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The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

The Blue Mosque (otherwise called Sultanahmet Camii) is one of the historical mosques in Istanbul. The interior walls are designed in such a way that they get surrounded by blue tiles all over. This Mosque was built between 1609 and 1616 years, during the reign of Ahmed I. It shares its design with many other tombs in Istanbul. It has 3 components, a tomb of the founder, a madrasa and a hospice. Apart from being used as a mosque, it has attracted people all over the world to visit its sheer brilliance.

Blue mosque, famous mosques in Istanbul, turkey mosque,
The Blue Mosque wide-angle photo
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So we would recommend you to start covering from the west side of the mosque to get the best architecture possible. And the start point is called the Hippodrome. There is no need for you to search for the Hippodrome, you’ll be entering the mosque in the same direction. People can get a panoramic view through its hippodrome.

Please ignore the people who offer you to enter the mosque without queue up. Most likely they’ll take you to a shopping place and try to sell something. Instead, you can take the line and enter the mosque like other tourists.

There are 3 entrances to the mosque. Entering inside one gets you shocked by the floral and geometrical interior decoration and beauty of over 21 thousand Iznik (Nicea) tiles, about 260 windows with stained glass, and calligraphy art of Koranic verses.

More than 200 stained glass windows and several chandeliers provide light inside the mosque. Ostrich eggs will be put on the chandeliers to repel spiders, to avoid cobwebs inside the mosque. The carpets donated by faithful people are used on the floor and are regularly replaced. 

the blue mosque, chandelier, turkey mosque, mosque in istanbul
The Chandelier

How to Visit the Blue Mosque?

​1) Pray happens 5 times a day. The first call is at sunrise and the last one at nightfall. The mosque is closed for 90 mins at each pray time. 

2) There are no charges to enter the blue mosque. One must take off his shoes before entering and put it in a plastic bag at the entrance. 

3) If you are women, it is mandatory to wear a head covering when entering to Blue Mosque. Free headcovers are provided at the entrance. There is a misconception between this cover and the normal.

4) Since it’s a sacred place, remain quiet. Please avoid taking pictures with flash turned on. Don’t click pics when people are praying.

5) A donation can also be made at the exit. But it’s not mandatory and a receipt will be provided if you donate.

You already would have guessed about kind of experience you can expect from this marvel. But even then people might be little subjective when it comes to the rules and norms that are strictly followed. If you are a person for whom this is not a major concern can very well visit this place on your next Istanbul trip package from India. If not for spirituality, you can at least consider visiting this for its architectural beauty. Check out to book an awesome Turkey vacation with tons of activities to pick and choose from.


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