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Malls of Kuala Lumpur
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8 Best Shopping Malls Of Kuala Lumpur To Fill Up Your Shopping Bags

Kuala Lumpur has always attained its place in catching people even during unexpected downpours no matter which season it is. All shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur are air-conditioned refuge, entertainment, and millions of square footage for exploring! Similar to Singapore, Bangkok, and other big capitals in Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur is a shop-foodaholic destination. As soon as you arrive in KLIA2 you can start your trip by walking through one of Kuala Lumpur’s newest shopping malls.

Malls of Kuala Lumpur
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1. Berjaya city district

Let’s begin with the most important of all malls in Kuala Lumpur in the Berjaya city district. This mall was opened in 2003 however has become old too. Berjaya Times Square is always busy but you will never feel lost while shopping here. Want to know how big the mall is? This mall has an indoor amusement park including a roller coaster! Excited already? Other options for entertainment are also available here, like a bowling alley, cinema, escape room, laser tag, and many more.

2. Pavilion KL

Shopping Malls in Kuala Lumpur
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The Pavilion KL mall is like the “crown’s jewel” of all malls in Kuala Lumpur. This can be because of its prominent location right at the Bukit Bintang as well as it’s beautiful decor and clean surrounding. Irrespective of how busy the Pavilion KL mall is, it always has a mixed crowd of both Malaysians and tourists. The decorations for Christmas and Chinese New Year are the most popular in this mall. Pavilion KL has about 700 shops which is optimum for all budget shopping. Tokyo Street, a Japanese precinct located on level 6, is worth a walk around to check out sushi food courts or bonsai tree. Levels 3 and level 4 are connected and have an open-air breezeway lined with cafes, eateries, bars, and gelato carts. It also portrays social life and stays open late on weekends. The excellent Golden Screen Cinema inside this mall casts movies in English for just $5. The food court at the bottom of the mall is the best place to make your group happy when you eat at Jalan Alor.

3. Suria KLCC

Watching the metallic gleam of the Petronas Towers which lights up the night sky of Kuala Lumpur is one of its highlights. When you snap pictures from outside the park, do head into Suria KLCC. This luxurious mall is at the bottom of Malaysia’s most iconic towers. The mall boasts 300 stores offering high-end brands from all over the world. The lower floors in the mall have inexpensive stalls which have drinks, dessert, and other treats. There is night show which is free and casts every 30 minutes between 7 to 10 p.m. Looking at the esplanade beauty of the mall and the choreographed display of water along with music, and lights will make you fall in love with this place. Don’t worry if you are with kids as there are playground, and wading pool keeping them engaged.

Suria KLCC Mall
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4. Lot 10

Lot 10’s central location on Bukit Bintang with amazing connectivity by monorail makes it one of the best mall. But inside the mall, it has not been busy at all. There are stalls for H&M and Zara, along with other small clothing stalls that will appeal to shoppers with midrange budgets. There is also a Japan Store which has Japanese products and many have unique design aesthetics. Simple Life on level 2 has a popular vegetarian restaurant. The Lot 10 Hutong food court beneath the mall has street-food stalls with many all Malaysian popular dishes under one roof. The mall has a basketball court on level 3, in case your family teens are too bored they can also go for a game in there!

5. Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall

Both the Mid Valley Megamall and the adjacent Gardens Mall take up an enormous area across the Klang River and a busy highway. The side-by-side malls are located at a 10-minute drive distance in the south of Kuala Lumpur. Only those who visit the convention centre, tend to visit this massive mall in Kuala Lumpur. The shops, food courts, and cinema inside the Mid Valley Megamall appeal to all visitors.

6. Sungei Wang Plaza

The Sungei Wang Plaza has been redesigned from 1977. This mall is a maze for the all as Malaysians go here go to score best offers on shoes, purses, clothing, and all other accessories. Compared to the glitz and polish of other malls, Sungei Wang Plaza feels a little outdated. The mall has cheaper rent for tenants which leads to best offers compared to other malls. This is the go-to place for all inexpensive clothing or to replace a belt or piece of luggage. The mall has more than 800 shops offer the cheapest out of all the mall.

Plaza Low Yat
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7. Plaza Low Yat

Plaza Low Yat is nine-storeyed has everything to do with Tech and IT. In case you are looking to service your camera or get a new battery for your laptop, this army of tech hackers in Plaza Low Yat is there for you. Before going ahead with bulk tech purchase, do check the warranty as it is not your home country. There’s a reason why these deals are there smartphones and laptops as they seem to be too good to be true. Some are fakes ones and others can also be refurbished products. Purchase brands like Apple and Samsung from their official, authorized outlets. The pirated software and USB drives are loaded with music and has identity-stealing malware as well.

8. Nu Sentral

The eight-story Nu Sentral mall is connected with the KL Sentral which is the heart and hub of Kuala Lumpur’s extensive rail network. This big fleet of shops is home to all mid-range outlets for Asian and best western brands. You will have lots of opportunities for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

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