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All About Wellness Travel In Europe: For A Perfect Holistic Getaway!
Written by Nivethitha Bharathi on July 22, 2021 Share on

All About Wellness Travel In Europe: For A Perfect Holistic Getaway!

Travel & tourism is continuously changing and upgrading to keep up with the needs and interests of travelers. You should have constantly come across wellness travel now and then. If you think it is going to fade away in few years. It’s not. It is here to stay. With the current pandemic, people have started to realize the immediate need to take care of themselves out of this fast pace life. Now, self-love and self-care are becoming a top priority and a lifestyle. So, wellness travel in Europe will recharge you in many ways throughout your vacation.

Here is everything you need to know about wellness travel and the extent to which European countries are setting standards most uniquely, from the most sustainable outdoor spiritual pursuits and detoxing to holistic indoor experiences.

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All About Wellness Travel In Europe

Wellness Travel In Europe
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Traveling to a new destination for a vacation has always been a way for you to explore a foreign place and culture, sightseeing and entertaining in fun-filled activities. At present, attitudes are starting to change, concerning travel and wellness. Well, it began a long time ago from the wellness movement of the 1970s in the US. Or should I say it started even before thousands of years? Because that’s when Sumerians started health complexes around the hot springs.

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What is Wellness Travel?

Wellness Travel In Europe
Image Source: Pexels

Travel has been relieving our stress for years. Even the sound vacation excites us more than anything. Giving this vacation more power to heal the mind and body through various activities that increase our wellness without draining our energy is what wellness travel is all about. You will enjoy your utmost care at various centers, hotels, resorts, spas, and saunas in more natural environments during this travel.

Many Americans are already taking wellness tours as a way to seek more creativity, balance, and spiritual dimension of their lives. Even many companies are sending their employees for a wellness tour.

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Why Europe Is The Best Place For Wellness Retreat?

Wellness Travel In Europe
Image Source: Unsplash

Europeans have had an overflowing interest in wellness since the olden days. 

  • During the Bronz age in Switzerland, people from the hill tribe visit iron-rich mineral springs often for their health benefits. In the same period, people in France and Germany drank in bronze cups from the thermal springs.
  • Whereas in the past, the Romans have used the hot water springs(Thermae) as a space for holistic healing. Especially, for the elites.
  • In 1326, when hot springs were discovered, there were also villages known as Town of Waters used as a wellness resort. Again all these spas like Achen and Bath(England) are rediscovered for Elite and Royal people’s wellness retreat. 

These facts reveal that countries around Europe had a keen interest in promoting wellness for ages. Even at present, compared to many of its competitors Greece, UK, Iceland, Italy, Germany, and Spain have plenty of resources to provide you all the comfort and rejuvenation you deserve. Your wellness retreat experiences in all these countries impress you differently from each other. But, when you return, you will be in the best form that you ever dreamt of.

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Trendiest Places For Wellness Travel In Europe

Iceland Retreat Spa
Image Source: Unsplash

Are you a wellness novice? Yes? No? No matter who you are, Europe will be your wellness travel paradise. Get lifted to your top condition with physical activities such as trekking or hiking in the most serene landscape. Or by spa, yoga, massages, or meditation, let yourself sink into ease, or with a perfect diet make your skin glow. 

There are some must-visit places that you could add to your upcoming wellness trip around Europe.

Feel The Calmness In Luhacovice (CzechRepublic)

Luhacovice is a renowned wellness destination in the Czech Republic. if you are looking for a perfect spa and care. It has been contributing to wellness retreats for over 200 years. Take some yoga lessons surrounded by forests and hills. It has the most picturesque atmosphere where you can rest in the soothing curative springs.

Recreation at Rochefort- Ocean (France)

Level up your well-being in the Rochefort thermal spring in France. It has an abundance of minerals, such as magnesium and iron, that gives the best recharge for all the rest you have missed. The most spectacular note about this spring is that the water in it dated back from 30,000 years.

You can also visit Blue Lagoon in Iceland for an unforgettable spa time in Retreat Spa. 

Warm Seaweed Bath In Loop Head (Ireland) 

Spa wellness travel to Europe
Image Source: Pexels

Loop Head is famous for the seaweed baths known as Kilkee which relax your muscles and help you recover from pains. Its surrounding is well known for its clean air and healing water. The entire location has a reviving capacity for the mind and body. So feel regenerated at the Kilkee and cherish every minute of your self-care session.

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Wander Through Black Forest (Germany)

Black Forest, Germany, Wellness Travel To Europe
Image Source: Pixabay

Go for a stroll barefoot in the Black Forest for an enchanting wilderness experience. It is the best place for a sensory journey. Yes! All your senses come alive as you look at the vibrant plants, flowers, and trees, as you smell the wet soil and mysterious smell of flowers, and feel the clean air as you breathe and listen to the voice of nature. It would be the best spot for wellness travel with your family.

Wellness Retreat In Verbier (Switzerland)

Switzerland Trekking
Image Source: Unsplash

Develop a fitness retreat in the Verbier. This destination which is a part of Switzerland, not only offers the best view that makes you feel composed and harmonious. You can also balance adventure and wellness with Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats throughout the summer. Go for trekking, do yoga close to the summit, box and walk in the most beautiful trails. 

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Only-Women Retreat at Escapada (Spain)

If you prefer a me-time in a women-only zone, visit Escapada Retreat, where you could get holistic treatments. Experience diverse medicinal practices such as Ayurveda, yoga, and acupuncture for revitalizing body and spirit. Give yourself some time to heal and embrace the mindful movement. You could get a personal experience because of the number of guests they accept, i.e., 12. Make new friends. Escape for a while from worldly stresses.

 You could also find these retreats in Germany, Ireland, and Antigua.

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Are you exhausted and pretty much want to escape and embrace the calmness that Europe has to offer? All the countries in Europe have a diverse way to make you regain your spirit. European countries will give you multiple chances to feel lively so that you will carry on with your life with full energy on your return. So, don’t miss any of your precious time hesitating. Start planning for wellness travel in Europe. You can select the Europe Tour Packages on Pickyourtrail. Customize your Europe itinerary so that you don’t have to leave any of the most unique experiences.

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