accordingly as there are a lot of happenings throughout the day. That being said, rather than spending the whole night in a single place, try bar-hopping as you get a complete experience and variety throughout the night.

Walking Street is famous for the cabaret and live music bands which perform in the street every single day. Ensure you spend your time with a band that entices you the most as you will have a lot of options through the street.

Indulge yourself in amazing gastronomy as this street offers amazing and unparalleled cuisine experiences, be it Indian curries, Malaysian sticky rice, seafood, European, American or Mexican – you name it, this street has it! 

For the party lovers, there is no dearth of amazing nightclubs, hip bars, and swanky places to ensure you have the most electrifying nightlife experience in your whole Thailand tour. Make memories and friends all through the night in the busiest and most popular party spot in Thailand.

One of the famous attractions in the street is the Muay Thai show, where you get to see real boxing events, and you can also step into the ring and click photos with the famous boxers performing on that day. 

Walking Street Pattaya The Champion
Image credits: Wikimedia

The most interesting part about the Walking Street is the variety it offers, and it is further vindicated as it has a place even for people who are seeking a quiet night away from the red-light and music. At the end of the street is the Pattaya pier, where you can enjoy some laid back leisure time, and also you can take up a short ferry ride from the pier.

Walking Street in Pattaya is one of the busiest party places in Thailand and will ensure you leave the place with wild, vivid, and unforgettable memories. Walking Street welcomes everyone, be it a solo traveler, or a group of friends, or a couple who is looking to spend quality time out there at the night. I am sure you are already enticed by the experiences that Walking Street has to offer and you are itching to take a memorable Thailand tour or Thailand honeymoon. Now, what are you waiting for? Pack up your bags and experience the best night ever under the neon lights and poppy music! 

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