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Discover Musee de la Musique: Paris' Musical Legacy & Beyond

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Welcome to the captivating city of Paris, where history, culture, and the art, intertwine to create a unique travel experience for every traveller. Among the many attractions in Paris, the Musée de la Musique stands out as a treasure trove for music lovers. This museum honours Paris's and the world's rich musical legacy. Let us start on a melodious adventure to discover the delights of the Musée de la Musique.

  • Address: 221 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris, France
  • Timings: Tuesday to Friday: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM, Saturday & Sunday:  10:00 PM – 6:00 PM and Mondays are closed.

About the place

  • A Musician's Paradise: The Musée de la Musique holds a magnificent collection of over 7,000 musical instruments from many ages and civilizations. The museum provides a complete overview of musical instruments, ranging from prehistoric stringed instruments to grand pianos and beloved guitars.
  • Architectural Marvel: The museum's building is a piece of art in itself, designed by famed architect Christian de Portzamparc. Its contemporary and eye-catching design fits the neighbouring Parc de la Villette landscape, resulting in a beautiful combination of nature and architecture.
  • Permanent and Temporary Exhibitions: The museum has both permanent and temporary exhibitions. The permanent collection features instruments from numerous eras and countries, while temporary displays focus on certain genres, performers, or topics, giving visitors with new and varied musical experiences.
  • Concerts & Events: The Musée de la Musique organises concerts, shows, and seminars on a regular basis, providing visitors with an immersive experience. Whether you're a classical music connoisseur or a listener of modern music, there's something for everyone.
  • Interactive Displays: Experience music in a new manner by visiting interactive displays that allow guests to explore and experiment with various instruments. Explore the museum's interactive displays to feel the rhythm, hear the melodies, and release your inner musician.

How to reach

  • By Metro: Take Line 5 to the Porte de Pantin station to get to the Musée de la Musique. It's only a short walk to the museum from there. Line 7 may also be used to go to the Porte de la Villette station.
  • By Bus: The museum is served by many bus routes, including lines 75, 151, and 152. Check local transit maps for the most direct route from your starting point.
  • By Car: If you prefer to drive, the museum has parking available. However, keep in mind that traffic in Paris can become crowded, so taking public transit wherever possible is recommended.

Things to do before you go

  • Ticket Information: Admission costs may change depending on the exhibitions and events taking place. For the most up-to-date ticket rates and special offers, see the museum's official website.
  • Audio Guides: Enhance your visit by renting an audio tour, which is available in a variety of languages. These guides improve your museum experience by providing insightful commentary and extra information about the exhibitions.
  • Photography: Photography is normally permitted at the museum, however some temporary exhibitions may have additional restrictions. Respect any notice or instructions offered to create a pleasant experience for everybody.
  • Accessibility: The museum is wheelchair accessible, and there are ramps and lifts for guests with mobility issues. If you require any further support, please contact the museum in advance.
  • Language availability: While French is the major language, the museum provides information in a variety of languages. Signs, labels, and audio instructions are frequently accessible in English and other major languages, ensuring that visitors fully comprehend the exhibits.
  • Guided Tours: Participating in a guided tour might help you gain a better knowledge of the museum's holdings and history. For information about guided tours and timetable availability, see the museum's website.
  • Plan Your Visit: The Musée de la Musique is a popular destination, therefore it is advised that you organise your visit in advance. Consider arriving early to avoid crowds and to give yourself enough time to view the exhibits at your leisure.
  • Museum facilities: To facilitate your visit, the Musée de la Musique provides important amenities. Restrooms, a cloakroom for coats and bags, and a restaurant where you may get a snack or a drink are all available.

The Musée de la Musique welcomes children of all ages. The museum has activities and workshops developed exclusively for children.


Bags and backpacks are permitted, however they may be subject to security screening upon arrival. Large bags or luggage may need to be stored in the cloakroom of the museum.


Yes, there are various restaurants and cafés in Parc de la Villette where you can grab a bite before or after visiting the museum. There are also refreshments available on the museum grounds.

 Yes, there is a gift store within the museum where you may buy musical-themed souvenirs, books, and CDs to commemorate your visit.


The age limit for concerts and performances varies. Check the event details or contact the museum for specifics on age limits and ticket availability.


Pets are not permitted within the museum, with the exception of guiding dogs.


Absolutely! The Parc de la Villette is a lovely park that has gardens, playgrounds, and leisure spaces. After immersing yourself in the realm of music, take a leisurely stroll and appreciate the natural surroundings.



A visit to the Musée de la Musique, Paris is a lovely experience that will transport you through music's fascinating history. The museum offers a symphony of joys for music lovers of all ages, from the mesmerising collection of instruments to the fascinating displays and live concerts. So, book your Paris packages with Pickyourtrail today. Here, you can even customise your Paris itinerary just as you want and go on a melodious adventure to discover the Musée de la Musique's harmonising treasures.

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