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Croatia honeymoon Guide
Written by Sarika on September 3, 2021 Share on

Croatia honeymoon guide- All you need to know for a perfect honeymoon!

Croatia is one of the must-visit countries in your lifetime! This country is home to thousands of unbelievable attractions and natural structures. Some of the notable significances are massive mountains, plunging waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, typical national parks and gothic cathedrals. Also, there are more than one thousand islands spread across the Adriatic Sea. And, did you know? Croatia is one of the top destinations for a perfect and romantic honeymoon! Book the tickets and surprise your loved one with such an amazing gift!


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Best time to visit Croatia for honeymoon

The best time to plan a trip to Croatia for a honeymoon is anytime between May to June and August to September. There are many sweet and interesting things to try and experience in Croatia. The temperature in these months remains very warm and subtle ranging from 15 to 22 degrees celsius. Also, the sea temperature is very warm to swim, sunbathe, try snorkelling and do try other beach activities. You can also take your spouse on a romantic cruise date or sunset kayaking on the beaches. Plan a trip and enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest in the ancient country!

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Best destinations to visit on your Croatia honeymoon

  1. Dubrovnik old town walls
  2. Havr island
  3. Split
  4. Zagreb
  5. Plitvice lakes national park

1. Dubrovnik old town walls

Dubrovnik, Croatia honeymoon
Image Credits- Unsplash

How can any trip to Croatia be complete without visiting the most famous city in the country? Dubrovnik is an ancient and heritage-rich city in the country. There are several impeccable things to do in Dubrovnik. You can sightsee the old town walls, stroll down the stunning Bellevue beach and experience the ethnicity of the town. The Bellevue beach is one of the most important and attractive beaches in Croatia. You can try parasailing, snorkelling, sailing and cave explorations on this beach as a couple. Beach hopping is also a very romantic thing to do on your Croatia honeymoon! And, the picturesque sunset views from the old town walls is inestimable! Do not miss out on this ever gorgeous place on your honeymoon!

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2. Hvar island

Hvar, Croatia honeymoon
Image Credits- Unsplash

Hvar is nothing less to a paradise! If you are a beach person, this is a must-visit place on your honeymoon. Name anything and you’ll find it in Hvar. This dashing place is one of the top-rated Croatian islands and also a perfect destination for couples to visit. Also, there are many interesting day trips to and from this island. You can visit nearby cities like Zadar, Rovinj and Pula. The bars in Hvar throw some bomb cocktail parties, wine parties and beach parties which you should never miss! And to make your honeymoon even more special, you can go on a romantic cruise dinner date or a candlelight dinner in the middle of the ocean. How exciting is that? There are many premium beach resorts, water villas with a view and with world-class amenities. Hvar definitely jumps into the must-visit places on your Croatian honeymoon!

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3. Split

Split, Croatia honeymoon
Image Credits- Unsplash

Split is a super gorgeous coastal city in Croatia. This vibrant city is very famous for its exquisite beauty, architecture and authentic Croatian food and wine. It is also a very important cultural centre in the country. Some of the most significant tourist attractions are the Diocletian’s Palace, Cathedral of St. Domnius, Bacvice beach and Kasjuni beach. There are plenty of day trips to the stunning Zlatni Rat beach near Split. When it comes to coastal cities, Split stands tall and beautiful with its stunning seashores, ports, cruises and old town walls. And also in Split, you can get to know about the vibrant nightlife in Croatia!

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4. Zagreb

Image Credits- Unsplash

Next on the list is the very gorgeous capital city of Croatia! Zagreb has plenty of charm and happiness sprinkled all over the city. Just like Dubrovnik, Zagreb is inestimably special and attractive in its own way! This city is one of the most important places that are famous for art, music, culture and festivals. It is famous for its diverse economy and cultures. The city square of Zagreb is one of the must-visit highlights of the city. And, the main square is also super interesting to do some amazing shopping in Croatia. You can buy many unique souvenirs, statues, centuries-old wines and fancy dresses. Do visit this aesthetic city on your next visit to Croatia!

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5. Plitvice lakes national park on your Croatia honeymoon

Plitvice lakes national park
Image Credits- Unsplash

Plitvice lakes national park is one of the grand and unique places to visit on your honeymoon to Croatia. Also, this is one of the top-rated national parks in Croatia. This pretty place is an ensemble of grand limestone canyons, 16 plunging waterfalls, clear lakes, hiking trails and bridges. There are also many restaurants, camping sites and resorts around the park to attract tourists. Also, there are several exciting day trips from this park to other nearby cities. Do visit this place for a peaceful and memorable honeymoon!

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Best things to do on your Croatia honeymoon

  1. Wine tasting tours
  2. Go on a romantic candle light dinner date
  3. Hear the soothing music of the sea organ in Zadar
  4. Go on cruise trips

1. Wine tasting tours

Wine tasting is one of the most popular and must-try things in western countries. Croatia is no different from the other countries. This country is very famous for homemade wines brewed in traditional methods. You can find Croatia’s most flavourful wine, Dingac. Some of the most famous wines in the country are Malvasia and Chardonnay. You can also go on cycle tours for wine tasting.

2. Go on a romantic candle light dinner date

How can a honeymoon be complete without a peaceful and romantic dinner date? Surprise your loved one with a spectacular candlelight dinner. You can either opt for a rooftop restaurant, dinner on a cruise or a customised private dinner date. You can taste authentic Croatian food, wine, Mediterranean cuisine and delicious Central European cuisine. Some of the best places to take your loved one on a dinner date are Hvar town, Rovinj province, Pula and Opatija. Make your Croatia honeymoon a very special one with a romantic dinner date!

3. Hear the music of the sea organ in Zadar

The Zadar waterfront is one of the unique and significant places in Croatia. The main attraction of this city is the sea organ. This sea organ consists of five pipelines built under the concrete staircase near the ocean. When the sea waves hit the organ, it plays pleasant music according to how the waves hit the staircase. How unique can this country be? That is why this is a must-visit place with your spouse on your Croatia honeymoon and relax by the ocean with some music.

4. Go on cruise trips

For a coastal country like Croatia, the oceans play a very important role in increasing tourism. Of course, there are many beach activities, water sports and adventure sports in Croatia. Fancy cruise and sailboat trips are also equally famous and special to try out. There are also many half-day trips, 1-hour trips, 3-hour trips and 3-4 days trips and you can choose according to how big you want to surprise your loved one! Do try this one out and see how special your honeymoon is!

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1. What is the most perfect time to visit Croatia?

The peak season officially starts from April to June and from August to September. You can plan your vacation accordingly if you want to avoid crowds and rush.

2. What are the most romantic places in Croatia to visit on a honeymoon?

Some of the top-rated and suggested places are Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Hvar, Rovinj, Split and Pula.

3. Name some romantic beaches in Croatia?

Pasjaca beach, Zlatni Rat beach, Bellevue beach, Vela Luka beach, Sv. Ivan beach and Zrce beach.


Croatia Tour Package Starting @ ₹ 52,194

Hope you now have an idea about how to plan a perfect honeymoon in Croatia! It is pretty simple because you seem like an expert now! Dig in and know more about the beautiful country and other romantic things to do on your honeymoon. Plan your trip with Pickyourtrail and have the best vacation! Check out Croatia honeymoon packages to know more! You can also customise your Croatia itinerary and enjoy it to the maximum on your honeymoon! Have a pleasant and super romantic honeymoon in the Balkans!

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