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Shopping in Croatia: 8 Best Places to Shop in Croatia

Shopping is all about going into a shop and having no expectation of what you might find – Macklemore

While every sojourn to a country includes visiting famous landmarks, museums, soaking up the cuisine and culture, no trip is complete without shopping. Every shopping experience is a gateway to further understand the culture and traditions of that country and an opportunity to take a little bit of the place back with you along with the countless memories.

Croatia is slowly becoming one of the most visited countries of Eastern Europe. With its medieval stone structures, gothic influenced buildings, a long coastline and the breathtaking Dinaric Alps it sure is attracting tourists from all over the world. Along with all this, it is also a shopper’s paradise. From pop culture collectables to exotic sovereigns it has a lot to offer. Here we enlighten you about some major shopping delights to indulge in while visiting Croatia, which are unique to this country.


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1. Dubrovnik

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This is one of the most popularly visited cities in Croatia. Located in the southern part of the country, on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, it is most known for its old-school architecture, courtesy the 16th century stone walls. Dubrovnik is also a shopping haven and here are some popular joints that you should check out.

1. Gunduliceva Poljana Market

Located in the heart of the Old Town, almost every bus in the city leads to this market. It is primarily a fruits and vegetable market, giving it the bustling and lively atmosphere of a farmers’ market or a fair. But here you will find some very specific scents of Croatia which you can carry back as an aromatic memory of this vivacious country. Handmade soaps and lavender bath salts can be bought here. Along with these, one can also buy local spirits, condiments, dried candy, honey, etc.

2. Atelier Street

Every fashionista knows that accessories play a crucial role in bringing the outfit together. What better than an exotic jewellery piece to brighten up the ensemble? Here one can find affordable, locally-made accessories. Be it necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. The trademark Adriatic coral and bauble-like pendants are heavily used in these pieces. The designs take inspiration predominantly from Croatian history, culture, and tradition.

3. Carmel

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Then, why not carry back a few exotic clicks by some renowned Croatian photographers of various sizes and themes. Located in the Prijeko area, this photo gallery is home to some tasteful and delightful photography. It also hosts various themed exhibitions which are an absolute treat to the eyes.

2. Zagreb

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The capital city of Croatia, located in the Northwestern region is also the largest city of this country. The architecture here is heavily influenced by Austro-Hungarian sentiments and is also home to the world-famous Gothic twin-spired cathedral. Apart from these, the city can also be deemed as the fashion capital of the country. Check out some places to spend those Croatian Kuna’s on.

1. I-gle

This is the flagship store of Croatia’s most celebrated designers, Martina Vrdoljak Ranilovic and Natasa Mihaljcisin. The complete collection of Croatian inspired fashion can be found under one roof. Exquisite designs for women and custom made pieces for men make shopping here a sheer delight. These designs have even found home in the boutiques of U.K and Hong Kong. Don’t miss the chance to show off your Croatian label at the next cocktail party!

2. Vešmašina

For a more economical fashion outing, head to this place curated by the local designer duo, the Safari Sisters. Here you can find the most indigenous of collections which cannot be found anywhere else and be a proud owner of a truly unique wardrobe. It’s a one-stop shop for everything ranging from tank tops to sunglasses.

3. Croata

Cravat or more popularly known as the neck-tie is distinctive to the Croatian style of clothing. History says that during the 30 years war, the French soldiers were so impressed by this piece that they went back to the mecca of fashion, France and implemented it in their style of dressing. Soon it caught up with the world. This store aims at further carrying forward this stylish legacy. One can also find belts, tie clasps, and handmade fountain pens here. Women can indulge in shopping for some dazzling scarves and beautiful handbags as well.

3. Split

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Located on the Dalmatian Coast, it boasts of a contrasting landscape. The pristine beaches are juxtaposed with a fortress-like complex interior. It houses the famous 4th-century roman built Diocletian’s Palace. For the uninitiated, it is also the shooting ground for the insanely popular HBO series, Game of Thrones. So brace yourselves as shopping season is coming.

1. Nadalina

Beethoven taught us to feel the music and experience it but Croatian punk rock star, Marinko Biski has taken it one step further. He has made eating music the new rock and roll! Nadalina is home to one of the most delicious Dalmatian flavoured choco bars. Containing 70% cocoa solids these chocolates are further prepared by adding unique condiments like carobs, lavender(this store sure pushes our edible boundaries!), and dried figs. You can also shop for the atypical Prosek dessert wine or jars of chocolate spread to make your breakfast more sumptuous. But the most famous buy from this chocolate haven will be the 7-inch single record containing a retro Italian hit which can be played on a turntable before relishing it completely!

2. Here be Dragons

No trip to Croatia is complete without coming back with some GoT Memorabilia. But this place entails customers with a unique fan experience for various legions of fans. Be it Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, it is every geek and gamer’s paradise. The location of the shop is also adjacent to the sets of GoT further enhancing the cinematic experience. Jon Snow’s Longclaw sword, Daenerys’s Dragon eggs, King Joffrey’s limited edition crown are some of the collectables that can be bought here. Lord of the Rings fans can indulge in One Rings or Elvish coins. While Potterheads can click pictures with Harry Potter’s Nimbus 2001 or buy Hermione Granger’s time turner necklace. The best part about the place is its affordable pricing which aims at attracting both tourists and locals alike. Do visit the aforementioned places while visiting Croatia for a holistic trip to this breathtaking Eastern European country.

Happy shopping!


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