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This Is How Much Coffee Means to Croatia

If only you get a nickel for every time you hear “Idemo na kavu” whilst in Croatia…

Game of thrones. The pearl of the Adriatic. Zagreb cuisine. Nikola Tesla. All that’s there. But if there’s one more thing that Croatia holds most dear, it’s Coffee! Croatia is all types of ancient wilderness and aromatic cups of intensely flavourful coffee.

Forget beverage, the Croatians have their many alleys, lanes and neighbourhoods lined up with cafes if not the entire country. That’s not so usual given there is not one global coffee chain in Croatia. Keep reading to get context of what’s the fuss with Croatia and its Europe Tour Packages about.


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Coffee is steeped in Croatia’s century-old culture

Croatia being eye-catchingly majestic naturally fell in the target of the Ottoman empire back in the 14th century. The western empire failed. Coffee succeeded. It not only invaded Croatia gracefully but stands dethroned to the test of time. Croatia commemorates this history by continuing to serve coffee as Turkish would do, in Chez Ve, a long-handled sturdy brass flask. It’s known to elevate the flavour of coffee to a whole new level.

Croatians should never be deprived of coffee given that it’s seen more as a hedonistic ritual — once when it happened the Croats headed on to the countries of Italy and Austria to smuggle back coffee beans.

How the Croatians take their coffee

It’s easy to spot a Croatian by observing how coffee is being savoured. No fancy sprinkles all over coffee, no funky designs and maybe cigarettes, that they believe enhance the taste of coffee. Here’s a little idea to help you know your coffee before ordering!


The simple yet elegant choice. In Croatia, Arabian coffee beans are slow-roasted in a meticulous manner till a perfect exquisite aroma is achieved. The pleasure of its sharp bittersweetness cannot be overstated.

Bijela kava

For the love of lots of milk and cream in coffee — Go for Bijela kava, plain latte with a magical tint of espresso. The sharp aftertaste of the roasty coffee will be the best few seconds of your entire vacation!

Veliki Macchiato

If you like your coffee part black and part white, Veliki Macchiato is the best way to go about it. This cup has 3 quarters of freshly extracted espresso and a small potion of hot foamy milk. If you prefer only a small tinge of milk in your gravely strong coffee(?), ask for just Macchiato.

If you like Chai…

Sorry, Coffee is the C in Croatia. Not Chai. However Sherlock, if you can find good chai in Croatia, you can find pigs that fly as well.

Umm, Coffee would be fine!

It’s true you can’t buy happiness but you can buy a ticket to Croatia to indulge in its age-old coffee and that’s pretty much the same. Indeed, coffee is heaven in a cup. While I don’t think I can hold any longer from grabbing my cup of coffee, let me say just this. Any time you’re ready to embark on your coffee expedition, drop us a note at Pickyourtrail to help perfect it!

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If you’re wondering what “Idemo na kavu” in the quote means — It’s Croatian for “Let’s go for a Coffee!” 🙂

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