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Sri Lanka or the Maldives
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Sri Lanka or the Maldives – Where to Be is the Question?

Sri Lanka or the Maldives – This is the question that runs across the mind of many travellers throughout the world. Both countries are an amazing tourist destination in their own sense. These two countries are widely sought-after by tourists and are easily visited by over millions of people year on year. This is because these destinations are not centric to a specific age group or a specific travelling group. Anyone and everyone visiting Sri Lanka or Maldives will definitely find something that will satisfy the travel bug inside them. Although these destinations are truly world-class and choosing one amongst Sri Lanka or the Maldives is almost an impossible task, the only way you can make it easier is by deciding what type of travel you seek. That will probably give you the green light on which destination to go ahead with.

Sri Lanka
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

Sri Lanka is a country in South Asia that is located below the Indian Subcontinent. Although not a very big country in terms of land size, this still has a lot of places to visit for the tourists. Right from exquisite and posh hotels, to amazing gastronomy, to brilliant nature and outback scenes, Sri Lanka is well and truly a dream come true for the tourists. One more advantage of this country is that it is a relatively less expensive country to travel to. Therefore, this is one of the major advantages of this country.

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If you are seeking heaven on Earth, then it is the Maldives. The Maldives is an island destination with over 100 islands forming the country. Although, there is only a handful that is tourist-friendly and inhabited. The Maldives is an excellent destination for honeymooners. But there is more than just that. Right from fine sand beaches, to towering coconut trees overlooking the pristine beaches, watersports, to the amazing resorts – you name it, the Maldives has it. Therefore, Maldives is one of the finest getaway destinations in the world.

Sri Lanka or the Maldives?

Time to Visit

Sri Lanka is a country that experiences a tropical climate, with bouts of monsoon spurts throughout the year. The country has an average temperature of about 30-degree celsius throughout the year. So the climatic conditions aren’t in extremes – it is quite manageable throughout the year. The summer stretches between March-August, as the climate gets gradually hotter from March. If you are looking for relatively cooler months to have a pleasant sightseeing experience, you can travel between November-March.

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Sigiriya Sri Lanka
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The Maldives experiences a hot climate almost throughout the year. Also a tropical country, it experiences harsh monsoons during the months of June and July. The temperature is very very hot during March-May. Therefore, if you are trying to find a middle ground for a pleasant sightseeing experience, then you can probably visit around December or January.

Maldives Island
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Visa Procedure

The visa procedure for both of these amazing countries is quite simple and straightforward. Therefore, this makes travel planning relatively easier for you. Hence, this adds up as yet another attractive point between Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

For Sri Lanka, Indians have to get an E-Visa. This E-Visa is something that you will have to obtain even before you land in Sri Lanka. This visa is a tourist visa, and it is valid for 30 days. You can avail your E-Visa confirmation by paying through internet banking, or credit/debit card. There is absolutely no hassle in this process.

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Visa; Sri Lanka or the Maldives
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For the Maldives, it is even easier. Although you’d require a Visa to enter the Maldives, it is Visa on arrival. So you don’t have to worry about any sort of pre-planning in terms of the visa or worry about the visa approval. The tourist visiting visa is valid for 30 days, and you can avail it as soon as you land in the Maldives. In case you wish to extend the visiting visa beyond 30 days, you could still do it at a nominal fee. Therefore, Sri Lanka or the Maldives, both have equally hassle-free visa process.

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Type of Sightseeing

Sri Lanka is an amazing destination in terms of the varied experiences one could find across a country. Sri Lanka is known for its spectacular laidback towns and villages, charming beaches, and beautiful landscape. The culture of Sri Lanka is simply unique, and interacting with the locals, trying local shopping, eating local food itself is a way of enjoying and enhancing your vacation experience. Although Sri Lanka is known predominantly for its natural bounty, many people often tend to neglect the other side of it. The urban landscape. The urban landscape of Sri Lanka is also quite bustling and is a completely different experience altogether as compared to the typical natural outings. Therefore, be ready to enjoy the best of both worlds when you travel to Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

The Maldives is luxury and pampering personified. If you are looking for a honeymoon trip or family trip, this is one of the finest places in the world to spend some quality time with your loved ones in peace. There is no hustle and bustle in the Maldives as compared to other countries. One of the major advantages of the Maldives is that its a very privacy-oriented tourist destination. You can always be away from the prying eyes and noise of tourist destination. The resorts, the food inside the resorts, the spa, and even the seaplane/seaboat transfers are an experience to crave for in the Maldives. Therefore, the option between Sri Lanka or the Maldives is never going to get easier for you!

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Sri Lanka or the Maldives, both amazing destinations which are very well renowned for its tourism, are definitely countries that should be in your bucket list. Although you can’t separate them in terms of quality, you can separate them in terms of what type of a vacation you are seeking. Avail the assistance of travel experts of Pickyourtrail to help you make this decision and curate you amazing Sri Lanka tour packages and Maldives packages. You can also know more about other international tour packages and domestic packages just by a Whatsapp enquiry! So, now, do you have the answer to the question – Sri Lanka or the Maldives?

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