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Nightlife in Istanbul
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All Set To Party In Istanbul?Here’s The List Of Top Nightclubs

Nightlife in Istanbul is huge. There so many popular establishments that are aged over thirty years old. This glowing city in Turkey with numerous city centres is more than a historical and cultural destination. There’s a place called “barlar sokagi” a street of pubs on Iskele Street and Kadife Street, both in the Kadikoy district, have a lot to offer. Generally in Europe, nightclubs aren’t stocked together in one location. There are so many venues that are spread out over in Sisli district, Besiktas district or Taksim, Istiklal Street and Beyoglu district. So here’s a list for you to check out the top nightclubs of Istanbul!


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Partying By the Water

Nightclubs in Istanbul
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This club has an elite ambience with a picturesque view of Istanbul. Situated by the Bosphorus with around six restaurants and three bars you can choose one place or stroll around all. You can visit this place between 6 p.m. and 4 a.m. Sortie club is one best escape place in Istanbul to relax and have fun with your friends or family.


Ruby, situated on the shore of Bosphorus, has amazing views from its three storey-ed mansions It also has various varieties of food that are served in two locations: the garden / the balcony with Bosphorus panoramic views. They have two nightclubs: one on the bottom and one on the top floor, which is more than enough for a good number of the crowd to enjoy the nightlife of Istanbul.

Ulus 29

Located at the foot of Ulus hill, this venue offers breathtaking views of the Bosphorus and the Asian side. This spacious fine-dining restaurant serves both authentic traditional and modern cuisines of Turkish and world cuisine. They also have a bar, which is a reputable nightclub attraction among the locals. This pioneer of nightlife is the best choice one can make to have the best experience of nightlife in Istanbul. Booking a table in advance is recommended as a large number of party enthusiasts visit the club regularly!

Nightclubs In The City Center

Nightclubs In The City Center
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The club looks like that of a penthouse, with an architecture similar to a 19th-century building with fascinating landscape views of the Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara and Golden Horn. The place has all four elements, cuisine, entertainment, atmosphere and design. During weekends, this club offers its visitors top-notch DJs and vocalists along with live-dancers and performances. This non-stop party lasts until early morning hours with the party vibe increasing every hour until the sun rises!

Cahide Muzikhol

It is a Dinner Theater established in 1949, music hall Kervansaray was the previous resident of the building. This club hosted numerous celebrities both locally and internationally until it closed down for renovation. Cahide opened its doors again in 2017 with a modern cabaret approach on the music hall. Described as a representative of drag queen culture in its shows and ambience, the venue has become an extravagant place of interest with a brilliant exaggeration of modern decoration. This nightclub was one of those that started funny named cocktails. During weekdays well-known popular Turkish singers perform on stage. On Saturdays, after the clock strikes 12:00 am, the party begins with live DJ music. Pre-booking a table is recommended if you are looking to visit this place!

Babylon Bomonti

Babylon Bomonti in Istanbul
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After more than fifteen years, this nightclub relocated from Asmalimescit to Bomonti. Babylon Bomonti still serves as a multi-purpose performance centre. You have a wide variety of music, including jazz, reggae, world music, electronic, Latin or Turkish vibes along with Indie pop and rock acts. One disadvantage is that there’s no food available here but doesn’t let you stay thirsty as there is a bar!

Jolly Joker Balans

This club’s construction was designed especially for live performances with an old pub decor, attracts all live music enthusiasts. It is the best opportunity to experience Turkish rock, pop music and fresh popular bands with singers.


If you are into decadent and unique party decors, in some kind of a subterranean playground with suspended dancers, Klein is the place for you! This nightclub not only has a line-up of international local DJs serving electronic, techno music but also located at a walking distance from Taksim square. Klein is open on all Fridays and Saturdays between 11:00 pm and 04:00 am.

Nightclub in Istanbul
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Cruise Across

You can have dinner in Europe with so many different views! I’m sure you won’t mind a romantic long walk on the Bosphorus Bridge between your main course and dessert! If you are looking at a luxurious outing, any person in Istanbul will definitely recommend the Bosphorus Cruise.

Taste The Local Delicacies

Everybody across the world knows “Doner”, and one can easily find this delicacy anywhere! This is definitely something which the local Turkish miss when they are away from home. Visiting Istanbul is complete only if you try the best of the street tastes.


What is better than one dedicated floor for dancing? 3 dedicated dancing floors. Beat dance club here is the most popular amongst locals and visitors and the most recommended nightclub as it has three floors that are solely dedicated to dancing. The club has a huge space to walk and dance freely with a variety of music being played in the background on each floor that you can groove to.

Galata Bridge

For visitors looking at romantic strides while you enjoy the nightlife in Istanbul, you are very lucky! Taking a walk on the Galata bridge, built across the Golden horn waters, under the dark night sky with glittering stars is perfectly romantic. And don’t worry about food as you will find some street vendors who serve local cuisines on the bridge that will not only satisfy your stomach but also let you try the local cuisine.

I’m sure after all that travelling and shopping, you definitely would want to party with your loved one and spend some ‘us’ time in your next Istanbul trip package from India. So head down to any of these clubs and party hard! Oh now that you might be interested to plan a vacation, head on to PickYourTrail to book your Turkey vacation.


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