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JBR walk Dubai
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The Therapeutic Walk at JBR in Dubai

The Walk at JBR In Dubai is a 1.7 km stretch at the ground level of the Jumeirah Beach Residence complex in Dubai. Spread across an area of 800,000 sq ft, JBR Dubai is divided into two prime levels that encompass over six different sections. Set around 6 blocks of the skyscrapers, JBR Walk is the run for one mile parallel to the seafront and is located adjacent to Hilton Dubai JBR and Hilton Dubai The Walk.

The JBR complex was opened in 2008 and was developed by the renowned Dubai Properties Group. It was initially to meet the requirements of the 20,000 residents that live in the Jumeirah Beach Residence development.

JBR Walk Dubai
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Shopping at JBR Dubai

JBR Dubai is perfect to satisfy retail with a wide variety of fashion, home decor, and handicraft shops, as well as boutiques. JBR beach Dubai further offers an outdoor pop-up market set up making outdoor shopping and dining experience something different than the ordinary. You can also pay a visit to the stalls offering jewellery, delicious food items, and homewares, other than watching performances by street entertainers here.

And don’t miss the opportunity of shopping in the adjacent shopping arcade called The Beach as well as the open-air cinema. JBR Walk Dubai provides its visitors with unique shopping as well as dining experience over two levels, ground and plaza, and will provide some of the most prestigious worldwide brands.

This Walk has iconic shopping attractions like the Sauce-on-sea, which is essentially a boutique that features local and regional designers, along with an array of international retailers. These prominent areas of JBR beach Dubai surround the waterfront, offering stunning sea views to all those who visit.

It provides a rare shopping and dining experience on its two distinct levels, the ground level, and the plaza level, and also aims to provide some of the most elite global brands.

The boulevard also has a variety of stylish boutiques as well as classy restaurants here at JBR Dubai that are designed to suit every taste and preference, from traditional Middle Eastern food to the more eclectic cuisine. This beach in Dubai is known to combine a social environment with a relaxed aura, making this place a great one for tourists who wish to unwind.

Location of JBR Dubai

JBR Walk Dubai
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The Walk at JBR beach in Dubai is one of the biggest tourist attractions offering activities, which can be pursued by the visitors, like street painting, recycled art displays, comedy gigs, sand sculpture displays, photography displays and plenty of booths selling different types of fashion accessories and handmade crafts.

This community is located by the beachside that is spread over a large area covering a shoreline of 1.7 kilometres. The residents of this area enjoy the luxury of beachside view along with an array of restaurants, and high-end events throughout the year. Living in JBR is truly a dream come true. On your JBR city walk, you will witness that the community is well-flourished. Moreover, the experience of JBR walk in Dubai at night is something truly astounding. This activity will surely keep you at the edge as you walk past various ends of this glorious community.

Things to do at JBR

1. Drink & Dine High Up In The Sky

Why have a cup of coffee on land when you can now have it in the air? Dubai’s got a new alfresco, the sky-high cafe you must check out on JBR. This sky-high spot called Flying Cup Dubai invites everyone to sip on a drink of your choice while uplifted forty metres above the ground. Care for a sky-high drink? You just have to pre-book your tickets to this pop-up cafe online. All you have to do is pick a day and you’re sorted. Experience this uplifting perspective on the beach as you’re buckled into one of the 16 seats hoisted into the air to forty metres high.nd it isn’t too expensive! Tickets cost AED 80 for adults with refreshments, AED 60 without refreshment and AED 45 for children as young as 4.

2. Workout At The Beach

JBR Walk Dubai
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The Beach Gym is an open shoreline property located at JBR that is unique in its own respect. The gym is located by the frontline beach and is fully equipped to any fitness goal with Cross Fit, rope climbs, kettle balls, rowing machines and jump boxes. Featuring the picturesque views, fresh air and easy access to amazing restaurants serving nutritious eats, The Beach Gym is the perfect place to spend time working out and sweating off. We can’t think of a better place to work out than on the beach!

3. Play At The Carnival

JBR Walk Dubai Carnival
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Families and the young at heart are sure to enjoy Carnival, which features a variety of rides and arcade games, alongside lively stalls, in a relaxed setting against the perfect backdrop of The Beach. Carnival at The Beach offers a whole host of family-friendly rides, games and activities including ‘Bumper Cars’ ‘Hook a Duck’ and ‘The Pony Express.’ 

4. Challenge Yourself At TEPfactor 

TEPfactor offers you an adrenaline-pumping environment from the moment you enter the venue. The challenges take place amidst the nooks and crannies of a concealed cave. Teams of two or six people will tackle 21 challenges. 15 teams can take on the challenges at any given time, with a unique system of checking into and out of the various areas. The Challengers can take on the arena in three ranks of difficulty – bronze, silver or gold – from the easiest bronze, to gold being the hardest.

In Conclusion

Having read through all the fantastic things that JBR has to offer, you will now want to travel there too. Well, fret not! we at Pickyourtrail have your back! With exciting itineraries and travel packages to Dubai, reach out to us to craft your ultimate Dubai journey.

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